SAP Lumira Discovery 2.3 from Beginner to Professional
4.8 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled

SAP Lumira Discovery 2.3 from Beginner to Professional

Learn everything about SAP Lumira Discovery. Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own data stories!
4.8 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled
Created by Javier R. Martin
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You will learn everything about SAP Lumira Discovery from scratch.
  • Create your own reports and dashboards without IT knowledge.
  • Create and share meaningful stories with your data.
  • Learn how to add a variety of data sources (Excel, csv, SAP BW, SAP Universes, SAP HANA, SQL, etc.).
  • Learn how to refresh and edit a data source.
  • Everything about data manipulation: add, transform and enrich your data.
  • Understand types of joins and how they work.
  • Main features of visualizations: filters, sorting, reference lines, conditional formatting, calculations, drill capabilities, etc.
  • Learn how to use input controls in your data stories.
  • All about filters: filter to datasets, pages, story, visualizations, filter by linked analysis, filters by hierarchy, by rank and filters by measure.
  • Learn how to use Geo Map charts and ESRI ArcGIS integration.
  • Create amazing data stories adding content in the canvas: text, icon, shapes, hyperlinks, illustrations and more.
  • Sharing and exporting with SAP Lumira Discovery.
  • Learn how to deploy and create discovery applications on the SAP BI platform.
  • Support material and resources: training material in PDF, videos, links, exercises and documents to easy follow the course.
  • The course has a section to walk you through the installation of SAP Lumira Discovery.
  • 9 hours of high-quality video with real English captions created.
  • No preexisting knowledge is required, the course will explain every aspect of SAP Lumira Discovery.
  • Bonus lecture section has multiple resources to learn about Business Intelligence concepts and data visualization techniques.

Learn everything of SAP Lumira Discovery. I am teaching you all you can do with this visualization tool and you will create stunning and amazing data stories which will impact in your final audience. Self-service BI has never been so easy to use!

If you need to learn from scratch or even if you have some knowledge with this tool but you need to expand it, this is the best course for you. For all the lectures, you will find a training material document that you can use as a manual and videos with step by step tutorials. Also, the course contains exercises and quizzes to measure your knowledge in this technology not to mention all the resources that I provide (useful links, SAP Notes, tips, limitations, etc.).

Before showing you all the things you will learn in the course, I would like to tell you that I feel passion for training and I love sharing my knowledge with all my students. I will answer all your questions and I will update the course regularly!

Enroll today and get LIFETIME access to:

  • 9 hours of high-quality video - real English captions created!

  • Downloadable training material per lecture

  • Quizzes and hands-on exercises

This course has more advance training, plenty of resources, exercises and much more for way cheaper than the SAP official course!

Happy learning!

Javier R. Martin


  • How to install the tool.

  • Everything about the Discovery interface.

  • You will build your first story with Lumira Discovery!

  • Quiz.

Acquiring data

  • Data sources: SAP BW, SAP Hana, Excel, csv, text files, SAP universe, query with SQL and extensions and limitations of each data source.

  • How to refresh and edit a data source.

  • Live & Import data.

  • Quiz.

  • Exercise.

Data Analysis

  • Grid and Facet view.

Manipulating data

  • How to create objects, hierarchies (geo, custom and date/time) and data actions such as sort, rename, delete, split, replace, etc.

  • How to create advance calculations and formulas.

  • How to merge, append and link your datasets.

  • Quiz.

  • Exercises.

Visualization and stories

  • How to use the canvas and the chart builder.

  • The crosstab.

  • Charts: correlation, comparison, trend, percentage and geo visualization components.

  • How to create geo map component covering all types of geo maps.

  • How to integrate geo map and ArcGIS Esri.

  • Linking with visualizations.

  • Filters and input controls: different filters that the tool provides and all types of input control.

  • Formatting your data story: learn how to use all the elements that Lumira Discovery provides: text, shapes, illustration, pictures, colors, etc. You will know how to use the canvas, how to create stories and pages, etc.

  • A real dashboard: this lecture is to show you a real dashboard that I am using with my clients.

  • Quizzes.

  • Exercises.

  • Project: Data Story. Create a Lumira Discovery story and send me your work. I will provide my feedback and expertise.

Sharing and exporting

  • How to share with Lumira Discovery.

  • How to export your story or your data and the different options to do it.

Lumira Discovery and the SAP BI Platform

  • The integration between the tool and the BI platform.

  • Data sources, options and limitations on SAP BI Platform. You will learn the new capabilities that BI platform offers: open document links and bookmarks.

  • Quiz.

Bonus lectures

  • How to migrate old 1.x files to Lumira Discovery.

  • Interoperability between Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer.

  • How to install extensions.

