Creating Confidence that Shines from the Inside Out!
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Creating Confidence that Shines from the Inside Out!

Learn to express your true self. Build confidence and courage to pursue your life goals and dreams
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2 students enrolled
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This course includes
  • 38 mins on-demand video
  • 6 articles
  • 7 downloadable resources
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  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to shine from the inside out
  • Smash negative thinking on the spot
  • Truly learn to love yourself
  • Start the path to living the life you want and deserve
  • Make more positive and meaningful relationships with yourself and others
  • Practical strategies, tools and techniques
  • Start believing in yourself
  • Be your best self, become whole
  • Journal/workbook
  • Printer
  • Be in a place you are ready to take action and make change
  • Dedicate 30 minutes a day towards the course
  • An open mind to new thoughts and practices

Get back in the driver seat of your life!

Have you ever…

  • Wanted to achieve a goal or a dream but could not find the courage or confidence to pursue them?

  • Missed on something important to you, just because you cared too much about what other people think?

  • Let your voice go unheard because you couldn’t find the confidence to speak out loud?

Today is your chance to reclaim control on your life and enter a new phase of happiness and accomplishment.

We have packed this course with engaging information and inspiring action steps to work on.
Each action step has a specific video, worksheet, links or resources to help you develop a deep and meaningful connection with yourself so you can take back your inner power and live an authentic life.

How may time have you told yourself that you will be happy after you buy that brand you car you’ve been dreaming of? That you will feel confidence only after you bought your own house only to realize that even after achieving these great goals you are still are left feeling empty.

The root of confidence and happiness is connecting with your inner self first, improving you mental and physical health.

Get your inside world right and it directly impacts your outside world. 

Just imagine:

  • What it sounds like when you freely express yourself at any situation.

  • How your personal and professional relationships will improve for the better
    when you act with full confidence in yourself and your abilities.

  • What it will look like when your productivity has reached a peak state.

How would you feel when you have the confidence and skills to create lasting, connective, and healthy relationships with others? We have the answers you have been looking for to achieve this.

Give yourself the gift of understanding who you are and love yourself for it by taking this course now!

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in no time at all. Sign up here.

Who this course is for:
  • Individuals looking for more confidence
  • Individuals searching to know themselves better
  • Individuals feeling lost about their life purpose and direction
  • Individuals struggling with negative thinking
  • Mom's who have lost their individual identity to their kids and husband
  • Women who are entering a new phase of life such as career, parenting, empty nesting etc
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 03:21


We wanted to quickly introduce ourselves to you. Put a face to our names. We are incredibly excited you have decided to do this program with us. Please share your celebrations, insights, and what you come up with in your action steps with us!

Amara Prince is a Life + Resiliency Coach who specializes as a Perception Re-framing Practitioner to help individuals shift from a place of feeling stuck, lost, and overwhelmed to a place of momentum, self-discovery, and shining once again.

Tammy Tkachuk is a Life Coach + Counselor who specializes in helping individuals going through life transitions such as divorce, weight loss, and parenting to succeed in living the life they desire.

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Have you ever been trying to tackle money matters, relationship skills, building confidence, healthy living, or even home organization and thought to yourself...

"Why didn't they teach us this in school?"

In our industry we hear this all the time!

We decided to team up and take the most practical and requested information we use in our practices and created an online group coaching program to give you exactly that:

Real Life Learning for Everyday Living Right at Your Fingertips

We feel everyone deserves to be able to get help and have come up with this online program and community at pricing you can afford! 

The place to start with all of that is self-connection. Getting in tune with your inner self and then letting it shine on the outside. This is why it is our first course for you to take. We will be adding on and building the program with additional areas of study as we go that will help you to live an authentic life.


Amara and Tammy

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In this course you are provided with engaging and inspiring action steps to work on towards creating solid confidence.

Each section has a specific video, worksheet, links or resources to assist you in developing a deep and meaningful connection with yourself so you can confidently take back your own power and live an authentic life. Part of this process is self-empowerment through content exploration and discovery. We have videos and content we have created, but also have added links to additional resources to give you some help and ideas to assist you in the discovery process and moving into a growth mindset. Pick and choose what concepts best align to you personally.

Creating this firm foundation and investment in yourself directly creates lasting, connective, and healthy relationships with others. It will improve your productivity in many areas of life, as well as your health, well being, and energy. This is your starting place!

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+ Action Step #1: The Foundation of Confidence
2 lectures 12:58
Self-reflection is the first key component to self-connection. To know get to where you want to be you have to first establish where you are at. This assignment is a self-reflection for you to mark your starting place.
Establishing Your Starting Place
7 questions

Confidence... it can feel a little like a rainbow, something you chase and can never seem to find the end of or be able to touch. We want you to know that it is something that anyone can be, and have a tried and true recipe for success that we have created.

