Linked lists for absolute beginners

Learn to juggle with pointers and nodes like any other data structure!
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Linked lists structure implementation
Algorithms related to linked lists


  • A working computer
  • C/C++ IDE (Visual Studio, Dev-C++, CodeBlocks etc.)
  • Basic understanding of the C language (especially pointers and stack/heap memory)


Learn the basics of linked lists in the C programming language. This course treats the student as a complete beginner to linked lists that has a basic understanding of arrays/pointers and other similar concepts of the C language. What we want is, at the end of this course, for you to be able to use a linked list exactly like a plain old array.

After finishing the course you will be able to

  • Create the data structure for a singly and doubly linked list

  • Insert any element wherever in the linked list

  • Remove an element from the linked list

  • Understand how the linked list is allocated in memory

  • Properly deallocate the linked list

  • And to code other useful algorithms

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers that want to fully understand linked lists and their potential


Knowledgeable developer and dedicated teacher
Sergiu Muresan
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Top graduate at one of the best Universities in Romania. Having noticed the struggle fellow colleagues have been going through to learn new topics, I started pursuing teaching as my main profession.

I have worked on many projects in many of the popular languages and frameworks out there. Having such broad experience from all over the IT field and knowing how to make people understand and learn, I decided to become the go-to person for people that are struggling to learn a new subject.

Life goal: change the education system for the better.

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