Manifesting your Best Life with Ray Maor
4.8 (219 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,317 students enrolled

Manifesting your Best Life with Ray Maor

The Law of Attraction's Missing Instructions for Manifesting Your Best Life!
4.8 (219 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,317 students enrolled
Created by Ray Maor
Last updated 7/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Attract more money and abundance into their lives.
  • Find out their limiting beliefs and the wall of doubt and fear they have.
  • Know the 7 step system for manifestation.
  • Let go of unnecessary control over their lives and be in a higher state of acceptance.
  • Know themselves better - know what their personal, relationship and business goals are.
  • Know the best and ultimate methods of affirmations and autosuggestions.
  • Know how to raise the frequency of their body higher.
  • This course does not have any prerequisites.

While providing you with simple techniques and tools, we will dive with you into the exciting world of reaching your highest human potential. 

Your guide, Ray Maor, is a global spiritual mentor that is committed to bringing the self-empowering and simple personal development knowledge to all that are searching for a higher understanding of our reality and our divine selves. 

We recommend that you get a taste viewing the free lectures - this is the only way to really know :)

Ray's Team.

Who this course is for:
  • The course is created for anyone that understands he can do more in life.
  • Those that wish to practically understand the law of attraction and practice with ease.
  • People who want to expand their consciousness by learning with a spiritual mentor.
  • Those who want to have attract more money and abundance into their lives.
  • People that want to be happier and achieve success.
Course content
Expand all 32 lectures 03:00:01
+ Introduction
7 lectures 35:46

Manifestation is the science of bringing into our really what we actually want to occur in our life. It may be anything at all, it can be love, money, happiness or something very general like simply having simplicity in our lives.
This video introduces the first sections that helps to understand what it means to become a conscious manifestor.

Preview 01:38

This video begins to build the concepts of manifestation and becoming co-creators of our reality. It bring the first explanations that will be needed down the line and creates a common language that will be used in the rest of the video course.

Preview 03:19

In this lecture you will understand the basic reasons why the law of attraction doesn't work for most people.
Why the "flow of life" wins and other reasons. This lecture is the base for an entire section.

Preview 06:24

Meet you guide is an important lesson to understand who Ray Maor really is. Why he's the right choice when it comes to teaching things like manifestations and to generally get to know his path as a spiritual mentor.

Once you meet you guide and learn to trust him - the other lessons become easier to understand.

Preview 07:27

In this lecture, we will learn that how to transition between being a non conscious manifestor (which we all are) into a conscious creator. Ray gives us several tools and understandings that we can easily incorporate into one daily lives.

Transitioning to a Conscious Manifestor

This lecture is used as a base where Ray explains what it means to be in a higher vibration and it's connection to our manifestation energy. 

This lecture is metaphysical in nature and is a key stone in understanding many key issues that have to do with our personal development and achieving our goals.

The Law Of Attraction - Vibrations And Frequencies
See how visualization immediately influences our body
Exercise 1 - The power of the mind
1 question
Learn how by concentrating on a certain are of the body you activate all it's sensory system.
Exercise 2 - Energy flows where attention goes...
1 question

A summary of the introduction section.

The introduction section is a very important section that lays the foundation to continue into the more advanced materials.

Section Summary
+ Basic Methods of Manifestation
7 lectures 29:48

An introduction to the new section where we will begin diving in to actual practical tools and methods of manifestation. 

What We Will Learn In This Section

In this lecture we go into a complete breakdown of the things we need to do in order to manifest using the 7 step system.

The system was developed to make it easier for mental projections to distinguish each step by its own so we can easily identify the different parts that build the whole action.

Preview 08:30
This is an exercise of the system that has been taught in the previous lecture.
Exercising The 7 Step System
1 question

One of the biggest obstacles is the part where we forget to let go and continuously struggle while comparing the result we wanted in life with the reality we still don't have. In this lecture Ray goes into WHY we need to let go so much and gives great examples to go with it.

How To Let Go Of The Expectations

In this lecture Ray goes on to explain what the difference is between to know something and to believe something. 

Once you understand the difference you can also understand why sometimes you don't really believe in yourself. 

