Logistic Regression Practical Case Study

Breast Cancer detection using Logistic Regression
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How to build a Logistic Regression model for a Real-World Case Study
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  • Basic theory of Logistic Regression


Did you know that approximately 70% of data science problems involve classification and logistic regression is a common solution for binary problems?

Logistic regression has many applications in data science, but in the world of healthcare, it can really drive life-changing action.

In this SuperDataScience case study course, learn how to detect breast cancer by applying a logistic regression model on a real-world dataset and predict whether a tumor is benign (not breast cancer) or malignant (breast cancer) based off its characteristics.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build a logistic regression model to identify correlations between the following 9 independent variables and the class of the tumor (benign or malignant).

  • Clump thickness

  • Uniformity of cell size

  • Uniformity of cell shape

  • Marginal adhesion

  • Single epithelial cell

  • Bare Nuclei

  • Bland chromatin

  • Normal nucleoli

  • Mitoses

Logistic regression can identify important predictors of breast cancer using odds ratios and generate confidence intervals that provide additional information for decision-making. Model performance depends on the ability of the radiologists to accurately identify findings on mammograms.

Join AI expert Hadelin de Ponteves as you code the solution along with him in this 1-hour, 3-part case study:

Part 1: Data Preprocessing

  • Importing the dataset

  • Splitting the dataset into a training set and test set

Part 2: Training and Inference

  • Training the logistic regression model on the training set

  • Predicting the test set results

Part 3: Evaluating the Model

  • Making the confusion matrix

  • Computing the accuracy with k-Fold cross-validation

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More about logistic regression:

Logistic regression is a method of statistical analysis used to predict a data value based on prior observations of a dataset. A logistic regression model predicts the value of a dependent variable by analyzing the relationship between one or more existing independent variables.

In data science, logistic regression is a Machine Learning algorithm used for classification problems and predictive analysis.

More real-world applications of logistical regression include:

  • Bankruptcy predictions

  • Credit scoring

  • Consumer behavior

  • Customer retention

  • Spam detection

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Machine Learning, AI or Data Science
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make accurate predictions


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