Magic Tricks & Props For Children

Build Props for Magic Shows & Presentations
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How to Build Professional Magic Trick props for Stage Magic with everyday items
Trick Explanation & Setup


  • Simple use of tools, i.e. pliers, scissors, Hot Glue. etc.
  • Purchase of few everyday objects
  • Some has wood work, file tools and clamps


Magic Tricks!  and craftsmanship building the props

In this course, we provide videos on how I personally build many my stage magic props, many are better than the original. and almost every one has a added creative element not in the priginal. 

I will go briefly over explination, tips, setup for on the trick and the build

This is aimed for magic hobbyist who would like to try Items before you investing in them

Alows people with tight budget to build excelent props without high cost

The course is free to encurage creativity and to promote the Art

You will find DIY videos on how to build, then explanations on another lesson in the same section. 

Thank you for reading, have fun building

Who this course is for:

  • People Interested in Preforming live Magic Trick Act
  • Magician hobbyists who are looking to do a LIVE presentation in front of children for the first time
  • New magicians deciding on which trick category to select from for their full act
  • Magician deciding if they should invest in a trick, allows them to DIY before buying originals

Course content

25 sections85 lectures7h 17m total length
  • Intro
  • "The Magic Trick Life-cycle" for Children


eMad Magic
Emad El Abasiri
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Someone who keeps searching for solutions outside the box...

Emad is an engineer who views magic not only as a hobby, but also a way to develop ideas in a creative, and innovative ways.

Magic reminds us that being stupefied, curious, and humble is fun! Without a visceral reaction to the unknown, would we care to investigate, study, or learn?

Anyhow Emad always wanted to use magic to express Art. His silent approach in performance speaks multicultural.

Emad holds a degree from Northern Illinois University.