Entrepreneurs: How To Ditch Limiting Beliefs In Under 5 Mins
4.6 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Entrepreneurs: How To Ditch Limiting Beliefs In Under 5 Mins

​Growing your business is 80% attitude and 20% what you do. But what if limiting beliefs mean you're self-sabotaging?
4.6 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
13 students enrolled
Created by Clare Josa
Published 6/2017
English [Auto]
Price: $194.99
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This course includes
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  • 4 articles
  • 10 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • How to spot a limiting belief, before it gets in the way of your dreams (they're masters of disguise)
  • Explain why beliefs aren't all in your mind - because you'll have had a demystified tour of the neuroscience behind your beliefs
  • Understand how most of us get it back-to-front when trying to handle limiting beliefs, and you'll know the difference between 'surface level' belief-clearing techniques and those that 'deep-dive'
  • Identify your hidden blocks, fears and beliefs for a project you are currently passionate about and apply 3 simple, yet highly effective techniques to let them go in under 5 minutes
  • Bonus: you'll also learn how to use the most potent of these techniques to de-stress
  • An open mind

If you're fed up with secretly self-sabotaging and lying awake at 3am, listening to those doubts your Inner Critic loves to yell at you, then it's time to stop your limiting beliefs from getting in the way of your business dreams.

When you're feeling stuck, dreaming big but playing small, there are always limiting beliefs at play!


By the end of this course, you will:

  • have learned how to spot your hidden limiting beliefs and silent saboteurs - before they trash your drams (and they're masters of disguise!)
  • have discovered why beliefs aren't all in your mind - we're going to do a demystified tour of the essential neuroscience that helps you figure out why trying to ditch your beliefs with 'willpower' never worked
  • know why most of us get ditching our limiting beliefs back-to-front and why positive thinking and 'mindset' simply aren't enough
  • have identified your hidden blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and excuses for a particular project you're currently passionate about
  • know how to run these beliefs through 3 simple, yet highly effective processes to let them go, in under 5 minutes - and you'll have ditched a bunch of them, too!
  • understand the most common traps we fall into, when we're pulling together new beliefs - and how to avoid them
  • have discovered the number 1 reason why change doesn't stick - and how to get past it
  • bonus: you'll know how to use the most potent of these belief-ditching methods to de-stress, too


How is the course taught:

Clare Josa has been a certified NLP Trainer ('user manual' for your brain) since 2003, which means she has been professionally trained in how to make it easy for you to learn - and create lasting change - at both a conscious and unconscious level. She makes it as easy and fun as she can for you and loves to inspire you to change through fun and laughter, rather than getting serious and bogged-down. 

This is a snot-free zone.

The course is delivered in bite-sized videos, workbooks, a quiz and MP3s for you to download and keep with you, whenever you need them, as well as some articles to guide you through the background on some of the concepts. Each lesson ends with either an integration question - as though we were doing one-to-one mentoring together - or an action challenge or workbook, to help you apply what you have learned.

Is this for you?


  • You're on a mission to make a positive difference in the world - either through your business or some other project you're running
  • You have had enough of feeling stuck with your limiting beliefs and you're hungry to healthily let them go, so you can step up to the next level on your journey


  • If you believe that life 'happens to you' and that it's all everyone else's fault
  • If you're wearing your limiting beliefs like badges of honour and you're secretly not interested in letting them go


Why is this course the price it is? A Personal Message From Clare:

I want to make this as close as possible to a no-brainer price for you. I'll be honest - it's because I'm hoping you'll love it and get huge value from it, and then you might want to take some of my other courses or maybe read my books, so you get to clear out even more of your hidden blocks. :-) Whether you want to keep working together or not, this course is a great place to start.

The price should probably have a 'zero' after it, given its potential to change your life forever. But I want to take the financial risk away from you for this one, because knowing how to handle limiting beliefs is so essential, if you want to step up to make a bigger difference in the world. This pricing is effectively my gift to you, your future and the difference you are here to make.


Are you in?

Register now and you can get started on ditching your limiting beliefs in the next few minutes. I would love to get to share the ride with you!

x Clare

Clare Josa, Author, Speaker, 'Inside Work' Mentor to Entprepreneurs & Passionate World-Changers since 2002


What people say about Clare Josa's courses:

"Clare has a way of explaining things, so you create breakthroughs." Rosie Slosek, Founder Of One Man Band Accounting

"I have had so many 'aha' moments with Clare's work. She turned on the lightbulb for me so I have the inner motivation to carry me all the way through." Teresa Pangan, Nutrition Consultant

"Clare has a perfect recipe, guiding you through the topic with simple tools and techniques to open your mind and search for yourself the areas you want to work with." Nicky Harverson, Founder of My Fit Life Coaching

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs, small business owners & passionate world-changers who are hungry to ditch their limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
Course content
Expand all 17 lectures 01:25:06
+ Start Here - How To Get The Most From This Course
1 lecture 01:43

Welcome! And thank you for joining me for how to ditch a limiting belief in under 5 minutes. In this video, I give you a quick tour of what we're going to cover and how to get the most from this course.

