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Marketing automation principles
Marketo fundamentals
Marketo core concepts
Real life challenges for practice


  • Marketo basics
  • General marketing experience


What will you discover in this program?

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Study the competition

Day 3: Create an email for product announcement

Day 4: Send email for product announcement

Day 5: List webinars for lead generation campaigns

Day 6: Break

Day 7: Break

Day 8: Gated content for lead generation campaigns

Day 9: Create nurture program – stream 1

Day 10: Create a webinar program and assess the list of required local assets

Day 11: Work on webinar assets, create landing page, emails, smart campaigns

Day 12: Create an email program to invite people for webinar on product launch

Day 13: Break

Day 14: Break

Day 15: Post webinar drip campaigns

Day 16: Post webinar drip campaigns continue

Day 17: Create a lead lifecycle program

Day 18: Create a lead lifecycle program to continue

Day 19: Scoring matrix

Day 20: Break

Day 21: Break

Day 22: Lead scoring program

Day 23: Define customer journey and stages

Day 24: Complete the nurture program created on day 10th

Day 25: Reports

Day 26: What next – Special Offer (optional)


There are 3 levels to master any subject, they are:

Beginner - At this stage, your aim should not be to memorize and learn anything. Your aim here is to get familiar with the subject by surfing content. What is this, how does it work, why are we using....etc.

Intermediate - At this stage, you should learn something and start practicing. You should aim for getting through all the main concepts and should know how to use them.

Advance - This is for the players, where you started solving real-life problems, and building complex solutions.

Success in the sequence.

So at what level are you right now?

Who this course is for:

  • For all beginners to strong their Marketo fundamentals

  • Marketing professional who wants to build career in marketing automation using Marketo

  • Do not expect the advance Marketo things here

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wants to revise their Marketo fundamentals
  • Marketing professional who wants to build career in marketing automation using Marketo


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I Help Marketo Professionals to Grow in Career Without Being a Tech Expert

I have been into email marketing and marketing automation for about 9 years. Started my career as an email marketing associate, had been with the responsibility of crafting emails, building a database, in-house mailing server setup, and generating leads for the sales team. I just loved these responsibilities, that's why I was able to do these many kinds of stuff.

For about 7 years, I have been in the Marketo line but did not realize the gravity of automation in the marketing industry. I was extensively busy doing the implementation part of marketing, was never able to understand the facts that why we are creating nurture programs, doing lead scoring, and ideal customer profile so and so..... this is one of the prominent platforms to serve the principles of modern marketing practices. Once you have the strong principles, the stronger you will be in the line marketing automation.

Of course, technological understanding boosts your success, everything is much connected.

I have seen people struggling with finding a systematic way of learning the Marketo. We have a lot of resources available over the internet. But all they are disconnected, they will not give you the proper guidance, and top of that, Marketo has their own terminologies. Still, there is something in Marketo that makes it different from other platforms, else why should a company like Adobe spend billions on acquiring Marketo.

I know the pain, the people have in learning the Marketo. Lack of resources, materials, guidance, and training support within the company. I had helped a couple of my friends learning Marketo.

That's why I am on a mission to "Break the Code of Learning, Become Independent, and Intensify Everyone's Growth".

And breaking the code of learning is my first endeavor.

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