Mac Dojo - Professional Mavericks OS X Productivity Training
4.2 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
537 students enrolled

Mac Dojo - Professional Mavericks OS X Productivity Training

Double Your Mac OS X Productivity With These Instant Shortcuts & Techniques
4.2 (25 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
537 students enrolled
Created by Tharyn Taylor
Last updated 9/2014
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What you'll learn
  • Learn the true power of your Mac
  • Save 15 min of your time every single day
  • Save money
  • Become a keyboard ninja
  • Turn your Mac into a smart investment
  • Own a Mac
  • Sense of humor

“Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because they figured out a faster way.”

Jason Fried, CEO of 37Signals, Author of International Bestseller Rework

NEW: Course Updated for OS X Mavericks. Read below for details…

Double Your Productivity With These Instant Mac Shortcuts & Techniques

If you can type a few keystrokes, then you’ve got everything you need to accelerate your productivity, breeze through complicated projects, and finish work before lunch.

If you are like me, then you bought your Mac because you know it's a powerful tool… just like a ninja's blade. We must wield this blade responsibly, with integrity, with respect, and with understanding.

If you work on your Mac for 6+ hours a day, then it's your closest companion. You need to understand it. You are the ninja, and your Mac is your sword. The Mac Dojo teaches you how to properly wield your ninja blade.

~~~~~ Genuine Testimonial ~~~~~

“Massive productivity boost! After going through the Mac Dojo and practicing all the shortcuts my guess would be that I save at least an hour a day. I’m way more productive. I’d highly recommend getting this course.”

― Daniel G.
Entrepreneur and Email Marketing & Deliverability Specialist at Mindvalley


Have you ever found yourself doing tedious work copy and pasting, moving files around, or boring data entry stuff? Everyone comes across these tasks daily. Sometimes this repetitive grunt-work can take up 2 to 3 hours of your precious time. Most people who are ignorant to certain OSX features, Mac OSX Shortcuts, keystrokes, and helper programs will fall prey to these tasks and waste a lot of time. There is no escaping these tasks, but you can work smarter. Your Mac can slice that time in half, if you know the proper techniques.

Your computer is the most sophisticated instrument you have ever used. If you never use Mac OSX Shortcuts, hot corners, command tab, or spotlight to navigate and work, then you need Mac Dojo. You deserve to work faster, because the potential within your Mac is already at your fingertips. Let me train you into a Certified Mac Ninja.

Here's a brief overview of the Mac Dojo Productivity course:


  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Become more attractive (not-guaranteed)
  • Justify spending an outrageous amount of extra money for your Apple computer

How I set the course up and how to consume it:

  • Watch over my shoulder and see every keystroke so you don't miss a beat.
  • Take the ninja action steps after every lesson to integrate your new skills.
  • I only offer the exact techniques and shortcuts that I use on a daily basis myself from personal experience being a lifestyle entrepreneur making a living on the internet.

What's inside:

  • Desktop Centric Philosophy
  • Navigate Way Faster Through Windows & Apps
  • Copy & Paste Faster Than A Wisp Of Smoke
  • Ninja Chrome Tactics & Extensions
  • Ninjutsu Keyboard Shortcuts
  • System Settings For Agility
  • Stealth Finder Techniques & Navigation
  • Tags, Tabs, & Mavericks Tricks
  • Apps For Ninja Quick Workflow
  • And Much Much More!

If you save an average of 15 minutes a day, (out of an 8 hour working day) with these tips and you get paid, let’s say $30 an hour for your work, then THIS COURSE WILL PAY FOR ITSELF IN JUST 7 DAYS!

There's a money-back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk. If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, just notify Udemy within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

