Login and Register Operations with .Net Core Social Media

Register and Login Processes in Our Projects Through Social Media Environments
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Register for the .Net Core Web project through Social Media Platforms and complete the Login process
Social Media Authentication
Facebook Login
Google Login for .Net Developers


  • 3 months of c# knowledge


Hello everyone. As Best Codder, our aim in our trainings is to improve yourself as you trainees and to give you something.

We are doing our best. With this training, we gain the ability to log in to our systems and register using Social Media applications.

By using the source codes of our Microservice training, we use the social media applications of our target system, which is the login and registration process.

Facebook and Google help us a lot at this point.

Together with you, we make our definitions on both Facebook developer pages and try to show you the integration processes step by step.

In the same way, we are doing the necessary steps for integration with Google through the developer screens, together with the login and register processes.

Together with you, we see how we can integrate our source codes into our own account by forking over the project via Github (Cloud - Source control).

Then we see how we can transfer the codes in our locale to our account.

The requirements for this project is to first open a github account for yourself.

After you open your accounts, you can search on github and get the source codes by following our account on bestcodderepos account.

You can also check out our Microservice training.

Prerequisites for current training should be at least a basic knowledge of C#.

Again, beginner level should have .Net Core MVC knowledge. We must have Visual Studio 2019 on our system, that is, on our computer. It should be ready on our computer in the MSSql environment.

Naturally, of course, even a little knowledge of Sql will make our work easier.

If you want to see the workable version of the source codes as a project, it will be in our best interest to have Docker desktop installed on your computer. Because we developed the project with Microservice architecture, we can up and test the system with docker compose.

If you want to concat to us => bestcodderacademy@outlook.com

Who this course is for:

  • .Net Core Ortamında Sosyal Medya ortamlarınıın Login olma ıslemını öğrenmek isteyenler Those who want to learn the process of Logging in to Social Media environments in the .Net Core Environment


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