Lifestyle Design.
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Lifestyle Design.

Change the way you live your life.
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Published 5/2019
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This course consists of a number of chapters that will influence your life and make you happier. Topics that will be discussed include time management, assertive skills and concentration and communication.

Your life doesn't have to look like this at all. Nowadays you can get in touch with people from all over the world from the comfort of your home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can bank anywhere in the world, get all the information you need and earn money.

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+ Introduction.
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Hello! Welcome! In this course, we will explain about Lifestyle Design in where you can maximise your lifestyle!

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+ 1. What is Lifestyle Design?
3 lectures 07:50

Lifestyle Design includes a completely new approach to work and private life, with which you can become happier, freer and richer. Thousands of people in the world are already convinced of the Lifestyle Design methods and use them to travel, spend more time with their families and do work in a way that they like. But Lifestyle Design means even more. We will have to change the approach to our work-life balance. We must embrace the future of modern technology. Lifestyle Design is constantly changing: it brings about cultural change and will almost certainly play an important role in the development of the future. Overdone? In these videos I will explain what Lifestyle Design is all about and why it is so important ...

Preview 06:08

Simply put, Lifestyle Design means that you create your own lifestyle. This sounds simple and self-evident, but is something that most of us don't. When was the last time you asked yourself what your life should look like? What should your daily routine look like? And how could you achieve this? If you are like most, you probably got a position because there were no other options and this is what you were trained for. You probably know how to perform this function with the necessary effort and reluctance. You do not live above your means, you work the set hours and you have probably selected a place of residence based on your workplace. At the moment you do not determine what your life looks like. You have no choice where you live, how you spend the hours of your working time (including your travel time) and you probably have little choice how you spend your free time due to lack of time and money. In fact, you are probably an employee and this means that you do things that someone else tells you to do: you exchange your valuable time for money. As an employee you will probably receive an assignment for the entire working week and you will be called on the mat if you do not complete it on time. I personally have the most difficulty with this: you will be called on the mat. As if you are a small child. They also impose on you what you can and cannot wear and to what extent you can organize your desk yourself. A lot of those rules really make no sense. In addition, with most companies you already have a problem when you talk during work. Surely this has nothing to do with freedom anymore where ?! And it's not just the hours that you actually spend working. Just as bad is the amount of time you have left when you get back from work. If you only have a few hours (and more importantly, very little energy) to do something useful after work, it can be very difficult to divide your precious time between your family, sports and other activities, let alone a book or a game. It is so bad that we are already longing for the time that we are old enough to retire. And you know that something is wrong when we long for an age where our body is rapidly

Lifestyle Design: You decide what your life looks like.

But think about this: your life doesn't have to look like this at all. Nowadays you can get in touch with people from all over the world from the comfort of your home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can bank anywhere in the world, get all the information you need and earn money.

The question now is why companies no longer offer flexible working hours and work locations to their employees. Or set working hours when it suits the employees. Sometimes this cannot be otherwise: for some conversations you simply have to be at the office. But most of the time it comes down to companies being conservative and not very keen to try out such a new approach.

Luckily, these days you are no longer forced to work for a company. For example, you can offer your services online such as:

• Writing • Designing websites • Reviewing • Advising on something • Being a personal trainer or consultant • Writing music • Taking photos • Buying and selling products • Designing tangible products to sell • Data processing • Keeping a blog • Being a sports commentator • Programming

You can perform all these services online without having to be physically present and you do not need a 'boss' for this.

Once you get started with this, you can determine your working time yourself. If you want to earn more money, you can work longer. And if you want to spend more time with your family, you can choose to work shorter. In this way you can work out what you want to do yourself, you can determine your working method and all the services provided for you go to you.

Working online also means that you no longer have to go back and forth to the office every day. So you can live wherever you want, or even travel the world! Moreover, you no longer have to take into account the time you spend traveling to and from the office, and you can decide how you dress. In short, you decide how your life looks like.

You are now ready to decide how and when you work, so you can tailor your work to the lifestyle you want. It is a big change, but it will also make a big difference.

But as you will see in the following video, Lifestyle Design does not only mean that you work online without having to be at the office. Otherwise this book would be called "Working Online". This book describes how you can change your current setting and how this can affect you in all sorts of ways.

Change your lifestyle.
+ 2. The Digital Nomads (and other methods of Lifestyle Design).
4 lectures 13:32

As mentioned, Lifestyle Design is much more than just working online. It mainly means that you put your lifestyle first and your career on the back burner. You change your priorities and realize that you no longer have to live to work. But the clearest example remains working online. A specific example of what most people think with the words 'Lifestyle Design' is the following popular lifestyle: the digital nomad.

