Logical Tarot learning as a Healing tool
4.6 (20 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
110 students enrolled

Logical Tarot learning as a Healing tool

Most accurate, powerful, holistic, unique and practical way of tarot reading you will ever find! Launched Feb 2020
4.6 (20 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
110 students enrolled
Created by Michiko Schneck
Last updated 7/2020
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This course includes
  • 11 hours on-demand video
  • 7 downloadable resources
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  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • A unique approach which allows you to read cards in a logical manner
  • Learn how to interpret and read the tarot cards without bias
  • How Tarot can be used for therapy, counselling and to help people
  • Understanding why and how tarot can be used as a powerful self healing tool
  • Learn how energy work impacts us and read tarot safely with 100% accuracy
  • Master practical tarot spreads through the use of real examples
  • This course will give a deeper understanding of tarot and is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • This is not a course for fortune telling but uncovering the full potential of the Tarot
  • Contents in this course is not something you can find on the internet. Valuable informations are shared for you to maximise benefit of tarot reading for your future clients.
  • Raider Waite Deck for easy and clear understanding
  • No experience or knowledge needed, but if you have them already, your interpretation would be even deeper! You will be amazed how quickly you could actually start reading accurately without effort
  • Be open. Prepare to let go of traditional way of reading.

This is not your usual tarot course!

You are few minutes away from discovering something very special and precious.

Once you learn this unique way of reading, you will never go back to your old ways. If you are familiar with tarot reading already, you will be absolutely amazed. Your reading will shift to a deeper level, as I experienced myself 16 years ago.

This course is designed both for complete beginners and advanced professionals. If you know nothing about tarot reading, you are lucky to learn this approach and never need to know a different way. As an advanced reader this course will give you a new perspective and deeper understanding. 

Accuracy of reading will come naturally by following my teachings.

As a professional tarot reader, we look for the potential in a reading.

Accurately communicating the message from the tarot cards can lead to a shift in mindset and perception. In many cases you will be able to provide clarity, allowing inner healing to occur. I believe that this is a requirement to become an authentic tarot reader.

If you would like to experience this amazing method, please watch 100 minutes of free videos I offer here. They all have important messages for anyone who uses tarot cards. If you would like to get your own reading, before actually start taking the course, you are most welcome to experience it yourself. Please reach out to me via my website. I have been teaching tarot by being asked to teach for those who I have given the readings in London, Tokyo, Mumbai and New Jersey.

I believe that many of you will benefit from this healing tool for yourself and others around you.

This course is an investment for the future you and consider it to be value for money if you want to learn tarot seriously and professionally.  With over 8 hours of unique and original content, "Logical Tarot as a healing tool"  will help you feel confident in giving therapeutic level of Tarot Card Readings rather than story telling.


Just open the door. Potential is always within you!

Who this course is for:
  • You! - somebody who is always attracted to something authentic.
  • People who is looking for logic and deep understanding in tarot reading.
  • Knowing tarot already but those who have not quite experienced healing side of tarot or having faith in it.
  • Those who is seeking for new carrier, which involves to be a help for other people.
  • Who is seriously interested in spiritual growth.
  • Curious? Critics? You are most welcome!! - If you do not actually believe in tarot reading, and think it is only psychology game, you might become one of the best tarot reader! - just like how I was.
  • I completely believe that "anyone" can read tarot accurately, if we you read in "this" way.
  • No reverse position, no ritual, no intuition, no psychic abilities... only need simple key words and holistic understanding. Sounds too good???
Course content
Expand all 70 lectures 11:03:25
+ It's Healing work, not Psychic work * we need to understand the risk
1 lecture 08:06

[Short introduction]

People often mixes up healing work and psychic work.

You need to know the fact that energy work could be harmful to yourself, which nobody rarely talks about.

If you do not know how to operate an airplane, no one just risk their life and try. Same way, we should be aware of the risk and one should know what we are actually doing. Unless you know, don't do it.

Short Introduction for everyone to keep clean from "invisible bills to pay".

And this is one of the reason why I teach my tarot as "healing work". 

PS. I do some psychic work - cleansing energies and dowsing.

This is not to deny psychic work at all. You just need to know what could be involved in it and stay clear from the risk for your safety. It's so easy to step into high risk area in energy work...

Preview 08:06
+ How could it be LOGIC?
1 lecture 19:22

"Logical way of reading tarot" is one of the best ways to minimise the risk on energy work.

I will share how this special method works and you will know why it's so logic. I do not explain the following much in detail in the video.

By reading this particular way-

NO MORE of following needed.

  1. story making  -  just need to be aware you do not adjust into their stories... you may miss out important message. you need to read cards as they are as much as possible. NEVER make up story.

  2. reverse position meaning - not needed any longer.

  3. memorising meanings - just a key word or two.

