Marketing and Growing Your Udemy Course (Unofficial)

Strategies to market your Udemy courses without an existing audience & convert students into raving fans! (Unofficial)
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Utilize YouTube to gain students
Leverage the audiences from other influencers
Build and grow a Facebook Group for your Udemy students
Convert your students into raving fans


  • Students should know how to use YouTube, Facebook, and how to create a course on Udemy


Are you new on Udemy and wonder why your brand-new course is not getting the sales it deserves?

Or, are you a seasoned Udemy instructor looking to turn your students into raving fans who join your new courses within hours of their release? If so, this is the course for you!

In this course, you will get tips and tricks for how to market your new courses for a more successful launch, including the strategies to use on YouTube and Facebook to grow your brand and reach more potential students. You will also learn how to leverage other peoples's existing audiences by connecting  with influencers to get your courses shown to large amounts of potential new students when you are just starting out.

You won’t just learn someone’s thoughts or theories on how to sell your Udemy course, you will learn what has been proven to work time and time again. We will give you the strategies that we use every single day to increase our brands and gain more students.

With over 200,000 students between our combined 52 courses, Diego Davila and Jason Dion are both considered top Udemy instructors...and we both started without an existing audience, just like you.

Udemy brought Diego and Jason together to present this course live at the 2018 Udemy LIVE! Conference in San Francisco, and now it is your chance to join this extended version of the course.

Are you ready to learn the steps needed to really see growth in your Udemy courses? If so, join us today!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning Udemy instructors who want to expand their brand, grow their sales, and build their audiences
  • Udemy instructors
  • Online educators
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build their audience
  • Anyone looking for free ways to do gorilla marketing...without spending ad dollars


Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator
Diego Davila • 800.000+ Students
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 159,084 Reviews
  • 841,350 Students
  • 89 Courses

Hey there, I'm Diego, and my goal is to inspire and support you in revolutionizing your life and business. I believe that we all deserve to live the life we want and do what we love, and I want to help you get there with the best strategies.

I've been in the game for a while now and have helped over 800,000 people and businesses use social media and the best strategies and tools to boost their sales, build a community of loyal fans, attract new clients, and spread their brand and products around the world. My training and courses are designed to take your business to the next level.

If you're ready to take control of your life and business, join me and let's make it happen together. I'm here to help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams.



Olá, sou o Diego e minha missão é inspirar e capacitar você a revolucionar sua vida e seu negócio. Acredito que todos devem ter a oportunidade de viver a vida que desejam enquanto fazem o que amam, e quero ajudá-los a alcançar isso usando as melhores estratégias.

Com anos de experiência na área, já ajudei mais de 800.000 pessoas e empresas a aproveitarem o poder das redes sociais e as melhores estratégias e ferramentas para aumentarem suas vendas, criarem uma comunidade de fãs apaixonados pelos seus produtos, alcançarem novos clientes e espalharem sua marca e produtos pelo mundo. Estou comprometido em criar os melhores  cursos para ajudá-los a levar seu negócio para o próximo nível.

Se você está pronto/a para dar o primeiro passo para alcançar seus objetivos e conquistar seus sonhos, junte-se a mim hoje e vamos começar essa jornada juntos."



Hola, soy Diego y mi misión es inspirarte y ayudarte a revolucionar tu vida y tu negocio. Creo que todos merecemos tener la oportunidad de vivir la vida que deseamos mientras hacemos lo que amamos, y quiero ayudarte a lograrlo usando las mejores estrategias.

Con años de experiencia en el campo, he ayudado a más de 800,000 personas y empresas a aprovechar el poder de las redes sociales y las mejores estrategias y herramientas para aumentar sus ventas, crear una comunidad de fans apasionados por tus productos, alcanzar a nuevos clientes y difundir tu marca y productos a nivel mundial. Estoy comprometido a crear los mejores cursos para ayudarte a llevar tu negocio al siguiente nivel.

Si estás listo/a para dar el primer paso hacia el logro de tus metas y la conquista de tus sueños, únete a mí hoy y comencemos juntos esta jornada.

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