Preview 08:22

A digital nomad is someone who completely ignores the conventional idea of ​​working in the office or accepting some form of restriction. A digital nomad is someone who has embraced the possibilities of the internet and fully exploited them by living as a 'nomad'. This means that digital nomads have the ability to travel around the world, go everywhere and visit many different countries and cultures. Wherever they have WiFi in the world, they work on their laptop to offer their services, keep a blog, are on the digital market or do other things. The lifestyle of the digital nomad usually consists of discovering, traveling, meeting new people during working hours and working in atmospheric cafés and bars in the evenings. They can go wherever they want, see what they want and have no continuous obligation to talk to everyone nicely. Furthermore, the digital nomad does not have to work as long as an average office worker. The reason for this is that the costs of their lifestyle, such as hostels, cheap train journeys and a cheap life are much lower than the costs of an office worker, such as the rent of a house or the mortgage costs. Digital nomads know exactly how much money they need to do what they want and they work hard enough to pay for these activities. If they have not earned enough money for a day to move on, they can simply stay at their current destination. If they have earned enough, they can discover something new again.

What is a Digital Nomad?

The lifestyle of the digital nomad will certainly appeal to some people. If you are the person who wants to discover the world, find your own freedom and experience the most important thing and can miss the 'human conveniences', then you will enjoy this possibility with which you yourself determine what your life looks like. But this is certainly not for everyone. Are you someone who likes to relax in a warm bath with a nice cup of tea, then it will probably take you a lot of effort to constantly travel from hostel to hostel. Maybe you would like to start a family. Or maybe you have the idea to buy a house and then turn it into your dream house. This is precisely the whole idea behind Lifestyle Design: you create your own lifestyle through the freedom that modern means offer you. And this can be anything you want. I personally like to work from home, because I love freedom. However, I don't work from my office at home, because it gives me a claustrophobic feeling. I work in cafes or bars where I can enjoy the atmosphere, chat with people and watch people outside. I often meet friends at lunch and I come home earlier to work out. I am also constantly traveling. I don't like being on the road all the time and that's why I prefer to plan shorter trips than one long trip where I'm constantly on the move. Nothing stands in the way of visiting a new place during a long weekend, taking my laptop and working there on Friday and Monday. I don't need to take any time off or ask anyone else free. From the UK this year I visited Dortmund (Germany), several times Cornwall, The Forest of Dean (Wales), Salou (Spain), Mauritius, the Rheinfall (Switzerland), Radolfzell (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal). Next week I will stay with my wife in a log cabin and I am still planning to buy a house. As I said before, I regularly have lunch with friends, keep days free to do things that I want to do and build a company and brand that I am very proud of. This is a lifestyle we can all have, if we choose this. So why would you go on holiday only once a year to live like that? Why spend your days

Alternative methods.

What if you do not want to give up your permanent job? What if you do not want to work online or if you think you do not have sufficient technical knowledge to go for that choice? Does not matter. No problem. Lifestyle Design does not ask you to be a digital marketer or web designer! You could talk to your current employer about the possibility of flex times. Let us know when and where possible that you are interested in working from home, or coming to the office an hour later and stopping an hour later (or vice versa). Don't stick to a 'no', but ask for the reason and explain that this will make you more productive, should they indeed say 'no'.n any case, try to ignore the idea that good employees are willing to stay in the office until five in the afternoon to finish their work. If it is about five o'clock and you have not finished your work ... just go home. No matter how guilty you feel about this, it is the management's job to ensure that everyone finishes their work on time. If you can't do that, they just have to plan more staff, take on less work or review their plans. It is not your responsibility and this is a privilege that you have as an employee. It would be best to completely overhaul your job, but also consider the following: instead of looking for a job that may save you the most money but you probably also give a lot of responsibility that you are not taking on wait, you could also think about what you want to get out of your life and which work suits you best. For example, this could mean a job as a garbage collector. Garbage collector probably sounds like a bad job to many of us. But you can also ask yourself why a profession should always be glorious? Why should a profession always be important or demand respect? Why do you think it is important that people respect your profession when you tell them about it? Focus on the benefits you have as a garbage collector: you start early but you also finish early, giving you ample time to do sports or hobbies, or to spend time with your family. You get amazingly well paid for the work you do. The work is physical, so you stay in shape. You have little to no stress or responsibilities, the end of the working day really means the end of the working day, so you are therefore completely free. I don't want to say that you actually have to become a garbage collector, certainly not. I want to say that it is a good choice if it fits the lifestyle that you have in mind. And it is a good example of why you would now choose a profession that you previously ignored. You have many more career choices that can give you more freedom and flexibility, and that may be an even better choice. Driving instructor for example. A driving instructor has the certainty of a permanent job, but also the freedom of his own business. You can determine when you schedule a customer and in the time between driving lessons you are free to do what you want. The same applies to a taxi driver, a hairdresser or a piano teacher. Again, it pays to think about a lifestyle that you would like to have and a job that suits you, not the other way around.