If you bought your Mac just to be cool, that's fine, you wasted your money. On the other hand, if you bought your Mac because you know it's a powerhouse of potential productivity and you want to learn how to unleash that potential, then enter the Mac Dojo.

Master the productivity hacks in these 32 Full HD videos and you will begin to see results. You will notice how fun it is to zoom around your computer, getting things accomplished more quickly, and saving time you can spend doing more meaningful things, like playing catch with your kid (or video games, it's up to you).

Take this course today and learn Mac to start working smarter. Thanks for investing in yourself! See you in the course.
Tharyn Taylor
Mac Dojo Sensei and Productivity Advocate

Who this course is for:
  • People who work on a Mac 6+ hours a day
  • New Mac users
  • Veterans who love newer and faster ways to zoom around
  • Even Grandma would love this course
Course content
Expand all 36 lectures 03:35:50
+ Introduction
1 lecture 02:36
The Dojo is a Place of the Way. Mac Dojo is about promoting simplicity within yourself and within your habits. That's why we find the simplest way to navigate our Macs. We follow the way to the most productive habits.
Preview 02:36
+ White Belt
10 lectures 01:13:48

Action Tips:

Open System Preferences and begin adjusting your keyboard settings to your liking. I like everything on the fastest speed possible. Enjoy!

Preview 06:10

Action Tips:

Note: After moving some videos around, the previous lesson doesn’t teach you how to Hide the Dock. Please see notes below the video on this page for quick instruction. :)

Then, Hide your Dock and start practicing! Open lots of windows and start moving through them. You will get the hang of it really quickly. See notes below video for shortcuts.


  • ⌘ + Tab is your new best friend. Use to navigate between open applications.
  • ⌘ + Shift Tab moves the app selection to the left instead of right.
  • Why hide your dock? Now you won’t need it very often. This is super valuable real estate for any MacBook (only exception is if you are ALWAYS on dual monitor OR have a super massive iMac.)
  • ⌘ + ~ will shift between the windows of the same Application. Useful for multiple Chrome windows open, or Finder windows. Or if you have 3-5 excel or word docs open.

How to Hide the Dock

Step 1.

Open your System Preferences and navigate to the “Dock” settings window.


Step 2.

Make sure to check “Automatically hide and show the Dock”
Adjust the other settings as you like. You can see my personal preferences below, including the Dock on the left side of my screen.


Quick Navigation

Action Tips:

Go through the tips and settings mentioned inside the video (see notes below) and begin adjusting everything to your liking. Enjoy!


Set Default Folder to Desktop

Set Spring Loaded Folders

Turn on Status Bar

Increase font size (⌘+J view options)

Different views – Why column view is best

Finder Settings Enhancements

Adjust the default folder for “When performing a search” See picture below…

Here's a picture of the setting.

Finder Search Settings

Action Tips:

Pause the video, practice the shortcuts, and see how they can fit into your own daily flow. Share your personal tips with other Dojo Students in the comments below.

Lesson Content & Links:

⌘ + N = New window

⌘ + W = Close window

⌘ + shift + N = create new folder

⌘ + A = Select all in that directory

⌘ + I = Get Info on selected item

⌘ + delete = move to trash

⌘ + Z = undo deleting or moving

⌘ + space = Spotlight (for now)

⌘ + option = Search Finder (Alfred will be ⌘ + space)

Control + ⌘ + 1 or 2 or 3 - Toggle sort by type

Spacebar = preview item

Holding Shift or ⌘ to select items

Press enter while highlighting any file/folder/song to re-name quickly the push enter again to exit editing

Dragging folders while holding Alt/opt to copy instead of moving.

Highlighting items with Shift & ⌘ button.

Finder Shortcuts

Action Tips:

Take Tabs for a test drive yourself after this video and definitely try the shortcuts. They are all posted below this video for your easy reference.


⌘ + ` = navigate between Finder windows.

Control + Tab - Next tab (right -> )

Control + Shift + Tab - Previous Tab (left <- )

⌘ + Double Click - Open folder in new tab

