Macroeconomics for Business Students

CFA level 1 Economics Course Outcome Alignment
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  • No previous economics knowledge required!


This macroeconomics course is designed for business students and CFA level 1 candidates. This course is designed to cover a semester's worth of material in one course. Topics covered include the Keynesian Cross, IS-LM model, Aggregate Demand and Supply models, Economic Growth, Business Cycles, and select topics within Monetary and Fiscal policies.

Who this course is for:

  • Business students looking at the big picture
  • Business students taking macroeconomics at the university level
  • CFA level 1 candidates studying the macroeconomics section

Course content

4 sections9 lectures1h 51m total length
  • Introduction to course and GDP


Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance
Jamil Chaya, PhD, CFA
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I hold a PhD in the Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions from the University of Rome Tor Vergata; a Bachelors degree in economics from McGill University with a minor in political science for flavor. I am currently an assistant professor of economics and finance at Rafik Hariri University in Lebanon. I am a CFA charter holder.