Meaning, Purpose and Legacy- Finding and Fulfilling Your Why
4.6 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,874 students enrolled

Meaning, Purpose and Legacy- Finding and Fulfilling Your Why

Transform Your Future and develop a Practical Plan to prepare for your next Life Season and do what you were Meant To Do
4.6 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,874 students enrolled
Created by Doug Hagedorn
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to find meaning in life, finding and fulfilling your purpose and calling, how to live and leave a lasting legacy
  • Practical ways to transform your future and develop a practical plan for your life mission, meaningful work, healthy relationships, finishing strong, and living out an authentic faith
  • Simple approaches to achieve life satisfaction, happiness and significance in your second half
  • Access to practical toolkit, exercises and resources that hone in on your sweet spot and radically impact your future now
  • Your passion preparation and repositioning for the when, what and how of retirement, your encore assignment, or Career 2.0 / 3.0
  • Develop and climb your life ladder, jumpstart your mission in life and achieve your destiny and dreams
  • Identify your passions, experiences, knowledge and skills to help live a successful and significant life
  • Finding and tapping in to your "flow"- that place of passion where you are centered on your "one-thing" and no clock-watching!
  • Learn how to leave a legacy that outlives yourself, to invest in others, serve well, love well, lead well and pass on ideas, values, behaviors and things
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You will actively participate in five rich, productive, results-oriented sessions focused on finding meaning in life, your purpose, and your legacy. Practical and productive resources, exercises, assessments and tool-kits will be provided as well.  We will construct your personal transformation plan that will be actionable and success-oriented by the end of the class.  You will build your life ladder, your dream plan, your mission and vision, and short term and long-term goals scorecards.  You will complete: meaning and purpose checklists, personality profiles and inventories, job/career/calling assessments, and formulate a meaning construct for your future and next season in life with your job, family, faith and finances.  You will identify your passions, skills and experience through the Ikigai, Sigmoid curve, and numerous exercises and self-assessments to live a life of significance and success, and to live and leave a lasting legacy.   Your Personal Transformation Plan will include: your 90-day and 1 year priorities, 5 & 10 year dream plan, Your Action Priority Plan, Your Short and Long term goal scorecards, and Your Legacy Life Ladder. The course finishes up with hope and inspiration for your future with a focus on meaning and spirituality, and a bonus 8 secrets to live a longer life of up to 10 years!  I can't wait to see you in the classroom!

Who this course is for:
  • Individuals who want to figure out their "why" in life and then "how" to live a life of significance and do what you were meant to do
  • Those wanting to live full, happy, satisfied, productive lives using their passions, gifts, and talents to make their lives count
  • People seeking direction and guidance to have the freedom to live the life you imagined in the next season of life
  • Those who need structure and tools to create something that lives beyond oneself and helps plan their second half or retirement
  • Individuals suffering from a meaning crisis, soul-sickness, or emptiness needing to regain control of your life, find your core and design your future
  • Those who feel stuck, trapped, stagnant, adrift, bored, stressed, worried or lost, struggling with a mid-life slump and need a burst of inspiration, encouragement and a path to build a plan for the future
  • Individuals who desire God's partnership to bring hope, peace and wisdom on your voyage of life
Course content
Expand all 14 lectures 02:44:11
+ Overview: Meaning and Purpose Foundation
2 lectures 28:37

Course Overview; Your Life Expectancy Number and it's impact on Your Future; Charlie Brown's Perspective; What is the Meaning of Life? Global vs. Situational Meaning; Logotherapy and 3 ways to discover Meaning in Life; the Stages of Life; the Voyage of Life Art; Shakespeare's All the World's a Stage; Erik Erikson's Stages of Lifecycle Development; Happiness and the Highest Good; Meaning or Happiness?, Existential Meaning- Hedonistic vs. Eudaimonic approach; The Unexamined Life;  Perspectives of the Ancient Philosopher's. Also, an additional bonus for the first 25 registered:  A FREE copy of my 487 page book mailed to them!

Preview 20:38

Is Happiness relative? The History and journey of Meaning in Life; Meaning in Life Research; A Meaning in Life Model; The Sources of Meaning; The Benefits and Results of having Meaning in Life; The Link between Meaning in Life and Purpose, Happiness and Calling; The Meaning of the Moment; What gives your life meaning?  Sources of Meaning exercise; Personality Test and Who amd I Quiz

Sources of Meaning, Purpose in Life, Meaning of Life Assessment, Happiness
+ Session 2: My Meaning and Purpose Construct
3 lectures 25:36

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; Self-Actualization: Development, Creativity and Growth; the Stoics & Natural Meaning;  Soul Food; Religion and Meaning; Sources of Meaning Integration into your Meaning Construct; Your Personal Meaning System:  Purpose, Beliefs, Values, Goals and Culture; Personal Meaning and Time:  Past, Present, and Future; Impact of current personal priorities and overload/overextension