Navigating big lists, just push first letter of file name or folder name if you know it, like J for Japan.

Finder Navigation & Tabs (Mavericks)

Action Tips:

Think of how you can take advantage of Tags in your own organization flow. Also try the ones I recommended inside the video. Please share your useful Tags ideas in the comments below – your fellow Ninja students will thank you.

Finder Tags (Mavericks)

Action Tips:

Grab a Box account or Dropbox account and setup your own Alias cloud synced folders. Otherwise let us know your favorite ways to use an Alias in the comments below.

Finder Alias Folders

Action Tips:

Try some of the tips, like copying file names into an email (if you ever do this) or customizing your Finder sidebar and top nav bar so it’s Ninja Clean.

Lesson Content & Links:

  • Drag highlighted text into finder to create a text snippet.
  • You can highlight and Copy (⌘+C) file names and paste (⌘+V) into a text editor or email. Note: TextEdit is not so good for this. Evernote is if you paste without formatting (⌘+Shift+V)
  • Double click files when uploading to internet to select instantly.
  • When saving files from the internet, you can quickly push ⌘ + D to point Finder to save the file to your desktop.
  • Customize your Finder toolbar to your liking.
Finder Cool Tricks
+ Yellow Belt
5 lectures 44:08

Action Tips:

Clean your desktop. Appreciate your desktop. Start sorting and saving everything from there. Check out the notes below the video to start taking action.

Lesson Content & Links:

  • The desktop is you primary workspace – the most important “folder” on your Mac.
  • Filter everything through the desktop. It’s sort of like your traffic control place.
  • Keep it clean. 3-5 permanent items maximum.
  • Hot corners to see your Desktop is essential to this philosophy.
  • Make the downloads folder now your Desktop. Change the directory from Chrome, Safari, Skype, and everything else. This is true desktop centricism. :)
Desktop Centric Philosophy

Action Tips:

Hide your Dock. Setup your own Hot Corners. You can follow my own setup, or customize to your liking. Then practice and utilize your new secret weapons.

Lesson Content & Links:

  • Setup Hot Corners in OS X. Go to System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners (The little button in the bottom left.)
  • Adjust them to your favorite settings.
  • Remember, to follow along with the Dojo course & make the “Show Desktop” function activate in the bottom right corner.
  • Hide your Dock. You don’t need it. It makes you slower. Ninjas are faster.
  • Wooosh!
Hot Corners & The Dock

Action Tips:

Start trying Full Screen Apps or Multiple Desktops for using many windows. I like to sort my desktops into Personal, Main Project, and Music. Go ahead and comment your favorite ways below.

Also, experiment with navigating through Mission Control and your Launch Pad.

Multiple Desktops & Mission Control & Launch Pad

Action Tips:

Look through the Dashboard widgets and see what you like. Try out the Safari trick and comment below with your creative widget ideas and favorite ones.

Dashboard Ninjutsu

Action Tips:

Start using Spotlight regularly. MOST Importantly, practice using ⌘+Space to activate it. Super quick to launching Apps and surfing / previewing files. Practice it. Spotlight is powerful.

Lesson Content & Links:

Adjusting Settings: System Preferences > Spotlight

  • Set your Keyboard Shortcut (Usually ⌘ + Space)
  • Which results / file types to show

Using Spotlight / Shortcuts

  • Launch Spotlight: ⌘ + Space
  • Launch Spotlight inside Finder: Option + ⌘ + Space
  • Clear Search: esc
  • Close Spotlight: esc esc
  • Open First Term: Enter
  • Navigate results: down arrow & up arrow
  • Navigate jump categories: ⌘+ down & up arrow
  • View item in Finder: ⌘ + Enter


  • Advanced Searches (Apple Support:
  • kind:pdf marketing
  • kind:images created:8/27/13
  • kind:application
  • kind:pdf
  • kind:jpeg
  • kind:word
  • kind:folder
  • kind:image
  • kind:audio
  • date:today
  • date:yesterday

You can use Spotlight as a quick Calculator

  • Copy Result: ⌘ + C

Misc Commands and features:

  • Look Up – see a word in the dictionary and get synonyms.