What if you don't want to work online?
+ 3. Why energy and time are more valuable than money and status.
3 lectures 14:22

The problem is that many of us get stuck in the competitive struggle at work and it feels like we're not coming out of this anymore. This is partly due to the desire for success and status that work brings us, something I will return to later.

Above all, we think we have to adjust our lives to our ability. As soon as you start earning a certain amount, you align your lifestyle with your new standard of living. If you would earn 45,000 euros a year, you would probably take a higher mortgage than if you would earn 25,000 euros a year. You will probably also buy more gadgets and toys, and you will spend more time on holiday.

In this way we continue to dream until we finally have to deal with reality: your lifestyle costs so much that you become completely dependent on your work. That is why you have no choice to work or earn less, since you will end up in red. If you have previously purchased things that you really could not afford, then you are probably already in debt.

You also probably work so hard that you don't even have time to try out the new HD TV or to play all those new games. And more important things such as your health and your relationship with your family will be watered down. So let's put everything together: why don't you take a smaller house with a salary of 45,000 euros? Let's say with one bedroom less: two instead of three. Maybe you can no longer lose a fitness room or you have to move if you have a third child.

But you are free from the stress of the work that you have to do to pay for your lifestyle. That way you can spend more on traveling and going on vacation. You can take a simpler job with less stress. Or you can meet, paint, read, work out with friends ... Why don't more people make this decision?

Of course, it is up to you whether or not you take the gym and third bedroom. But in that case you could save money in other areas and go for something that is really important to you.

Section introduction Why energy and time are more valuable than money and status

Most of us do not realize that they can get something they want directly. That depends on your assets. Let's say you want to travel more: you try to get higher up the career ladder to get the money you need. The problem, on the other hand, is that the more money you earn, the more responsibilities you take and the harder it becomes for you to take a break. And the older you get, the more interests you get in other areas of your life. Going on a journey will never be a good thing. You know what? You just have to go now! There are many ways to do this cheaply, such as low cost airlines, AirBnBs and more. My recent trip to Switzerland only cost me 45 euros. I live in the UK, so a flight with Easy Jet hardly costs me anything and I could even fly cheaper, because I am lucky enough to know a pilot. A return flight cost me around 15 euros. Me and my wife booked the accommodation for one night at AirBnb (a great chalet on a beautiful mountain in Sisikon). We spent the rest of the time with a friend (you will probably know someone who lives abroad). I worked on Friday and Monday, and a little extra on Saturday to pay for the trip. Even without working online, you can do something similar. Instead of going to Asia or making another expensive trip, you can also just discover things close to home. You don't have to be a rich boss to become familiar with this travel lifestyle. It is even much easier. You may also dream of an idyllic house. But again, you don't have to have a super well-paid job to realize that dream. First try to get the most out of an average house. This can bring you more success than you might think in advance. For example, if you want to redecorate your home, customizing your home decor is one of the best and simplest things you can do. This sounds contradictory, but if you reduce the decoration in and around the house, you also have less to clean. Moreover, this increases the value of your assets. If you throw away half of your decoration, only the things that you really don't want to do are left and you have a house that looks much nicer.Sometimes you only need one fantastic addition to make your home truly unique. For example, how about putting your money aside for a spectacular water show? I myself take a smaller house than that would be my ideal dream house (although I can spend more). But I still add an 'office pod' of 15,000 euros to the garden. The pod is a beautiful, modern 2.5 by 2.5 meter office, made from reusable material, has large double-glazed windows and offers a view of the garden. She is a wonderful addition to the garden where I can work dry, when the rain clatters on the windows. A perfect house that you don't have to be rich for. If you think carefully about your dreams, you can often come up with surprising ideas. A friend of mine recently gave up his well-paid job as a developer of military weapons within a start-up. He then opted for a job as a park ranger. Why? Because he likes to move, likes to go outside and has a passion for bugs. Unbelievable anyway. But although his salary has decreased, he is now much happier and enjoys doing his job every day. I would love to be a tree surgeon myself. A top-level adventure every day.

How do you get something you want immediately?