Preview 01:43
+ Limiting Beliefs - They're Not All In Your Head
3 lectures 18:34

Find out why ditching your limiting beliefs needs to be one of your biggest business priorities, if you want to 'get out of your own way' and make a bigger difference in the world. Why bother clearing out your hidden blocks and excuses? Why not just 'push on through' and work round them? The world of neuroscience holds the answers - hopefully satisfying the curiosity of your Inner Entrepreneur.

Preview 07:28

Discover why positive thinking, mindset and attitude aren't enough, if you want to break free from an out-of-date belief. Learn about the two main approaches to clearing your limiting beliefs and why the one that most of us pick doesn't really work. Plus why the second, less common option is much easier - and more powerful - than you might think.

The Two Main Belief-Ditching Approaches - And Which One Works Better

When you get the chance to take the leap - or grab that opportunity by the horns - who is REALLY making your biggest business decisions? The answer might surprise. And perhaps it's time to let them stand down? Find out why and how in this lesson.

Who Is REALLY Making Your Biggest Business Decisions?
What Have You Learned So Far?
4 questions
+ How To Spot Your Limiting Beliefs - BEFORE They Get In Your Way
1 lecture 05:16

Time for some virtual mentoring! Download the workbook and then let me guide you through the process to uncover your hidden limiting beliefs. They're masters of disguise...

How To Spot Your Limiting Beliefs - Guided Process
+ Life-Changing Questions To Help You Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs
1 lecture 05:46

Here's my quick-fix mentoring process. It works for the majority of surface-level beliefs and can be hugely useful when you don't have time for navel-gazing and need to get out of your own way - fast.

The Cognitive Process - How To Soften And Ditch Surface-Level Beliefs
+ Deep-Dive Techniques
5 lectures 27:52

Watch this video and then sit somewhere quiet and listen to the meditation MP3 for this lesson. I call it the 'lazy-preneur's belief-ditching method', because all you need to do is to sit comfortably, close your eyes and follow my voice. I can't make it any easier than that, can I?!

The Surprisingly Effective Lazy-Preneur's Belief-Ditching Method

It might have worked for Alice in Wonderland, but you're setting yourself up for exhaustion if you try to replace a limiting belief with one your Monkey Mind objects to. Find out how to avoid the most common mistakes and simple shifts to help you make sure you don't end up out-growing your new belief - fast.

Don't Make The Mistake Of Trying To Believe The Impossible

Here's a tour of how 'tapping' works and why it's going to be such a useful technique for you. In my 15+ years of mentoring entrepreneurs and passionate world-changers, it is the single most useful tool I have found for ditching sticky blocks - fast.

Preview 03:51

It's time to get tapping!

I'm going to teach you this technique using 'stress', because it's something easy to work on with which we can all identify. In the next article, I'll show you how to use it for your limiting beliefs.

How To Tap Away Your Limiting Beliefs - Fast

Here's an article to guide you through how to use EFT specifically for your limiting beliefs. It's a step-by-step guide, which will make much more sense to you, now you're comfortable with the tapping positions, as covered in the previous video.

How To Use This Technique For Your 'Sticky' Beliefs
+ The #1 Reason Why Change Doesn't Work - And How To Fix It
2 lectures 11:41

Want to know the number 1 reason why change doesn't stick? And how to handle it? It doesn't have to be that way for you any more!

Secondary Gain

My favourite Italian word has the power to change your life - and grow your business. And, no, it's not 'vino'. Find out in this article why it could become your New Best Friend in your belief-ditching journey.

How My Favourite Italian Word Can Change Your Life - And Grow Your Business
+ Wrapping Up - How To Make Change Last - The Vital Final Step
4 lectures 14:13

In this bonus audio training lesson, taken from episode 27 of the Dare To Dream Bigger podcast, I take you through the most common reasons why people fall off the life-change wagon, plus I share with you my favourite 3 strategies for making change last.

Listen to the audio and use the workbook to support your learning, helping you to integrate the shifts you have been creating so far in this course.

Preview 00:24

Here's a take-it-with-you-everywhere workbook that helps you to make a commitment to your future - and pre-empt which blocks might get in your way.

Workbook & Article: Why It's So Important To Make A Commitment To Your Future

Take some time out to enjoy this guided visualisation process.

Not only will it help you to integrate everything we have done in this course, it also helps you to consciously create the future you have been dreaming of, right here, right now.

How To Consciously Create Your Future

How to wrap up the work we have done together on this course - and some ideas for other areas you could focus on next.

Bonus Video: Pulling It All Together & What's Next?