Hacking with macOS - Build A Desktop App with Swift

The Hacking with macOS tutorial series is designed to make it easy for beginners to get started coding for macOS
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Place your own amazing desktop apps into the hands of thousands of people through the Mac App Store
Become completely proficient with Swift 3 and macOS app development


  • You will need a Mac, and Xcode 8 which is a free download from the Mac App Store, and simply a desire to transform your ideas into amazing apps


This course is produced from the "Hacking with macOS" series of tutorials, which are written and authored by the award winning Swift programmer, Paul Hudson,  and these videos were made with his permission and support. You can always be guaranteed you're learning the latest and greatest Apple technologies in the Hacking with Swift tutorials. Here you learn smart, powerful, and expressive Swift 3, the way it was meant to be written. You learn while you make real-world desktop apps, which means you get to apply your new skills immediately and see them work in context. Hacking with Swift is one of the most popular Swift tutorial series online, which uses an approach that teaches you Swift programming incredibly quickly, and you end up with a huge library of finished projects that are yours to develop further, or ship to the Mac App Store. Paul has received high praise from the creator of the Swift language, Chris Lattner, for his outstanding method of teaching, and series of Swift tutorials. And working together with iOS developer Steve DeStefano, the Hacking with Swift series of programming training videos are simply the fastest way to learn how to code in the Apple eco-system.

Check out all of Paul Hudson's Swift tutorials and books at HackingWithSwift - from beginner to pro, Paul will teach you to write Swift code in very little time.

  • Want to learn how to build an amazing desktop app? This free tutorial will show you how.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who has a burning desire to get their own creative ideas translated into desktop apps on the mac. We cover the complete Swift 3 language and then how to build apps in macOS - From beginner to advanced
  • This is the perfect course if your coming from another language like Objective C or any other language, and you'll see how easy it is to transition to swift 3.

Course content

1 section9 lectures1h 41m total length
  • Project Intro
  • Part 1 - Setting up - Starting with the toolbar
  • Part 2 - Layout with stack views
  • Part 3 - App Transport Security
  • Part 4 - Creating and destroying web views
  • Part 5 - Whats selected?
  • Part 6 - Handling navigation
  • Part 7 - Adding Touch Bar controls
  • Part 8 - Adding even more Touch Bar controls


SwiftUI / Swift / Developer / Instructor
Stephen DeStefano
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My name is Steve DeStefano, a long time Swift / SwiftUI / macOS /watchOS instructor, and I created a SwiftUI course thats geared for the beginner and takes him all the way to expert level in a very short amount of time. You will start off by learning the Swift language, then the Xcode interface, and then we move into building apps, all using Apple's intuitive new design tools and framework, SwiftUI.

And if your a big fan of Paul Hudson (and who isn't :) then check out my other courses, these were created from his best selling books and working with directly with Paul. Paul, as you may know, is the award winning Swift programmer who's teaching methods has been hailed as one of the best ways to learn how to code in the shortest amount of time, and he has received high praise from the creator of the Swift language, Chris Lattner. I offer a unique way of presenting his material, which is with callouts, highlighting and graphics, all to make it more understandable and easy to follow the path of the code. I've transferred many of his best selling iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS, and other books into lecture style courses, so you're getting the best instruction available for all of Apple's platforms.

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