Most individuals try to determine who they are and build their confidence based on outside influences, such as their job title, size of their house, and/or outer appearances. They hope these things will fill an inner void and are often left unsatisfied.

In reality, the only true way to know who you are and to be truly confident is to start discovering and owning your inner self. This will naturally influence and change your outside self and your environment around you to reflect your inner self. When this happens we see how our inner peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction from your outside and inside world come into alignment.

Re-frame: What is Blocking You From Confidence Conceit (narcissism) and Confidence. There is a difference. Many people feel saying positive things about themselves or viewing themselves highly is conceit- it’s bad so they put themselves down or beat themselves up! This is a self-defeating behavior. Confidence is a necessary part to fulfillment, feeling whole, and living the life you want and deserve. It's important to know the difference.

Conceit or narcissism is destructive; it's self serving ONLY. It's tearing others down or using them for your own gain or elevation of self.

You know that person who is so self assured that you feel awful to be around- that's not really confidence. It's generally really a sign of their lack of confidence. They are needing to loudly proclaim it to convince you and themselves of it. Does anyone you know like this come to mind?

Confidence is building up those around you as well as yourself. It is EMOTING your awesomeness without having to announce it, and using your self-known strengths to serve others, and help them to recognize their awesomeness within themselves as well.

You know that person who is kind, fun, and emit an energy that is so warm and positive? They make you feel amazing to be around and you crave to have that mysterious answer they must have that you don't? By the end of this course, that will be you!

This action step is all about owning and accepting the positive qualities that make you who you are. This is literally the root to knowing yourself and being truly confident. When you are making your list it may be tempting to think of a positive trait only to then talk yourself out of why you aren’t that. For instance someone might think... I am patient... well I’m not always patient, I lost it a couple times this week. Never mind. What you focus on grows. If you accept that you are patient even 50 % of the time you are still patience, tell yourself you are in the processes of being patient, and celebrate when you are...before you know it you will be magnifying patience. No one is every 100% anything, be self-compassionate in this course.

Alright, strap yourself in, set your intentions to keep taking a step at a time with us, and before you know it you will be a shining light of confidence and resiliency.

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Knowledge is power. By truly understanding what confidence is, and what it isn't you then know exactly what it is you are looking to achieve.
5 questions
We have found some videos we love to help you understand what confidence is and isn't. There IS a difference between conceit/narcissism and confidence!
Watch Videos
4 questions

Everyone has a right to their agency...their business bubble. Within your business bubble you have a right to your thoughts, actions, beliefs, body, time space, and property. How you positively view or think of yourself is what really matters and is at the core of confidence. What others think about you is their business and those who like you for all your glory will be a magnet to you and those who don't will just be a magnet to who they fit with. It is protection, not rejection!

I like to use an example of a movie. Two people could go see the exact same movie. One might say it was the best movie they have ever seen. The other person might say it was terrible and a waste of time and money. Why? How is this possible? Perception, personalities, and the core of each person's business bubble.  One might have a positive outlook on life. The other might have a different value system. Each have their own personalities and sense of humors. Did the movie change? No it is solid and true to itself whether the onlookers connected to it or not.

You my friend are like that movie. When you become really solid in your knowing, your business, and act authentically no matter who you are with then those who "like your kind of show" will be drawn to you and enjoy you. Those who don't won't and it is OK. You will enjoy those who authentically align with your core much better and that's the root of what gives you fulfilling and healthy relationships! You can't be all for is literally impossible so stop turning yourself into a pretzel.

Just be you! Set boundaries with those who need to be put back in their bubble, and have the confidence to let others be themselves too.

Preview 04:31
Discover the one individual thing you bring to each situation and connection in life. There is a space that you occupy that no one else does, born out of accumulated life experiences, perspective, and vision.... Let's discover it together!
Discovering the heart of who you truly are
6 questions
+ Action Step #2: Re-framing Negative Thoughts to Positive
1 lecture 01:06

When we look at our lives and the things we would like to be different it can seem impossible, like an enormous feat that would be much too difficult to tackle. It's easier to just keep doing or thinking the same things over and over again. The trouble is you just keep getting the same results! A simple and ever so slight change in how you view yourself or the world, how you approach things, or do them can entirely change your outcome.

An example of this is an airplane. If the pilot has his compass set from one destination to another he will always end up in that same place. If he was to shift even 1 or 2 degrees he would end up in an entirely new destination! Now 1-2 degrees is incremental and can seem insignificant in the short term, but over the long term it is completely transformational!.

When you look at things this way, change suddenly doesn't have to feel so overwhelming. It's not so grande or unattainable anymore! Suddenly the impossible become possible.

