Manifesting 101

Manifesting basics to attracting happiness, wealth, love, and more into your life
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The secret to achieving your goals faster
The power of affirmations and gratitide
Different ways to manifest
How to change your mindset for manifesting
555 Challenge


  • Be open minded and ready to learn!


Are you ready to start manifesting your dream life? Isn't it time to finally be happy and start achieving more goals? Whether you want a relationship, happiness, love, wealth, or more, these techniques will work for anything you want to manifest!

This is a beginners and basics course for manifesting! We break it down with EASY things you can do every day to manifest more into your life! If you are new to manifesting, this course is perfect for you!

Why enroll in this course?

  • It's FREE

  • BONUS gratitude workbook

  • Learn the secrets to manifesting

  • Learn the basics that you can easily apply in your everyday life

  • No experience required

    What we go over:

  • Our 555 challenge to help you manifest more into your life in 30 days!

  • Additional manifesting techniques

  • 28-day FREE gratitude challenge

  • and MORE

We first teach you about the 555 challenge, then we dive deeper into each section, and end with other manifestation techniques. These techniques have helped create more happiness and opportunities in our lives. It's how we made the impossible possible!

What to expect

With so many manifesting techniques, we teach you the secrets of how you can manifest more into your life. The basis of our course is the 555 challenge, which has completely transformed lives! It's something simple you can do every day and include it as part of your daily routine.

My question to you is this - are you ready to change your life? Signup for our FREE course and let's get started creating the happiness and dream life you deserve!

Who this course is for:

  • Those just learning the basics of how to manifest!


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Stefanie Lethbridge and Chelsea Rolph
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Hi there, it’s Stefanie and Chelsea! We are the Co-Founders of CS Planners.

We are on a mission to heal your mind and soul so you can build confidence and become authentically yourself.

After Stefanie lost her son and shocked doctors by having a healthy daughter after being told she can’t have kids, we want to inspire people that the impossible is possible. What you think is a hard or challenging situation is possible, you just have to believe and take action.

Chelsea lost her identity after her concussions and was told she shouldn’t go to university but beat the odds when she graduated with everyone else. She now inspires people around the world to build confidence, heal their past and become their authentic selves.

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