Sources of Meaning in Life, Personal Meaning

Past, Present and Future impact to legacy thinking; Life Change and Life Priorities; Having a Future-Driven Mindset; Your Life Story; Connecting the past and future generations; Deriving Personal Meaning through a multi-dimensional construct:  Cognitive, Motivational and Affective approaches; Viktor Frankl:  Man's Search for Meaning, Concentration Camp Lessons Learned, Where can Meaning be found?, A refuge of Solitude, Peace, Reflection, and Faith

Meaning in Life, Pursuing Meaning, Life Meaning

Will to Pleasure, Will to Power, and Will to Meaning (Freud, Nietzsche, Frankl); Levels of Personal Meaning- Hedonistic, Potential, Service, Your Ultimate Purpose; Your soul's largeness and desire; What are you chasing?, Meaning in Life Questionairre and Assessment. Also, an additional bonus for the first 25 registered:  A FREE copy of my 487 page book mailed to them!

Preview 06:47
+ Session 3: My Personal Transformation Plan
3 lectures 37:38

Purpose-a motivational force; Greater Purpose=Greater Happiness; Who am I going to be…Where am I headed?, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Rewards; Purpose & Aging,; Job, Career or Calling? One's Calling defined; Passion, Giftings & Calling; SHAPE acrostic; Your Ikigai- Passion, Mission, Profession & Vocation; Purpose in Life Test

Purpose in Life; Job, Career or, Calling; Your Ikigai and your SHAPE:

Make Your Work matter; Two proven ways to have greater Work & Life Satisfaction; Work mindset shift; The Sigmond Curve; Preparing for your Passions; Job and Career Assessments; Career Potential Matches; Job interest profiles; Your Personal Vision and Mission Exercise

Make Your Work Matter- Greater work and life satisfaction

Benefits of Goal-Setting: Meaning and Goal-Setting; Why SMART goals?, Setting your 8 SMART goals in 8 areas: Family, Finance, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Job, Recreational; Developing your Dream Plan; Finding your FLOW- Optimal Experiences; What is your Destiny?  Creating Your Dream Masterpiece; Your Comfort Zone; Your Dreams- Sacrifice and Patience; Never too old too dream; Your Personal Transformation Plan

Goal Setting- Meaning and Goals in 8 areas, Finding Your Flow and Your Destiny
+ Session 4: Your Legacy: Now and Forever
3 lectures 33:41

Your Personal Transformation Plan; Start Now; It's Never Too Late; Pilot Your Passions; Your Past Failures, Fears and Sufferings:, Taking Risks; Professor Life Lesson Examples- Flat on my back, You are qualified and capable; Nothing is too difficult; Discomfort is healthy;  Plan your Future;  A need is not always the call

Your Personal Transformation Plan, Generativity and Legacy, Types of Legacy

Generativity and Legacy research; Erik Erikson's Stage 7- Generativity versus Stagnation; Aging workforces and priorities; Aging and Legacy elements; Meaning, Purpose, and Goals impact to Legacy; Solomon's chasing after the wind; Mid-life crisis symptoms;  Concern for the next generation; A Legacy Process; Outliving Yourself; What is Generativity?; Redeeming the Time; Search for Meaning and Legacy; A Shortage of Future

Generativity and Legacy Research, Erikson's Step #7, Stagnation, Aging, Midlife

Expressions of Legacy; Your Identity, Meaning and Purpose and Legacy; Plato's pregnancy; Types of Legacy; The Crisis of Stagnation; The Legacy Thermometer Self Assessment: Future, Family, Finances and Faith;  Retirement Planning, Your Personal Transformation Plan reviewed

Expressions of Legacy, Leave a Legacy, The Legacy Thermometer Test, Retirement
+ Session 5: Inspiration and Hope for Your Future
3 lectures 38:39

The Journey of life; Health and Your Legacy; Living in the Valley- Peace for your future, overcoming trials and worry; Your sufferings do not define your legacy; Meaning in sufferings; Faith in the Future; Hope for the Future- Be strong and courageous; Fear not/God's love

The Journey of Life, Hope and Peace for the Future, Meaning in Sufferings & Pain

Existential Vacuum; Success and Significance; Multiplying yourself; Giving your life away; The Virtue of Care; Your Life Story; Negative Legacy; Symbolic immortality; Narcissism vs. Altruism; Meaning of Life and Spirituality: Compartmentalization, The Experiential, Ultimate Concern, The Chief end of Man, Ultimate Meaning, Meaningless & Death; The Spiritual and the Secular; God and ultimate meaning; Search for meaning, search for God; Being versus Meaning

Your Life Story, Success and Significance, The Spiritual and The Secular, God

Your Personal Transformation Plan: Includes your 90-day and 1 year priorities, 5 & 10 year dream plan, Your Action Priority Plan, Your Short and Long term goal scorecards, and Your Legacy Life Ladder; Your multi-generational impact; How to leave a legacy; The little things; God's partnership opportunity and his plans of hope for you; 8 secrets to a longer life of up to 10 years!  Socrates secret for success; Using your gifts and talents; The preciousness of time; A Blessing for You

Your Personal Transformation Plan, How to Leave a Legacy, 8 Secrets to Long Life