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How to present your logo designs in a Wordpress Portfolio
Build a professional, online, logo design portfolio.
Sell oneself effectively as a designer.
Install and configure a Wordpress Theme & Plugins
Use Wordpress to build stunning websites


  • A positive attitude & willingness to learn
  • Own Hosting to install Wordpress



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*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2021! ***

Do you want to build an online logo portfolio website using your existing logos?

As a professional, published logo designer, I've used logo portfolio websites as a basis to showcase my work and I've sold my services by the dozen to prospects looking to have a logo design developed.

In the course, you're going to learn how to develop a professional responsive Wordpress based logo design portfolio website which displays beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and you are going to discover the tricks on how to attract sales.

I'm going to show you exactly how to install a Wordpress portfolio theme, how to install as gorgeous theme and plugins to allow you to host a stunning website of your own to showcase your very own logo design work!

By the end of the course, you'll have established a means of not only showcasing your work to the world, but a way of attracting quality business for effective financial return!

If you want to finally start a proper logo design business TODAY, make the move I'll see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Logo Designers who have a range of work ready to show the world
  • Logo Designers who wish to build a professional, online portolfio
  • Students who want to know how to install Wordpress

Course content

15 sections36 lectures58m total length
  • Introduction


Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience
Daniel Evans
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Daniel Evans is a professional logo designer and graphic designer from the North-East of England with 22 years dedicated experience.

He has worked on behalf of Hewlett Packard in Utah, design agencies in Seattle, New York and various agencies in Britain designing logos.


Daniels work is featured in the publications: 

*     Logo Lounge 11 by Rockport Publishers (Available at Amazon)
*     Logo Lounge 7 by Rockport Publishers (Available at Amazon)
*     Logo Creed by Rockport Publishers (Available at Amazon)
*     Damn Good by HOW Design (Available at Amazon)
*     LogoPond Vol 1
*     New Graphic 30
by Hiiibrand
*     Logo Nest 02
*     IHeartLogos Season 1
*     IHeartLogos Season 2
*     IHeartLogos Season 3
*     Logos 2 
by Bright Books


Daniel holds the following awards for Logo Design:

* Amazing Pixels Award - Featured in Logos 2
* International Creative Media Awards 
- Silver Award
* Hiiibrand Nomination Awards x 3 - Professional Logo Design
* Hiiibrand - Professional Logo Design - Silver Award
* Hiiibrand - Professional Logo Design
- Bronze Award

* WOLDA - Nomination Awards x 5
* WOLDA - Professional Logo Design
- Award of Excellence
* WOLDA - Professional Logo Design
- Silver Award

The Internet too is swarmed with Daniels work which features on hundreds of graphic design and logo showcase websites.

He's excelled in logo design and it's your opportunity to learn from him in his range of logo design courses here on Udemy!

Join Daniels courses TODAY and YOU can become the next logo design professional! >>>>