  • Resources: official SAP help, dashboard design best practices, etc.

  • Troubleshooting document: how to fix some bugs with SAP Notes and my own experience.

Who this course is for:
  • Business users who need to create reports/dashboards without IT development.
  • Beginner users curious about data and reports.
  • Lumira Discovery users who need to have a deep knowledge of the tool.
  • Beginners looking for easy tool to create dashboard and reports.
  • Application and technology consultants who need to learn everything about SAP Lumira Discovery.
Course content
Expand all 45 lectures 08:58:47
+ Part I: Lumira Discovery from Beginner to Professional
3 lectures 07:56

Brief presentation of Javier R. Martin, his career and background.

Preview 00:48

This lecture is a description of the main features of the course and the objectives. The class reviews the content that students will learn during the course.

Preview 07:01

Explanation of SAP Lumira suite and the position of this technology.

Introduction to SAP Lumira
+ Part II: Introduction to SAP Lumira Discovery
4 lectures 35:20

We walk the student through the installation of SAP Lumira Discovery. How to download, install, uninstall and update the client tool.

Software Installation

Detailed description of the elements in the SAP Lumira Client tool interface. The student will be able to identify where the options and features are, including the home page, menu, tool bar and the different views that the tool provides (data, design and preview).

The SAP Lumira Discovery Interface

This class is a mix between a lecture and an exercise. You will create your first Lumira Discovery story based on Excel file. You will know how to acquire data, manipulate and create a simple story.

Building Your First Story

Check if you understand SAP Lumira Discovery so far! :)

Understanding SAP Lumira Discovery
5 questions

In this short lecture, you will learn how to change the default location of Lumira documents folder.

Bonus Lecture: How to Change the Default SAP Lumira Documents Folder
+ Part III: Data
14 lectures 03:21:38

All Lumira Discovery documents start acquiring data from a variety of data sources. Students will learn the range of data sources and how to connect to them.

We cover in this lecture: SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP Universes and Queries with SQL.

A section with limitations is provided to know the restrictions for BW and Universes.

Acquiring Data: Data Sources I

Continuation of previous lecture. In this one, we discuss the rest of the data sources: Microsoft Excel, text files, Windows clipboard and extensions. Also, a section with limitations is provided.

Preview 16:57

Continuation of acquiring data sources. In this one, we learn how to connect the tool with HANA Live data source.

Preview 01:58

Bonus video where you will learn how to connect with SAP HANA using Query with SQL option.

[Bonus Lecture] Acquiring Data: SAP HANA Data Source Using Query with SQL

This lecture covers everything about refreshing  and editing a data set. Also you will know how to edit the connection parameters, for instance, the path of a excel data source or data base parameters from query with sql data source.

Acquiring Data: Refresh and Edit a Dataset

Understanding the various type of connections that SAP Lumira Discover offers: live and import.  Comparison of them and recommendations of which to use based on the final requirements.

Acquiring Data: Live & Import Data

Do you understand the process of acquiring data? Measure your knowledge!

Acquiring Data
5 questions

Let's practice how to acquire data with SAP Lumira Discovery. This exercise is based on Excel files.

Exercise - Acquiring data

You will learn how to analyze data in the data view section. The class shows all the ways to understand the data with the Grid and Facet view and introduces all the actions that users can perform, such as sort, filter, etc.

Data Analysis

In this lecture, we teach how to manipulate and enrich your data and explain the actions that you saw in the previous class (sort, rename, etc.). Also, the student will learn how to create hierarchies:

  • Date/time

  • Custom hierarchy

  • Geographical by names or latitude/longitude.

Data Manipulation I: Objects, Hierarchies and Data Actions

Continuation of the previous class. In this one, you will study how to create new calculated objects with dimensions and measures. Also, you will see how to build formulas and how to use the functions that the tool provides.

Data Manipulation II: Advanced Manipulation with Calculated Objects

In this class, you are learning how to merge, append and link data sets in order to use in the same visualization component. Take advantage of all the capabilities of SAP Lumira Discover!

Data Manipulation III: Merge, Append and Link Datasets

Measure your knowledge about all the lectures about data manipulation.

Data Manipulation
7 questions

You are just about to practice how to create new objects, custom hierarchies, geographical ones and some data actions. Also, you will add several visualizations components.

Try by yourself before watching the video!

Preview 15:06

You are just about to practice how to use advanced calculations and formulas and you will add them in some charts.

Please, try by yourself before watching the video!

I have added a solution document for the formulas.

Exercise: Data Manipulation - Calculated Objects

Let's practice now how to merge, append and link datasets and let's use in some visualization components!

Please, try by yourself before watching the video!