So far I have mainly tried to convince you to change jobs, such as a park ranger or garbage collector. And a number of people will surprise this, which is understandable. If you are a motivated person who goes for the highest achievable, you may not have the idea of ​​becoming a garbage collector or working for a nature reserve. But think about this: you can also get the feeling of progress and satisfaction outside of work. My sister has done an art study and finds it fantastic to make paper sculptures. She has even been asked to make an advertisement for a leading musical star. Now she works in telesales. Does this make her happy? Yes, because she still sees her art as a hobby, sells her art as an extra income and has a strong sense of reward. She feels that she is making progress, without this progress having anything to do with her work. She also earns extra with other assignments. So you can do this too. Do you want to become a musician? Today it is best to start a channel on YouTube and build a procession of followers. This way is easy, pays off quickly and will satisfy you quickly. Or maybe you really want to become a writer? Great idea: find a job that gives you enough freedom and use the extra time to write your strong novel. You can always publish the novel on Kindle yourself or use a "Print On Demand" service such as LuLu. And if you just need some extra income, you can earn something as a reseller on eBay, a hairdresser or a piano teacher. You can even sublet your room for a few weeks per year, So you can earn your money in thousands of ways, without having the long working hours or stressful responsibilities of your current job. And there are other reasons why your wealth does not depend solely on your income. You can often save a lot of money, for example, by simply adjusting a number of aspects of your lifestyle and this can increase your overall 'wealth' considerably. An example is to stop drinking coffee in the morning. You save five times two euros a week, which means ten euros a week, 40 euros a month and 480 euros a year, or a cheap holiday.

Sounds good right? By making some substantial savings, you will probably become a lot richer. But that's not the point. The point is that you first think about what you want with your life and then take the necessary steps. One of the easiest ways to become a lot richer is to move to a cheaper place. This will be fairly easy for you if you work online: you can take your current salary to a place where houses are for half the price and you will save much more money. With my current salary I have trouble buying the house that I and my wife want. If I moved to Lanzarote, I could buy a house with three bedrooms, a swimming pool and a terrace. In the meantime I could raise a lot of money to return to the UK in three years and buy a country house. This is not my intended plan, but can be an interesting opportunity for you.

Neither your salary nor your success should depend on your career.
+ 4. Getting started with L.D.: Objective and Time and Energy Management.
5 lectures 17:08

How do you approach Lifestyle Design? You can quit your current job, set up an online business and go abroad. That is of course a rigorous approach: if I would recommend that to you, 99.999% of you would declare me crazy. Let's start from the beginning and take an example that is a bit easier to arrange and more realistic, and that is useful.

Section introduction Getting started with Lifestyle Design: Objective and Time a

You can best start by asking yourself what you want to make of your life. This means that you have an idea of ​​what your lifestyle will look like and how you can achieve it. However, this appears to be surprisingly difficult for many people: many of us have the idea that they want too much.

Perhaps it is a good idea to first ask yourself what your current obstacles in life are. What causes the most stress? And what things do you prefer to do that you were forced to stop, even if it is temporary? I am not talking here about big dreams for the future, but about potential projects around your house, plans to get in shape or just the desire to spend more time with your family.

Ask yourself which aspects of your life are currently causing the most difficulties and are preventing you from living the way you want? It could be that the travel time between home and work is unnecessarily long, you come home too tired from work or your house is too small.

At the same time, ask yourself at what moments you felt happiest and full of energy. What were the circumstances and how could you create them yourself again? And do not dwell too much on the ideal image of status, happy or success. If your top situation is 'potty' or other people find this 'potty' ... so be it. If Dragon Ball Z makes you happy, your only question is how you can make more time for this.

Another tip is to think about what your ideal future would look like. This really means 'would look like'. Imagine if all your plans went well and everything went the way you imagined. Where would you be now? What would you? You might see yourself lying on a sunny beach or on a yacht somewhere. In that case you know that you have to travel more or move to a warm country. An alternative is that you see yourself living in a beautiful modern house with a handsome woman / man. In this case, your goal is to free up enough time to meet more people, and to find the quickest possible way to get such a beautiful home, without having to go around, as discussed before works. Maybe playing outside with your children is your ideal future. In that case it is time to exchange your job for a physical job in the open air. Or do you know what? Perhaps you see your ideal future as someone in a suit who has a spectacular view of the city from behind the windows of his / her successful office. That is also possible. I am not saying that this goal is less important than the others. I just want to say that most of us fall back on the dominant idea of ​​happiness and success, without really considering it.


Now that you have a better idea of ​​what you want with your life, the next step is to make a list of things that you want to change now. Don't worry if that change is realistic or not, just write it down for now. Write down the things you want to spend more time on (rest, spend time with your family, exercise, go out, work on your novel) and write down the things you want to spend less time on (washing, traveling back and forth, cleaning, working overtime) at work). Write down the experiences that you would like to gain, the things that you really need and that you enjoy.

Now that you have done this, the next step is to re-arrange your own time, without having to change jobs. Changing jobs is probably very difficult for most people, so that's why we are putting it in the fridge for the time being. Focus on small adjustments that you can implement immediately and give you the extra space, time and energy you need.