If you are struggling with confidence than you are also very likely struggling with negative thinking about yourself and the world. When we get stuck in a negative mindset that is literally where we get stuck in life. Events themselves truly have no meaning, it is the negative or positive meaning where the power is. The power to take us down or to raise us up. We have some simple mindset re-framing strategies that will help you get out of what we like to call "stinking thinking". 

Re-framing Negative Thoughts to Positives: Re-claim Your Power!
If you do the same thing, you will always get the same result. It's time for a new outcome!
Recognition is Key
2 questions
+ Action Step #3: The "Core" of What Matters
1 lecture 00:00

Values are a subconscious thought process.

Your personal values influence all that you do in life. Personal values are one of the most important hidden factors that can control our ambitions, dreams, and drive in life! Personal values help focus and align our life choices.

Core values are the top 4-5 values that you determine are the core of who you and what you live by. If you make every decision by these, it will leave you feeling fulfilled nearly every time. For example, if one of your core values is serenity, then choosing a career that brings a feeling of serenity such as massage therapy will leave you feeling amazing and passionate about your career choice. Another example is choosing ways to deal with others in a serene way, such as speaking calmly and peacefully. When you live your life in this manner your relationships will leave you feeling connected and whole.

If you aren't conscious of your core values its' easy to float along life, trying to figure out what makes you happy by chance. It is more likely that your experiences are not ones that bring you the joy you hope for.

What are Core Values?
Every person has their own unique set of core values that they feel drawn to living by subconsciously. It is by bringing them to your awareness that you can truly harness the fulfillment power of letting them guide your every decision.
Discover Your Core Values
6 questions
Are you feeling lost and don't even know what you enjoy anymore. It's time to tap back into who you are and what gives you a reason to jump out of bed for.
Discovering Your Passion
9 questions
+ Action Step #4: Become Positive and Present
1 lecture 00:00

There is incredible power in our thoughts, words and intentions! Dr. Masaru Emoto did research on the power of our words on water and rice. The results are fascinating!

Our bodies are made up of 60-80% water so it makes sense that the words and intentions we speak directly impact how we feel, and our well being! Statistics show that just saying positive words directly increases the dopamine (happy) hormone in our brain, and negative words directly decrease those levels!

It's time to shift your way of speaking, thinking and viewing the world, and it will be much easier to do once you have watched these videos! My daughter saw this, loved it and said "This is freaking amazing! Now why don't they teach us this kind of stuff in science class?"

Real life learning for real life living, right here!

Download and do the Daily Self-reflections Journal log to help you look within, celebrate, re-frame and shine brighter and brighter each day!

The Power of Being Positive
Do you know what your inner dialog sounds like? Let's find out!
My Inner Dialog
4 questions
Everything you say, think or feel literally have a direct and lasting impact on yourself and everything around you. What is that effect and what can you do about it?
Cause and Effect
3 questions
Learning a new concept is one thing, but until we put it into practice it doesn't benefit us much. Have a beginners mind, test the theory out and see what happens.
Putting It Into Action
6 questions
+ Action Step #5: Meditation for the Masses
1 lecture 00:02
Meditation 101
Most people initially picture a Monk on a mountain or a bunch of flexible women lined up in a studio doing things you know your body is not capable of in its current state. Meditation is so much more than this and can be adapted to each individuals personal style and needs.
What is Meditation?
5 questions
Finding your own personal style of meditation is key to having success with it! Let's explore this together!
How to Meditate
4 questions
+ Action Step #6: Self-care 101
1 lecture 03:39

10 Things I have Gained from Reading Self-help Helps!

1. Joy of learning. I have a profound curiosity about people, the meaning of life, our purposed here on Earth, and what different people have to say about it. Learning about these things can make a person really happy, bring fulfillment and direction.

2. Humility. The more I read, study, and learn, the more I realize that I do not have all of the answers. In fact, pulling one thread of questioning often leads to the unraveling of your entire life philosophy. Which in turn leads to more study and reflection. I have learned that I am not the final word on anything.

3. Self-acceptance. This is one of the most liberating results of my self-help pursuits. Through all of my reading and study, especially from people like Brene Brown and Danielle Laporte, I've come to like and accept myself just as I am, how to recognize red flags for abuse and how to create healthy relationships.

4. Conflict resolution. Learning to handle conflict, especially in your love relationship, is a skill that must be mastered. It doesn't come naturally to most of us. Left to our own devices, we are like children fighting over candy. Learning these skills and strategies from a vast array of other's life experiences opens our eyes to a new and better way.