Exercise: Data Manipulation - Joining , appending and Linking Data
+ Part IV: Visualization and Stories
13 lectures 03:44:27

In this lecture, we explain the canvas, where you will create your data stories, and the chart builder feature.

The Canvas and the Chart Builder

In this lecture, we will work with the most common analytical component in business intelligence field: the crosstab.

Working with Visualizations I: The Crosstab

In this lecture, you will learn about the different type of charts (comparison, percentage, correlation and trend) and how to create them in the chart builder.

Working with Visualizations II: Charts

In this lecture, you will learn about chart properties and visualization formatting (title, background colors, data labels, number format, etc.). Also, I will show you how to add reference lines, calculations and conditional formatting rules to all the components.

Working with Visualizations III: Properties and more

Time to measure what you know about first lectures of visualization.

10 questions

Hands on exercise for visualizations. You will create a variety of charts and a crosstab. Let's use calculations, reference lines, conditional formatting and formatting options, as well.

Exercise: Visualizations

In this lecture, I will explain you different types of maps and how to set up the properties, layers and formatting options. Also, we talk about the limitations of this component.

Working with Visualizations IV: The Geo Map

With ArcGIS integrated in SAP Lumira Discovery you can now enable your geo data with intuitive mapping and analytical tools.

More information about ArcGIS:

Working with Visualizations V: ESRI ArcGIS Integration

Hands on exercise for geo map. Let's create several geo maps adding all the layers: choropleth, bubbles, pie charts and markers.

Exercise: Geo Map

At this point of the course you know everything about visualizations and you are ready to learn about linking datasets in Lumira Discovery. Also, how to link visualizations to interact with your data across visualization components.

Linking with Visualizations

You will work with all the filters that Lumira Discovery provides: filter to datasets, pages, story, visualizations, filter by linked analysis, filters by hierarchy, by rank and filters by measure. Besides, you will learn the input controls, interactive filters that the user can use in your data stories.

Filters and Input Controls

It is time to create amazing data stories using all the elements in the canvas: text, hyperlinks, shapes, pictures, icons and colors to successfully communicate your message.

Formatting your Story

Another quiz to check your knowledge about the rest of visualization lectures.

Visualizations II
8 questions

In this lecture I will show you a real dashboard that I am using to report my managers and directors. The data has been modified avoiding real names and real numbers, keeping the layout and all the capabilities of the data story.

A Real Data Story

This is a small project. You have to create a data story with the scenario described in the instructions provided. I will review your document and deliver my feedback.

Project: Data Story
+ Part V: Sharing and Exporting
2 lectures 21:38

In this lesson, you will learn the capabilities to export data and visualizations in several formats, such as PDF, csv files, Microsoft Excel, and SAP HANA.

Exporting Data Stories

Share your insight with SAP Lumira Discovery! Learn how to help your company to make better decisions distributing your data stories across your organization.

Sharing Data Stories
+ Part VI: Lumira Discovery and the SAP BI Platform
2 lectures 31:58

In this class, you will learn about the integration of SAP BI Platform and Lumira Discovery.

Lumira Discovery on BI Platform

Learners will study in this class:

  • Data sources on SAP BI Platform.

  • Options that you can perform in your data stories.

  • Open document links.

  • Bookmarks.

  • How to export, share and schedule Lumira documents.

  • Lumira documents on BI platform.

  • Limitations.

Data Sources, Options and Limitations on BI Platform

Some questions about SAP BI Platform to check what you know about last lectures.

Lumira Discovery on SAP BI Platform
3 questions
+ Part VII: Bonus Lectures
5 lectures 14:26

Find useful information to migrate your previous Lumira files 1.x to the new SAP Lumira Discovery 2.x version.

Converting Lumira 1.x files to 2.x files

SAP offers a great feature that you will learn in this class: interoperability. Work with the same Lumira document in both technologies: Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer.

Interoperability with Lumira Designer

Learn how to install data or visualization extensions to increase the capabilities of SAP Lumira Discovery.

Installing Extensions

Find useful information to extend your knowledge of SAP Lumira, business intelligence subject, etc.:

  • Official SAP help page.

  • Explanation about Business Intelligence.

  • Measures and dimensions.

  • Type of joins.

  • Information about SAP BI Platform.

  • etc.

Check all this information!

Resources (help pages, videos links, etc.)

Check this document to solve some commons bugs of SAP Lumira Discovery.

+ The End
1 lecture 01:03

Congratulations! I am so glad that you have finished my course. I hope you like it. Please, give me your feedback and tell me if I can improve any part of the course or if you miss something and I will add it to the course.


Javier R. Martin

Congratulations and thank you!
+ Updates
1 lecture 00:19

In this lecture, I will inform you about updates and future work of the course.

Preview 00:19