Recovering time and energy by making small changes.

By the way, energy management is one of the most important factors for living the lifestyle you want. People all too often overlook energy management and focus entirely on time management. For example, let's say that your ideal future involves a leaner, stronger, and more energetic version of yourself. Then you can do more things you want to do, such as doing extreme sports or starting your own fitness channel on YouTube. Who knows. To do this you have to get in shape. You buy a book about losing weight and building muscle mass. And this book states that you have to train for one hour five times a week. If it is a sensible book, it also recognizes the problem of scheduling these trainings and advises you to free up time by getting up and training a little earlier each morning, or training before you get home from work. But time has not, never even been the problem. You have plenty of time. For example, if you didn't have the time, you might not have seen all the Breaking Bad seasons five times. The problem is that when you get home, you are probably completely wrecked by the stress and want to immediately fall on the couch: you are no longer able to do anything more meaningful. And also in the morning you probably don't feel like going to the gym or doing push-ups. So energy is the problem. Even if you have enough time, you will not be able to train or do other things unless you have energy left. And if you have trouble finding energy for a more active evening, it becomes quite difficult to find the energy for an additional five hours of training per week. You must also ask yourself whether you can continue to be motivated to go to and from the gym, to change and to prepare yourself and to arrange everything else related to the gym. In short, if you can schedule an activity, it does not automatically mean that you are able or trying to execute it. Chances are that if you want to schedule an extra activity, you also have to find a way to boost your energy level (ironically, more exercise doesn't help here), or you have to remove other energy-guzzling activities from your schedule. Remember that nobody has an infinite amount of energy and that energy is one of the biggest obstacles in what you can achieve during a day, week or month.

The same applies to all other energy-guzzling things that you would like to do, such as going to the park with your children or following a course in toning (another good way to tidy up your house without having to spend a fortune). Fortunately, there are thousands of ways to reclaim valuable time and energy and there are thousands of things that can make your routine easier. Again, it is about identifying the obstacles, i.e. the things that cause more stress and waste of time than is necessary, and then devise ways to overcome them. Below are some examples of things you can do to free up time and how to re-arrange less important things in your daily routine

The importance of energy management.


A good way to get more done in less time is multitasking. Some jobs simply do not go together with multitasking and cause you problems when you try. Other jobs, on the other hand, go hand in hand with multitasking: for example, when you are doing the dishes, you can call friends or watch your favorite TV program. Similarly, you can nicely read a book during your travel time, arrange things outside of work (maybe you want to earn some extra money online?) Or work on some dream project.


Automation means that you use equipment that automatically performs a task for you, without you having to do anything about it. A good example is a dishwasher, which shows once again that with one simple purchase you can totally change your lifestyle. If you currently spend a large part of the day doing the dishes and if your kitchen is often covered with dirty dishwashing water, a dishwasher can save you a lot of time and make your home a lot more pleasant.


In the next chapter we will deal more extensively with outsourcing, a method that is closer to traditional companies. Nevertheless, even in daily life outsourcing can be a good strategy to save time and achieve more goals. You outsource by hiring someone, such as a virtual assistant (who, for example, helps you to schedule appointments and meetings or to arrange any days off). Outsourcing can also include a delegation when you ask friends or acquaintances to help you with various tasks. Do you want to organize a bachelor party, but don't have the time? Ask one of the invitees. Do you have to make too many phone calls? Ask your partner or friend to help you: you will be surprised how often people are willing to help you.

Clean up your mess:

This is without a doubt essential: If you clear away unnecessary things around your house, not only will the appearance of your house change, but also the amount of space and time you have. We have already talked about how much the appearance of your house improves, when you clean up unnecessary things (your other possessions increase in value), but this also makes it easier to keep things clean and find them faster and easier, etc.

Say no and save time:

Many of us will spend a lot of time on things we would rather not do, on people with whom we would rather not be together, and we feel obliged to participate in activities in which we are not really interested. As you can imagine, you spend your time not really useful. And since you have limited time for yourself, you must also spend it effectively. Do not be afraid to say no when someone asks you to go out, but you actually don't feel like it or think you are wasting your time with it. We all have our obligations, but going to the cafe to see a friend we really don't like is simply going too far.

Make the right choices:

In the meantime, you should also think about the rest of the choices you make in your life and how they probably influence your lifestyle to a large extent. We have already read that your choice of work influences the hours you work and the amount of stress you take home. But have you also thought about your work location? In other words: how far is your work away from home? What is your travel time? How long does it take to drive to town, get a sandwich at the bakery and then have a picnic along the river? These things determine your daily state of mind and happiness. Being in a traffic jam all day and then arriving at a crowded industrial park will guarantee your motivation to plummet. And when you're thinking about where you want to live, don't just think about the money. Also consider your distance to the nearest supermarket when you run out of supplies. And how far away you are from your friends that you would otherwise see regularly. Consider again what kind of influence this choice will have on your lifestyle and your daily routine. Even the drainage in your kitchen can have a big impact on your happiness and free time: if you always wash manually and find out that you have to dry the kitchen after three washings, it will cost you a lot of time and you will soon get frustrated . Consider decisions carefully so that you know which can make your lifestyle as pleasant as possible.

