MaGi TaiChi Public Welfare Lecture 01 - 20201030

-----In the shortest time, you can learn the most truth about Tai Chi! (Audio Course)
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True Tai Chi
DaZuo and ZhangZhuang
The truth of Tai Chi
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MaGi TaiChi Public Welfare Lecture 01 - 20201030 -----In the shortest time, you can learn the most truth about Tai Chi!

A wonderful lecture, thinking and precipitation of the five-year root-seeking journey for Tai Chi. Energetic throughout the whole lecture, with golden sentences repeated. Only this time, you know what happened to Tai Chi.

Main contents of this lecture:

MaGi started her journey to find the roots of TaiChiQuan in 2014. It took 5 years and two months per year to find the truth of the legendary TaiChi, and finally she met a folk master who beats people like walking.

1) What is Tai Chi, Superb Zen TaiChi ? (What does TaiChi have to do with us?)

2) What is the biggest characteristic of Chinese traditional culture?

3) Selected lectures from Tao Te Ching chapters.

4) Selected lectures on Wang Zongyue's TaiChiQuan theory.

5) Walking through Wang YangMing in one day.

6) How can I learn TaiChiQuan well?

7) Answering questions and sharing time.

In 1989, Ms. MaGi experienced the first enlightenment in her life in LuZhou, SiChuan, China. Not only was she extremely happy physically and mentally, she also decided to live in the dusty world and became a monk at home.

After 30 years of experience, after clearing the dead corners of all the meditations, she found the truth about Tai Chi Quan.

At the same time, MaGi also discovered the reasons why people can not learn Tai Chi Quan: Teachers don’t know how to teach, Students don’t know how to learn, and the efficiency of body-cultivation is low.

But mind cultivation and enlightenment can just solve these three problems all at once!

An enlightened teacher knows how to teach!

An enlightened student knows how to learn!

Enlightenment + body-cultivation, immediately cure illness and get fitness!

One question: Have you found a big gold mine?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who looks for true Tai Chi and the truth of our human body


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In order to find the true Tai Chi, classmate MaGi started her Tai Chi root-seeking journey since 2014. For more than 5 years, it took her 2 months per year to travel all over China, and finally found her favorite true Tai Chi.

Classmate MaGi has created the first Tai Chi online Voice Teaching, directly omitting the eyes, and opened a new mode of listening with mind and with perception.

Learn Tai Chi with your mind, here begins it!