Being In The Knowingess – Surrender... And No I'll Try's

To be a truly good teacher, Ray gives several different methods and techniques so that each individual will eventually connects to whatever system suits him the best.

Another method of looking at manifestation has to do with nature's basic rules of attraction and repulsion. Using it is much more effortless and is used more by mental oriented people (ones that rely mostly on their logic and have more control over their lives).

Another Method Of Looking At Manifestation
How Being Grateful Is The Key To Manifestation
Exercising our gratefulness as an emotional vibration to bring more reasons to be grateful for.
Exercise in Gratefulness
1 question

This lecture is an "Exercise" where Ray gives us a few minutes of a powerful visualization. All you need to do is sit down, relax and visualize :)

Preview 06:08
+ Manifesting Money and Abundance
2 lectures 07:38

Welcome to the section about manifesting money and abundance.

This lecture gives a short summary of what is going to be explained in the rest of the section.

Section Introduction - Money In The World Of Manifestation

Ray goes through the different limiting beliefs that most people have in order to show that it is not that we need to learn a new thing - but more to let go and become more aware of how our current belief system is not allowing us to progress and let go.

Preview 05:25
We will go through some questions that will make us understand if we have limiting beliefs when it comes to money and abundance.
Exercise - Finding my limiting beliefs about money
1 question
+ Common Failures In Manifestation
5 lectures 17:59

This lecture is a short introduction to the rest of the section.

Why This Section Is So Important

In this lecture Ray explains how to use our demanding ego against itself in order to get what we want. Ray teaches how to become more self aware of the difference between our true needs and our ego's needs.

Our Limited Ego

In this lecture Ray puts en emphasis on the real responsibility we should take in our life and explains how it will change the course of the lessons we learn. The responsibility is split into 2 different categories.

Taking Responsibility Changes The Game

In this lecture Ray explains what our comfort zones are and why we chose to remain in them. 

How Deep Are You In Your Comfort Zone?
In this exercise we will find out what our comfort zones are and how to deal with them.
Exercise - Finding our comfort zones in life
1 question
+ The Power Of Visualizations
4 lectures 18:36

An introduction lecture for the rest of the section. This introduction about visualization techniques is very important as it lays the foundation for the rest of the section.

The Most Important Introduction In The Course

Ray gives his top 4 keys to building powerful visualizations.

Preview 04:36
Exercise - Powerful Guided visualization for manifestation
Guided visualization for manifestation
1 question

In this lecture Ray talks about setting clear goals as the most successful people in the world tend to do. He explains what setting goals brings us and our co-creator abilities.

The Importance Of Knowing What We Want

In this short lecture Ray explain what the difference is between wanting something and raising our standards to a level that it simply becomes who we are.

Raising Our Standards
In this exercise we will see how we can raise our standard in our multiple fields of our lives.
Exercise in raising our standards
1 question
+ Affirmations & Autosuggestions
3 lectures 14:46

This lecture introduces the section about affirmations, how to use them and why they work.

Introduction And The Best Way To Use Affirmations

In this lecture Ray explains why affirmations work and what is the best way to use them.

The Subconscious Mind - Why Do We Use Affirmations

In this lecture Ray gives simple examples of what do once you have created your affirmations.

Taking Your Affirmations To The Next Level
Using the attached pdf, we will build our best affirmations.
Building our Affirmations
1 question
Creating the wacky list (instructions are in the video)
The wacky list
1 question
+ Methods in Accelerating Our Manifestation Abilities.
3 lectures 18:16

In this lecture Ray explains about the difference the deep connection between keeping ourselves in a higher vibration \ frequency and how it reflects in our daily manifestations. Ray explain how to raise the frequency of our body.

Raising Our Vibration Higher

In this lecture Ray goes onto explaining deeply the master plan each person has and it's connection to the 7'th step of manifestation (the letting go). Ray goes into soul level goals and gives information about the path of least resistance.

Preview 06:37

In this lecture Ray talks about the detachment principles that is seen in our lives and how to adopt a basic life happiness that makes everything we do in life become a like a bonus.

How To Be Happy For No Reason!
+ Summary
1 lecture 03:52

Ray summarized some of what we have learned and gives a link to where we can continue finding more info on the next courses.

Last Words From Ray