Small adjustments to make your life easier.
+ 5. Work online and free yourself from office work.
3 lectures 19:49

In the previous chapters we have tried to give a broader definition of Lifestyle Design, because Lifestyle Design is much more than just working online and becoming a digital nomad. Lifestyle Design is first and foremost about your institution, and also about self-determination. This may mean, for example, that we ignore a salary increase and instead start our own business alongside our regular work or move closer to work. This could just be the way to happiness that is closest to yourself, as opposed to the way to "success" that everyone tries to talk to you about. These options are great, but the fact that people often associate Lifestyle Design with working online is not without reason. All in all, working online gives you the most freedom and the ability to work whenever and wherever you want, and to start with just about any conceivable company that you would like. Then what is the problem? Many people do not know how to approach working online and the whole concept may seem creepy or strange to many if they are not familiar with it. Keep reading, because we are going to find out how to approach working online exactly and how you can build your own virtual enterprise, without needing technical skills.

Section introduction Work online and free yourself from office work.

Offering your services is perhaps the easiest way to work online. The following example shows how easy it can be to work online: all services that do not require physical presence can be performed both online and offline. For example, you can offer your writing skills as a service, provided you understand e-mail programs and Word. Or you can offer yourself as a photographer, provided you have knowledge of cameras. The only thing you need now is customers. There are a number of ways you can attract customers:

• Build a website, put your skills on it and make your website attractive for customers through content, social media and SEO. • Respond to internet forums that also contain webmasters (such as Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forum, etc.). • Register with LinkedIn, as well as with sites where you can find freelancer work (UpWork, Elance, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr). • Search for people who you think can use your services well and mail them personally.

The great thing about all this is that you can play in the spotlight so quickly. You will probably build up a list of regular customers over time, but until the time comes, you can also find work by placing advertisements on the internet. If this succeeds, you only have to do the actual work and meet your deadlines, and in the meantime arrange all incoming assignments. But more about this later. For now it is important that everyone can use this business model easily. Are there any other options? Find people to outsource your services to. For example, if you find a large website for which you can get started, a permanent position as a reviewer for its products or as help with web design, e-mails, their forum, etc. is a good option. Would you like to sell products online?

Then you also have a large number of options. For example, you can buy and sell products.

You then buy products for a low amount (by buying them in bulk) and sell them for a higher amount. Maybe it would be a good idea to design your own products (for example if you are good at art or manufacturing things). Buying products and then selling them entails costs, and therefore always a risk. If you do not know how to sell all your stuff, you run the risk of losing. Although this appears to be a risky strategy for people who have just started in the online business, you can reduce such a risk. For example, start with a small stock of products, then wait until you are completely through your first batch and then invest your profit in a larger batch. This way you make bigger investments, you sell bigger batches and your profit gets bigger and bigger. Of course you also have to attract the customers to your online store. You also have various options. You can advertise. You can start on eBay and thus bind customers to your business. Or you can offer your products through your own website. If you want to make a profit immediately, then you are probably best off with eBay or your own web shop.

Offer you services.

Both business models are very easy to use and accessible to everyone, without needing thorough knowledge of internet marketing or the internet. But they are nothing compared to a business model with a passive income, a model where you earn money even if you do nothing. This means that you have a fully automated and profitable business model, even when you are traveling, sleeping or doing other things. But how does this work? First, let's look at a number of forms of this business model, which you can use in combination with the business models already mentioned ...


Arbitration means that you leave the work to others and still receive part of the profit. You are an intermediary or intermediary and therefore leave the heavy work to others. As in the previous example, you simply offer yourself as a writer, web designer, photographer or artist. The difference now is that you outsource the assignments you receive to freelancers (you are then an agency) or to a white-label service (who agrees not to be listed on his delivered product). Such a service is not immoral: white-label services are specifically intended for this and there is therefore no reason not to use them. Often providers of these white label services are located in countries with a lower standard of living and this means that they often also charge a lower price for their services. You will have to send a lot of emails back and forth, but on the other hand you can greatly expand your business: every time you expand your number of customers and freelancers, you make more profit.

