Intro to Linux Shell Scripting (Free course)

Get up to speed with Linux shell scripting quickly
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After you complete this course you will understand the basics of writing a shell script.


  • Command line access to a Linux system.


In this mini-course, you'll learn the essentials of writing your own Linux shell scripts, including:

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made by inexperienced shell scripters.
  • Understanding and using best practices and standard conventions. (If you don't follow these guidelines you'll look like a rank amateur.)
  • A simple technique that can make amazingly complex scripts easy to write.

I've used shell scripts to save myself countless hours of tedious work.  More importantly, having the ability to write shell scripts has helped me enormously in my career.

Not only did I get to take on some very interesting projects because I had the ability to shell script, I was also able to jump right to the front of the line when it came time for promotions.

I want that same thing for you, too!

Even if you're not interested in furthering your career, you can write shell scripts that organize your vacation photos, track your stock portfolio, and more...

I can't wait to see what shell scripts you create!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in getting started with Linux shell scripting and bash programming.

Course content

1 section6 lectures44m total length
  • Writing Your First Shell Script
  • Shell Builtin Commands
  • Variables, Comments, and Capitalization
  • Writing Long and Complicated Scripts
  • Making Decisions in Your Scripts and Using Builtin Shell Variables.
  • Bonus Lecture


Professional system administrator, consultant, and author.
Jason Cannon
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Jason started his career as a Unix and Linux System Engineer in 1999. Since that time he has utilized his Linux skills at companies such as Xerox, UPS, Hewlett-Packard, and Additionally, he has acted as a technical consultant and independent contractor for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Jason has professional experience with CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. He has used several Linux distributions on personal projects including Debian, Slackware, CrunchBang, and others. In addition to Linux, Jason has experience supporting proprietary Unix operating systems including AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.

He enjoys teaching others how to use and exploit the power of the Linux operating system. He is also the author of the books "Linux for Beginners" and "Command Line Kung Fu."