  • Web Search / Google any keyword or phrase.
  • Search Wikipedia.
Spotlight Shuriken
+ Blue Belt
5 lectures 23:26

Action Tips:

Practice moving around for yourself. Try out the new keyboard only highlighting methods using arrows and the Shift key. All these shortcuts are below the video for you to remember.

Lesson Content & Links:

  • Cut: ⌘ + X
  • Copy: ⌘ + C
  • Paste: ⌘ + V
  • Paste without formatting. (This means that, if you copy big bold purple text, and paste into somewhere, it will strip off all the bold and purple formatting, only pasting the text itself.): ⌘ + Shift + V
  • Undo (Lifesaver!): ⌘ + Z
  • Save (Lifesaver!): ⌘ + S
  • Search for a word: ⌘ + F


  • Single click: Place cursor.
  • Double click: Select word.
  • Triple click: Select paragraph.
  • Select 1 letter at a time: Shift + Arrow
  • Select 1 word at a time: Shift + Option + Arrow
  • Select all text (I use this a lot): ⌘ + A
  • Bold: ⌘ + B
  • Italics: ⌘ + I
  • Underline: ⌘ + U

Random Awesome Tricks

  • Zoom in and out to read easier: : ⌘ + (- or +)
  • Mac: Three Finger Tap with trackpad on a word will bring up definition and thesaurus.
  • Mac: Bring up special characters menu: ⌘ + Option + T
  • Mac: Delete forward (to the right of cursor): fn + delete
  • Moving text by click and drag: Highlight text -> Click and hold for 1-2 seconds -> Drag to new place.
  • Selecting a block of text, then instantly typing something will replace it. No need to press delete first. Save an extra keystroke.
  • Pushing Shift + Enter/Return will create a line break in most programs instead of a paragraph break. This is especially helpful if you’re in WordPress or using HTML editors or even in Word.

Create Lists Fast (Evernote):

  • ⌘ + shift + u …. ‘u’ is for Unordered list vs Ordered 1,2,3,..
  • Tab goes inward for bullets
  • Shift + Tab goes back one level. (You may need to try this out to understand. Also usually works in other programs, like Word.)
Become A Text Ninja

Action Tips:

If you’ve got a trackpad, start 3 Finger Tapping down on some words. Sometimes it’s easier to highlight the word first (by double clicking) then gently tap down 3 fingers. Alternatively – right click and choose “Look Up In Dictionary”

Quick Lookup

Action Tips:

Open your System Preferences and go into your Profile, then your Login Items. Check them out and ask yourself if there are any apps that run in the background that do not currently auto-startup. Add them here.

Startup Items

Action Tips:

Begin practicing your knowledge by stepping backwards in time on purpose. Delete some un-important files and ⌘+Z to undo the command. Then try moving files, and undo it. There are so many places throughout your Mac experience, in OS X and in your Browser, which you can undo your mis-steps.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Ninja Walk Back In Time

Action Tips:

Open Dictation in your Preferences and download the extension / enhanced dictation file. Then set your keyboard hotkey and start chattering away! Or have your Mac read you some articles. The strangeness will fade away over time.

Dictation (Mavericks)
+ Brown Belt
5 lectures 30:10

Action Tips:

You can download Google Chrome here. As I mentioned in the video, you do not have to share all of your private data or browsing history with Google. You can adjust all the settings to your wish.

I use Chrome because it renders websites faster, is HTML5 ready, is updated automatically, and has the most extensive Extension AKA 3rd party plugin store available.

If you prefer Firefox or Safari, most of the shortcuts will still apply. Even the extensions I mention are 100% cross browser compatible. So definitely still enjoy the lessons. Thanks!

Why Chrome Is Superior

Action Tips:

Start browsing 1 tip at a time. There is a lot to digest here, but internet browsing is a significant part of your Mac experience and you should optimize it as much as possible. Go through your favorite and most used shortcuts first, then expand from there. Check out the list of commands below the video.

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • ⌘ + t … new tab
  • ⌘ + n … new window
  • ⌘ + shift + n … new incognito window
  • ⌘ + ~ … move between windows of chrome