Drop shipping:

Imagine if you could use white-label services for a store full of physical products. But wait a minute ... you can! Drop shipping means exactly that: you sell products that are not yours and that you do not have in stock. You are looking for a company that wants to deliver its services as a white label to you in exchange for part of the profit: these companies process your orders and may even agree to stick your own brand on their packaging or product! It can be difficult to find dropshipping companies, but if you know where to find one, you have an almost perfect business model!

Keep a Blog:

Keeping a blog is the method that people like to use to set up their own online business. The goal is to build a large group of followers through your blog and then raise revenue from advertisements, sales of digital products or affiliate sales. You can even set up a blog with membership, which means that people pay you a monthly or weekly fee to view the content of your blog. Affiliated sale is an extremely interesting option. You have a affiliated product sold by a partner, but it will remain under your name and will also earn you money. E-book makers often outsource their products to partners, because such a large number of people try to sell their e-books under their own name. If creators know how to find enough partners, they have an army of people selling their e-books and they see their profits multiply. This also means that they are often willing to give up a large part of their profit: often as much as 75% or more! If you know how to find a good product (check out sites like ClickBank and JVZoo) and then advertise a link to this product in your blog, you can earn a lot of money without developing a product yourself. Of course you also have the option to develop a digital product yourself. But bloggers generally get their money from advertisements: this mainly comes down to 'PPC' advertisements, or Pay Per Click, and also literally means that advertisers pay you when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. Generally, a number clicks on your ads per thousand visitors and you earn between one cent and five euros per click (between ten and one euro in general). The more visitors you attract and the more popular your site becomes, the more visitors click on your ads and the more profit you make! Note that maintaining a blog is by no means a quick way to make money. Reaching the point where you get thousands of visitors a day can take a long time, as well as the point where visitors want to pay membership fees to view your blog. The other models in this chapter will make you profit much faster. Therefore, use these models and keep a blog as a possible extra income.

To create a 'Muse':

Unbelievable that I only mention this person now, while we have already immersed ourselves so far in Lifestyle Design. Tim Ferriss is one of the biggest names in the Lifestyle Design movement and is known for one of the books that started it all: The Four Hour Workweek. In this book Tim describes a number of basic methods that you can use to work less and travel more, and one of these is how you can develop a money-generating 'muse'. But what is a muse? It includes a fully automated business model that generates income. A particularly interesting method of his is that you create a sales page that advertises a certain affiliated product, and then you pay for your Pay Per Click ads on Google or Facebook. You can make a 'bid' for these advertisements yourself. Let's take ten cents per click. This means that it will cost you ten euros to lead 1,000 people to your sales page and if you then receive 50 euros per product sold ... this will save you money without having to do anything. This type of trade tries to collapse quickly when the market is completely saturated. But it works great as an extra income when you are traveling.

Making digital products:

A digital product means every product that you do not have to produce manually. This can be an e-book or course, but in many cases also software. Creating a digital product and selling it on your website is a good way to make money from your website. In many cases you do not even have to offer a product on your own site, as long as you have a natural 'platform' for your product. A platform is, as it were, your way to the market and to the site that handles your sales. An example is the Kindle store. If you write a good book and put it on the Kindle Direct Publishing site, this can save you money without having to advertise your book yourself. The reasons for this are that people can use tools on Amazon to find your book and that Amazon also handles the transactions. You can create as many e-books as you want and Kindle does not charge for any e-book that you post on the site, only a commission for mediation between seller and customer. Another possibility is the Google Play Store if you make an Android app, or else the iTunes App store.

What does a Passive Income entail?
+ 6. Arrange your work.
3 lectures 07:29

Even if you have a completely passive business online, there are still moments when you have to arrange matters or carry out maintenance. If you maintain a blog, have a YouTube channel or provide a service, the maintenance and daily management will naturally be increased. And if you are still working in the office (even though you have negotiated better working conditions), you naturally have to do a lot of administration, make phone calls and arrange matters in general. So in order to get the lifestyle that you have in mind, you will have to learn to cope with the workload, your colleagues, the expectations of the client, etc. At this point you have to work strategically, you want to reduce the workload and regain your freedom.

Section introduction Arrange your work.

One of the biggest challenges here is how to align your services with your customers. In other words, how quickly can you complete their assignments? How many assignments can you complete? This is important because the promises you make to your customers also determine your degree of freedom. For example, let's say you act as a writer and promise your client 8,000 words a day. This means that you have to work until you have achieved this number. If you do not manage to achieve this, you must disappoint your customers and there is a chance that you will lose them.

How do you approach this smarter? You can include a time schedule from receipt to estimated completion for each assignment. You can also agree with the client to complete an X number of assignments by the end of the week, after which you schedule the assignments in such a way that you can complete them on time.

