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Essential Lifeskills, Understanding how children learn from you by imitation and how to deal with it. Understanding your teenager


  • Flash should be installed prior to starting the course. When learning the lessons of life there are no right or wrong answers, kindly ensure the student is aware of the same when going through the course. There is no time limit enforced, the student is encouraged to finish the course at their own pace. Certain questions will ask the student to upload photos, voice recordings and videos to engage them and make the learning experience more personally relevant for them. Uploading the media is optional, the media will be stored only on the platform and can only be accessed by the student. School Cinema will not be sharing any of the media with any external parties.


Education begins at home. Whether intentional or not we are responsible for the way we present ourselves to our children, it is

unavoidable that our children observe everything we say or do; after all we are parents, our children's role-models. Knowing

this, we must strive to be POSITIVE role-models to our children so that they grow up to be good and successful human beings.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents

Course content

2 sections6 lectures39m total length
  • Introduction
  • Reflection Quiz
    7 questions
  • Reflect
  • Check if you are demonstrating the values and positive traits your children need
    2 questions
  • Practicing What You've Learnt
    2 questions
  • Resources- Articles, Videos, Books and Podcasts
  • Books:


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