  4. deck hunting  - visible Rider Waite is the best for clients to see themselves.

  5. rituals  - none done for my cards for 16 years - they are actually always blessed by everyone's inner wisdoms! always beautiful!


  1. true

  2. pure

  3. healing

** Special thanks to**

JACKIE BARNES who taught me this combination way of reading. PLEASE do appreciate, be grateful and respect for her teaching and not to use this as your own method. - 7 swords always require gratitude, or you know where you are going to...

RIDER WAITE cards and its illustrator PAMELA COLMAN SMITH for easy interpretation  - I am sorry for thinking it was so spooky cards 17years ago though!

Preview 19:22
+ My Story
3 lectures 19:03

NO...  I never want to be seen as a mysterious witch - even though I was born with a witch nose and always checking/cleansing energies.

How "logical me" had attracted into tarot.

Preview 08:23

What tarot could bring into people's lives. My parents cases.

Preview 06:02

Oh No! Advices I was giving could have been just confusing people!!!

Preview 04:38
+ Basic Rules
7 lectures 30:21

There are some BASIC RULES to follow, if you want to read tarot seriously.

  • Simply read

  • Trust - Messages are from their inner wisdom.

  • Confidentiality and Ethics

Preview 06:15

Rules continued :-

  • It's not a game

  • Drop your Ego

  • We can change our future

Preview 03:07
+ Understanding energy work and its risk
1 lecture 17:59

More detail information on how energy work operates.

"It is for someone's highest good" does not opt out you from the risk, because...

Something you should be mindful about if you work with energies.

Please understand that I would like you to work under the safe environment.

* Revised on 30th April 2020    Hierophant energy to Temperance!


It's Healing, not Psychic work! EXPLAINED
+ Energy and Keywords of the cards
27 lectures 04:15:34

Please print out worksheet for your note.

Get ready and print some worksheets

Get started!

Major Arcana

How to separate cards - Major arcana-spiral of life
Major Arcana 0-4
Major Arcana 5-9
Major Arcana 10-14
Major Arcana 15-18
Major Arcana 19-21
Minor Arcana-general
Minor Arcana cups 1-5
Minor Arcana cups 6-10
CUPS practice
Mini Test for cup combinations
6 questions
Minor Arcana Swords 1-5
Minor Arcana Swords 6-10
Swords practice
Mini test for Swords combinations
6 questions
Minor Arcana Wands 1-5
Minor Arcana Wands 6-10
Wands practice
Mini test for Wands combinations
6 questions
Minor Arcana Pentacles 1-5
Minor Arcana Pentacles 6-10
Pentacles practice
Mini test for Pentacles combinations
6 questions
Court cards - pages
Court cards - Knights
Court cards - Queens
Court cards - Kings
Court cards - more kings and queens
Practice - court cards
Suggested practice
6 lectures 01:10:52

Let's start spreading the cards!

Opening spread

Step by step guide for how to spread.

Celtic Cross how to spread

For some positions, you need to know what quality you are looking for, as to  find more potential from the reading.


and how to read..

Celtic Cross how to read

After the main spread, you can go deeper with choice reading.

Follow up spread - choice reading

Confirming the messages through oracle cards is "beautiful".

Summary Oracle
+ Sample readings
13 lectures 02:39:23

I had about 60reading last month, so I could easily ask my clients to be here as a sample, but I decided not to. I will leave some space here for your reading to share. It could be your own reading, or others' (with permission)


  • Because I would like you to be a part of this course.

  • In this way, you will see variety of readings..  As I have moved around last 10 years, I know that there are some cultural background you will see in the readings. Absolutely fascinating! - good way to leave your "common sense" behind and stick to the reading.

  • Learning will be REAL if I do not provide my own stuff.

If you would like to be one of those sample reading, please send me a photo & your interpretation. I will check it out, get your feedback and publish here. No extra cost for this special opportunity. But space may be limited, so I will not keep this open for long. Be brave and take this opportunity to move forwards.

If you would like me to shuffle the cards, of course it is possible, but I need to charge for this. (not full cost as your participation is appreciated) Please contact me for more detail.

  • Please print out worksheet for your practice sessions.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9
Sample 10
Sample 11
Sample 12
Sample 13
+ Learning from Tarot - Flow of life
1 lecture 15:51

Something I started to see as I have been giving tarot readings to others.

"Flow of Life" is my original concept in spirituality, through tarot.

From here, I learnt that  'Positive thinking ' could be as harmful as negative thinking.

From here I learnt  'negative look' of tarot is a healing tool.

From here I learnt the powerfulness of 'surrendering'

... and it all fit into Yoga. Back to the centre (neutral/zero). Crate more space within. Just go back to your real self rather than trying to be someone.   

"Flow-Tarot-Yoga"  - connect with your inner wisdom!

Flow of Life