5. Prioritizing. Personal development reading has helped me prioritize what is most important in my life. You can't do or have everything, and this knowledge has forced me to sit down and make tough decisions about where I want to focus my time and energy. But I am so much more productive now in areas I really like.Through reading personal development books, I've come to embrace that simplifying your life in all areas makes life much easier, less stressful, and much more enjoyable.

6. True happiness. It took a long time of study and introspection to really grasp that sustained happiness didn't come from a lot of money, a big house, or nice things. Those things are not lasting.  It comes from relationships, experiences, creativity, meaning, and creating the feeling I want to achieve. 

7. Meaningful work. Without personal growth and self-work, I never would have discovered the work I feel passionate about and that is meaningful to me. Loving my work has hugely impacted my life for the better. Being a coach has changed everything for me and it all started years ago with reading a mountain of self-help books as I searched for a way out of a toxic life....and it worked!

8. Freedom from anxiety. I've learned through my reading that living in the moment frees you from anxiety about the future. Rarely is there something in the moment that is anxiety-producing (except fear of the future). I own what is in my business bubble, let others own what is in theirs, and the rest I surrender to the universe.

9. Appreciation for people. I have learned that you cannot control or change other people. So you can choose to continue to battle against their “flaws” or accept and appreciate them for who they are, and set boundaries where needed to keep me safe. I focus on my growth, behaviors and change. The latter is much nicer.

10. The power of perception. How you perceive things defines reality for you. Change your perceptions and you change the situation. Through my learning, I've discovered that struggling against anything isn't nearly as productive as flowing with. When I find myself struggling, I've learned to stop and find a path with less resistance; shift my perception.

Why is Reading so Important? 
“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” –Vera Nazarian 

You Expose Yourself to New Things, Ideas, and Thoughts 

Through reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing. You might find your new hobbies within it, you might actually explore one thing you really like and it may end up becoming your career and success in the future. Exploration begins from reading and understanding. Self Improvement 
Reading does help you form a better you. Through reading, you begin to understand the world around you. You also begin to have a greater understanding on a topic that interests you; for example: how to build self confidence, how to make plans before taking action, and how to memorize things better. All of these self improvements start from reading. You create a structured path towards a better understanding and better actions to take in the future. 
Improve Understanding 
The more you read, the more you understand: the A to Z. Reading also increases the understanding of the rules of life, in order for you to adapt, adopt and accommodate into society better. To play well in a game, you first need to understand the rules well. 

Preparation to Action 
Before you take action on anything, where should you seek for help and guidance? In today’s world, getting reviews and feedback from other people can make a big impact on your next decision, and the pros and cons of each choice. Read about how to cook a meal; how to play chess; which place is nice for the holiday family trip; read the menu before ordering food, read the manual before using a new gadget. These all can help you become more prepared before you really get into it. 
Gain Experience from Other People 
When you are reading, you are actually gaining the knowledge and experience of someone. It can hinder your success towards a goal, as you don’t need to repeat the same mistake while focusing on the right path in achieving one thing.  
Tools of Communicating 
Communication is the most important tool which can be transmitted through reading. As you communicate through reading, you understand more, and thus you can communicate better with people. Through reading, you build a more solid foundation for communication. It is one of the most important tools we use every day to connect with each other. Whereas if you don’t read, you can’t even connect with the world and what people are talking about out there, including understanding what this article is all about. Reading connects you with the world.   

Connecting Your Brain 
When reading, you’re in full silence because reading connects directly to your brain. In silence, you seek for more; in silence, your brain is clear and focuses. Thus, you learn and grow, and therefore you feel and see from the point of view of the author about everything in life. Hence you shape a better self. 
Boost Imagination and Creativity 
Reading exposes you to a world of imagination, showing you nothing is impossible in this world. By reading, you are exploring a different perspective on things you already know and on how different action leads to different results. 

Pro-active Reading
Life can feel like it's coming at you faster than you can keep up. Simple actions such asself-care, and positive daily inputs can literally be the difference between staying afloat or drowning. This is about 15-minute daily re-fills.
Daily Drops in Your Bucket
4 questions
+ Action Step #7: The Art of Intuitive Health
1 lecture 01:00
Aligning Your Inside World with Your Outside World
This is the place where all the pieces start to come together. It's time for you to connect with your now strong and resilient inner voice and discover what you need to do to align your outer image with the polished shiny bright one you have unleashed from within.
Letting Your Inside Shine to the Outside
12 questions
Now that you have established the core pieces of who you are inside and out it is time to align them with your own commitment and manifesto to yourself.
My Self Manifesto
6 questions
+ Completion Review
1 lecture 00:17
Part of having healthy confidence is looking to your own self to measure your success, to celebrate with yourself and to be able to self-regulate your outcomes. This is an exercise where you can sit with yourself and check in on your progress and celebrate just how far you have come.
6 questions
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