Linked List & SQL Interview Questions

Linked List and SQL
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Linked List and SQL Interview Questions


  • Linked List datastructure


This course contains the most asked interview questions related to the linked list data structure.  One can crack all the linked list questions asked in the interview very easily.  You can also visit my youtube channel 'Skill Set Go' for getting various programming tutorials like Java, SQL, MAVEN, Kotlin, Android programming, etc.

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  • How to find the middle node in the linked list without using count or number of
  • How to reverse a linked list(singly LL) using three pointers
  • How to find Nth node in a linked list from last or end node
  • How to find intersection node of two linked lists without using inner loop.
  • How to detect a loop in a linked list using two pointers
  • How to delete a node in linked list, given only access to that node.
  • How to swap two numbers without using any extra or third variable.


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