LIVE FR8 App – advancing 4IR logistics using Cloud computing

Road Freight and Logistics Optimization enhanced by Machine Learning (AI)
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The effective use of a Cloud Computing App to optimize freight and logistics.
Logistics optimization and monitoring combined with AI (machine learning). Utilize a shared dashboard.
Supply-chain management.
Transportation Scheduling and real-time tracking.
Transport industry functionality
Artificial Intelligence Technology
Mobile Application as well as synchronisation with all smart devices.
Contribute to lowering carbon emissions.
Real life, Peer Reviewed Performance in terms of Communication and integrity.
Lead Generation


  • Ability to Operate Smart Devices.
  • Basic understanding at NQF 4.
  • Understanding of Basic English.



The Live Fr8 App was developed to create a platform for Cargo Suppliers (Freight) and Logistics Suppliers (Transporters) to engage with the intent of doing seemless business. It comprises a comprehensive system enabling the parties to load freight or find loads. The communication system of the App allows for loading of specified cargo in order to receive a quotation from transporters. The system is based on effective use, thus payment is only made by the transporter on a successful transaction agreement with the Cargo Supplier (Principal).

Cargo Supplier App

Candidates will learn to operate and teach Cargo Suppliers the system, and to operate it effectively from any smart device.

Logistics Supplier App

Candidates will learn to operate and teach the operation of the app to Transporters.

  • Learn to expose cargo to transporters for free.

  • Learn to find more cargo loads to transport from any geographic location.

  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to efficiently use the Application as either a Cargo Supplier (any individual or company with loads to transport) or Transporter (any individual or company with a vehicle ranging from motorcycles to flatbed trucks).

  • Introduction to Cloud technology.

  • Advantages of Cloud technology - 80 000 transactions per second with unmatched security.

Carbon Reduction

The international awareness for the need of reduction of carbon monodioxide is well published. By effective use of the system it is expected that the potential reduction is up to 30% within the framework of 2020.

Who this course is for:

  • People with an interest in logistics and cloud technology, focused on freight and Logistics optimization.
  • Transport Managers and Controllers
  • Dispatch Clerks
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Distribution Clerks
  • Truck Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Warehouse supervisors
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Logistics Supervisors
  • Transport Brokers
  • Long Haul and Bulk Breakers
  • Couriers
  • Business People
  • Cargo Suppliers
  • Freight Suppliers from 1kg to 200 000 mt
  • Bulk movement companies in agriculture, mining, construction,
  • Professionals such as Financial Managers, Logistic Managers, Accountants, Operational Managers, CEOs, CFOs and Commercial Managers.
  • Optimization Specialists.
  • Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Course content

3 sections14 lectures1h 7m total length
  • Introduction to LIVE FR8™.
  • What LIVE FR8 App offers to Cargo Suppliers and Transporters


Educative marketer
Andria Rautenbach
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I am currently working as a Marketing Officer for LIVE FR8.

I have a BSc and BSc Honours degree in Biodiversity and Ecology. I have received an award for the best presentation by a young scientist under the age of 30, at the 2015 annual South African Association of Botany conference. I have work experience in many fields including tutoring, demonstrating, tourism and marketing.

I am passionate about education, expanding knowledge to many fields and assisting others in developmental learning.

I believe in simplicity through sophistication. I believe economic development is very important, and should take place by means of still protecting and caring for the environment.

Dr Sjoerd Alkema
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Sjoerd Jan Alkema (661122 5002 086)

MBA(UK) – Oxford Brookes University, 2001

Ph.D.(A.M.) – Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, 2015


Chairman: IntroRevival (NPO)

Director: AVCfin (Pty) Ltd

Director: Live Fr8 (Pty) Ltd 2020

Property Professional: Fine Home Property Experts

Author: IntroRevival™ (2016) and Precision Farming for the Soul - Preparing the Soil™ (2017)


CEO entrepreneur & founder of LIVE FR8™
Christiaan Mauritz Rautenbach
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Riaan has experience as a programmer, cost and management accountant, financial manager, sales & marketing manager and general manager. He managed 4 milling complexes (FMN Nigeria, Bolux Milling Botswana, Mpongwe Milling Zambia, Olympic Milling Zambia) and a hatchery (ASTRAL Foods Swaziland). These complexes were located in 5 African countries. He managed transport in-house and third parties to transport various consumer-, raw materials- and agriculture goods in 8 African countries.

Business Consultant
Lee-Anne Terblanche
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I am a Business Analyst and Project Manager for Supply Chain projects with a passion for Sustainable Road Freight initiatives that will decrease our road freight carbon emissions footprint.

I have a PhD in Logistics, specialising in road freight carbon emissions and completed a Masters Degree in Supply Chain Planning.

My latest project includes implementing IBP practises to solicit inputs from all business practises throughout the organisation to truly achieved synchronised planning from strategy to execution.