  • ⌘ + r … refresh page
  • ⌘ + w … close current tab
  • ⌘ + shift + t … re-open closed tabs
  • ⌘ + 1, 2, 3 …the corresponding tab above
  • control + tab …. move 1 tab forward
  • control + shift + tab …. move 1 tab back
  • ⌘ + L … highlights current URL in address bar
  • delete … go back to previous webpage
  • ⌘ + left-click … open link in new background tab (stay focused on current)
  • ⌘ + shift + left-click … open link in new foreground tab (focus new on tab)


  • Download Chrome
  • Make default browser (Chrome should ask you this on install)
  • Desktop download location (Done from inside Chrome Settings – Shortcut: ⌘, )
  • Practice fast searching
  • Change theme to dark (if you want)
  • Practice opening new tabs and windows and surfing between them all very quickly with these methods: Control Tab & ⌘ 1,2,3, etc
  • Get HoverZoom for zooming in Thumbnails. You have to try it to understand it’s usefulness.
Master Chrome Techniques

Action Tips:

Download Xmarks for free here:
Works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE.

Super Cloud Bookmarking

Action Tips:

Download LastPass for free here:

Personally, I do not save my banking login details, PayPal, Facebook, or Gmail. These passwords I have memorized easily because of practice. It is my own security measure. However, I trust 100% in LastPass’s ability to keep my other passwords safe. Do what works best for you.

Enhanced Ninja Password Memory

Action Tips:

Download Pocket for free here:

Pocket Shortcuts

  • ⌘+S to Save article URL from the clipboard
  • ⌘+R – Refresh
  • A – Archive current item
  • F – Favorite current item
  • C – Copy current item
  • J – Select next
  • K – Select previous
  • O – Open in browser (Good for videos)
Saving Articles Offline Easily
+ Black Belt
7 lectures 27:29

Action Tips:

Open your System Preferences and go to the Keyboard option, then the Text tab. Create some of your own snippets and try them out.

Apple Text Expansion (Mavericks)

Action Tips:

Start taking screenshots here and there. Like faster than the wind!


  • Screenshot of entire screen: ⌘ + shift + 3
  • Screenshot of chosen crosshair: ⌘ + shift + 4
  • Screenshot of window: ⌘ + shift 4 then Spacebar
  • Screenshot to the clipboard only: ⌘ + cntl + shift + 3 or 4


  • Get Skitch Here
  • Crosshair: ⌘ + shift + 5
  • Window: ⌘ + shift + 6
  • Watch to learn how to ad arrows, boxes, blur, and many more nifty annotations to your screenshots.
Screenshot Tricks

Action Tips:

Download Jumpcut for free here:

Try out the clipboard commands with Control + Opt + V (the default command). Move through the list by pushing V again (while still holding Ct/Opt) or use your arrow keys. Let go to paste your selection.

Copy & Paste Like a Pro

Action Tips:

Cinch ($7) Free Trial Forever

HyperDock ($9.95) Download Trial Here

Window Snapping Awesomeness

Action Tips:

Open up Maps on your Mac and give it a test ride. Try sending your directions to your iPhone if you have one.

Maps (Mavericks)

Action Tips:

Open preview and use some of the short cut keys to move around and manipulate some test photos.

The Power In Preview (Quick Photo Editing)

Action Tips:

UPDATE – There is a new link than the one in the video. Download Cheat Sheet here for free.

Best Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet Ever!
+ Ninja Graduation Ceremony
3 lectures 02:13

Thank you for going through the Dojo and investing in your own productivity. It's best to know how to use the tools you have. Great work! Please print off this certificate, sign it, hang it on your fridge, and then email me a photo and I will give you a secret surprise bonus! :)


Listen to some wisdom here:

You're A Certified Mac Ninja!
Thank you for going through the Dojo and investing in your own productivity. It's best to know how to use the tools you have. Great work! Please print off this certificate, sign it, hang it on your fridge, and then email me a photo and I will give you a secret surprise bonus! :)


Download Your Ninja Certificate of Achievement
1 page
Here is a PDF of the evernote file that you see so often throughout the videos. If anything is missing please email me at

Mac Dojo PDF Companion for all shortcuts
11 pages