Another point to think about is which customers you want to work with specifically. Tim Ferriss often talks about this in his book. He calls it the '80: 20 principle ', which states that for most of your work, 20% of your assignments are responsible for 80% of your income. This suggests that 20% of your customer base is responsible for 80% of your income ... and so it makes sense that you carefully select your customers.

You also do well to remove annoying customers from your file as quickly as possible. Think carefully about which customers you will work with, with regard to their way of communicating. You will experience that some customers bring you a lot of hassle by continuously sending emails, asking questions and demanding discussions via Skype. Other customers make it easy for you by paying on time, being short and to the point and helping you as well as possible, so that both of you can get the most out of it. Avoid wasting time and especially avoid 'entrepreneurs' who think their words are more important than their actions.

One of my principles is that if new customers want consultation via Skype, they are not at the right address with me. Previously, I regularly had long consultation sessions with clients via Skype, sometimes for hours, and it regularly emerged that they only had 10 minutes of work for me! This causes so much extra administration and stress that you do well to refuse some assignments and to limit your number of customers.


The same principles can also apply to the office. If you have any form of self-determination at the office, try to participate as little as possible in meetings. If you can provide the same information by e-mail, do so too! Tim Ferriss also gives some tips here. One is to check your e-mail only at specific times of the day and to set up an autoresponder so that others can be notified. Provide an emergency number, but clearly state that this only applies to emergencies. This way, others can contact you if they really need you (you don't have to worry every time) and you are spared unnecessary emails and phone calls.

The problem is that as soon as you answer emails and you get involved with questions from others, you take a reactive attitude instead of a proactive attitude. As soon as you have answered everyone, there is already a new assignment in your inbox! Another tip? At the beginning of a telephone conversation, say that you have limited time. That way you can keep it short and to the point, without being rude. If they suggest calling you back 'at a better time', reject it and ask them to keep the conversation brief and to the point.

At the office.
+ 7. How do you become a Digital Nomad?
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What if you want to work completely online and become a real-life digital nomad? Take that chance! If this is the lifestyle that interests you, you will have to work on it. But it will also give you some fantastic experiences that you will change as a person. So how do you do this? Now then, you will come a long way if you use one of the online methods from the previous chapters. At the same time, you can also plan routes and trips that are within your reach and that allow you to be constantly online. Let's look at some small-scale tips that can help you on your way...

Section introduction How do you become a Digital Nomad?

Look at Hashtag is one of the largest online communities for nomads and offers you not only a large number of articles, posts and resources, but also networking opportunities. The latter gives you the opportunity to get in touch with new customers and business partners, but also to find places to stay and even get in touch with new people. Unfortunately, membership is not free. Nevertheless, you will find that the benefits far outweigh the costs, so membership is worth your money if this lifestyle appeals to you.

Choose the right equipment:

It depends entirely on your equipment whether you can easily work online and on the road. For example, you have to invest in a laptop that is compact, light and powerful. At the same time, it must have an excellent battery life and be reasonably affordable, so that you are not immediately in pocket and ashes if it breaks. The Surface 3 is an excellent buy (or the Surface Pro 3/4, if you have more money to spend). And there are many more devices and gadgets that can help you. An example is the Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard. This keyboard does what its name says: you can fold it. You can fold it so that it fits in your pocket and it is also very water resistant. It has a long battery life and is a good backup. You also need something from an internet dongle (unless you trust the wireless connection of your smartphone). And a universal charger for your equipment, regardless of the voltage of the power supply or the shape of the fitting.

Take as little as possible with you:

Another tip is to take as little as possible on a journey! Buying things on the go is easier than you might think. Don't worry about taking too little: just take as little as possible and replace what you need. This way you can travel much lighter, get on the plane faster and travel abroad more easily.

Investigate your options:

Always find the best locations to work before you go to a new location. You usually have designated workspaces at a location or department stores with a good WiFi connection.

Choose the right software:

In addition to the hardware, also consider the software that can help you. The World Clock app for Android devices is a handy tool, just like the many meeting apps and collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Asana, etc.

Top tips to become a successful nomad.

Hopefully you start to see how you can regain some control over your life through technology and willpower. The most important thing is that you must have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you want to achieve and then also have the willpower to achieve this. Finally, consider this tip from Tim Ferriss: do something outside of your 'comfort zone' to overcome the fears that get in your way. Going on a trip, changing jobs or starting your own business can be scary and maybe it will take you some effort to persevere. To overcome these fears it is best to write down all the things that you are afraid of: losing your job, being abandoned by your partner, having to give up your house. Then find out how likely it is that these things will happen and how you can deal with them. This can simply take away a lot of fears from you. And you know what? If you think about it carefully, the prospect of a job you hate to exercise continuously for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week for the rest of your life is far more frightening. Don't get stuck in your current situation. Take the chance, so that you can at least say you have tried!