Master Your Mind and Your Life

Two powerful, visual and intuitive models to understand and master your life and yourself.
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The dynamics between your inner world and life out there.
How you create your own reality.
The impact of your emotions on your actions.
The impact of your mind on your emotions and actions.
Awareness: The key to controling your mind and your life.
The ABC of Life: A mantra for mastering your life.
The Mind Canvas: A simple, intuitive way to understand and mastery your mind.
The different corners of your Mind Canvas.


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You like Personal Development, but you're looking for something different, something new and revolutionary. Well, you are in the right place.

The way I see it, the problem with psychology and personal development is that they are not simple enough, intuitive enough, accessible enough for most people. We normally depend on therapists or coaches to help us make sense of our minds and our lives.

I think this can (and needs to) change. That's why, in this course, I am sharing with you the 2 visual, intuitive models that I have created after working with people as a transformational coach and behavioral trainer for more than 10 years. I've created this models to simplify personal development and psychology, to empower people like you, all around the world, to take control of their own thoughts, emotions, actions and life circumstances.

My mission is to eradicate unnecesary suffering in the world, and to help people thrive. And that can only happen when your understand how your mind works and how to use it to your advantage. This is what this course will do for you. It will give you a new, empowering way to look at how you work internally, and how you can change your inner world, as well as your life's circumstances.   

So join me in this jourey, as we revolutionize personal development, one person at the time.

Who this course is for:

  • This course was made for anyone who would like to understand and gain control over their minds and their lives. Specially if you are tired of reading Personal Development books or if you depend on therapists for your wellbeing. This course will give you a simple, intuitive way to see your mind and to create the reality you want for yourself.


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Juan Campoo
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Hi, my name is Juan, and I am a seasoned transformational coach, trainer, and speaker. I consider myself a guide; someone who accompanies you, who walks with you side-by-side in your own journey of self-discovery, personal transformation and evolution.

I work with professionals, managers and leaders who take their personal development seriously and want to accelerate their evolution of consciousness, to live from a deep sense of connection, inner-peace, and love.

What do I do? I basically help people transform the way their minds work, finally overcoming all that excessive thinking and negative feelings that take away their energy and peace of mind. The result is always the same: life becomes easier and much more enjoyable, and they start living from a place of authenticity, freedom, fulfillment, and positive impact.

How do I do this? By guiding you through a transformational journey of self-discovery and deep personal growth, that puts your wellbeing and personal power back in your own hands. This journey transforms the way you see yourself, others, and life itself.

Why do I do it? Because suffering and limitations are a choice. And when we allow ourselves to let go of limiting patterns we learned in the past, we tap into our immense potential for joy, wellbeing, and positive impact. We thrive... And when we thrive, the world does too.

It's great to meet you.

I invite you to follow me and connect. Let's walk together this incredible journey we call life...

Cheers to you and our bright futures!

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