Life Mastery - Happiness, Health & Success
4.6 (1,367 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,541 students enrolled

Life Mastery - Happiness, Health & Success

Practical techniques to successfully master work-life balance, happiness, and goal setting.
4.6 (1,367 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,541 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Become happy, healthy and successful across your work and home life
  • Remove all traces of guilt, stress, jealousy and anger from your life
  • Achieve goals you never thought were possible... and more!
  • Create a healthy body and mind to be happy and balanced every day
  • Use time management, negotiation and assertiveness techniques in business and personal situations
  • Create the life you dreamed of
  • Start saying 'No' to anything that doesn't make you happy
  • Get promoted in work, and organised in life
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and start progressing towards your goals
  • No previous experience or equipment is needed
  • A willingness to learn is essential!

Life Mastery - Happiness, Health & Success

Practical techniques to successfully master work-life balance, happiness, and goal setting.

Do you love your life? Life Mastery is a practical programme designed to help you rocket towards your personal and career goals to achieve total happiness. If you feel like things aren't turning out as you'd dreamed, you want to progress faster, or you're overwhelmed with stress and worry, then this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Most courses cover either happiness in a vague way, or success from a purely money focused angle, but this programme combines BOTH into one simple route to achieve all your goals as a fully rounded person. It covers everything you need to do: from saying 'No', managing your time, getting promotions, choosing a career, keeping fit, self talk, overcoming fear or guilt, and so so much more. It looks at lots of real life examples and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.

Happiness and Success are often seen an elusive or complex, but with this practical course you'll soon master a step by step formula for creating a life you love. Whether you're at the start of your career, wanting a change, feeling frazzled, or just not getting to your goals quickly enough, this course will build essential skills for your career and personal goals.

Chris Croft is an international speaker, and widely published author, who's been teaching Happiness, Time Management and Assertiveness to companies for over 20 years. This is the first time he's combined all his business and personal experience into a comprehensive happiness and success course. He's taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style.

The course overview includes:

  • Ridding yourself of stress, guilt, jealousy and anger forever

  • Getting promoted and networking like a pro

  • Choosing a career you love, for all the right reasons

  • Meditation, and what the practical benefits are

  • Changing your self talk to create the person you want to be

  • Being assertive, not aggressive

  • Saying 'No' and choosing happiness

  • Getting organised with Time Management

  • Setting effective and exciting goals, and then achieving them consistently 

  • And lots lots more!

Start building the life of your dreams today and say goodbye to stress, disorganisation and unhappiness. This course WILL change your life.... if you let it!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Who this course is for:
  • Those looking to become the best they can be
  • People who are overwhelmed and exhausted by their responsibilities
  • Anyone wanting to eradicate guilt, stress, jealousy, anger and fear
  • Someone who is successful, but feels they could achieve even more
  • Those who want to achieve their dreams
  • People who like a practical and honest approach to solutions
Course content
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+ Welcome
1 lecture 04:37

Welcome to the course! Congratulations on deciding to take this first step towards getting your life sorted and achieving your dreams. We're going to be covering 30 practical things you can do to become happier, calmer and more successful. I'm excited to get started and I hope you are too!

Preview 04:37
+ Goals
5 lectures 18:26

Welcome to the first section of this 7 part course. Here we are going to be looking at your goals. We'll be investigating goals for home and work, and how you can best optimise them to ensure you reach them all. You'd be amazed how effective writing down, and visualising your goals can be in actually making them come true. Give it a try!

Preview 00:17

Many years ago I learnt a visualisation and goal setting technique that absolutely changed my life. It's simple, easy, and shockingly effective. In this lecture I'll teach you how you can use it too, to achieve any goal you can imagine! If you can think it you CAN do it - so get ambitious!

The List that will Change Your Life

The concept of SMART goals is a long standing and popular one, but personally I think we can do one better. In this lecture I'll explain to you my SPVEM goals and why you should be using them to set your life path. 

Why I Hate SMART Goals

Now you've started to consider what your goals are we need to refine them. By splitting them into categories and setting time frames you can make sure you've covered all bases for a balanced future, and are maximising your chances of reaching it too. 

Refining Your Goals

In this lecture we start to investigate some tips for becoming your best at work. We'll explain why you should be 'T Shaped' and why you should be constantly learning. 

Creating Security
What Did You Learn?
4 questions
+ Reducing the Unimportant
5 lectures 18:32

In this section we will be creating room for you to create the life you dream of. Right now you may be stressed or over stretched, and so have no time to either do things that make you happy, or make progress towards your goals. By using these practical, simple, and extremely effective techniques you can cut out weeks of unhappiness and time wasting from your year to give yourself huge amounts of freedom. Your life is only time so it's vital that you spend your time wisely and are in control.

Preview 00:25

When it comes to your life it's vital that you remember you only get ONE! You need to put your own happiness as a top priority and start employing these techniques to filter out things that don't bring you joy. Try my NCP trick to get more time to do the things you love.

NCP Policy

Perfection is often held as the ultimate goal, but in reality it could be holding you back in life. If you're someone who won't let something lie until it's "perfect" then you may be causing yourself unnecessary stress and wasting precious time. Set yourself a challenge of pushing back against those perfection urges to start doing things "well enough" and redirecting that time towards reaching your goals.

Are You Too Perfect?

There are 3 common personality drivers - of which you may have one, or several. It's really important to recognise your drivers as even though they can be a strength and part of who you are, they can also be a severe source of stress and happiness. Identify them, accept them, and then control them.

Preview 06:30

A fantastic way to get more free time to spend on things that make you happy, and/or get you closer to your goals is to delegate. This is ideal for work situations, but you can also try using it at home too. If you can manage to delegate one hour a week you'll gain a whole free week per year to enjoy as you please!

What Did You Learn?
3 questions
+ Self Discipline
4 lectures 22:36

In this section we are covering everything you need to know about self discipline. If you're going to achieve your goals and be happy you need to start being strict about eliminating things you don't enjoy or people who cause you difficulty, and getting on top of tasks and responsibilities. Here's how...

Preview 00:17

Procrastination can be a crippling habit, and in this lecture we look at how you can beat it once and for all! Using simple and practical techniques you can take control back from your subconscious and inner child, to become productive and empowered. 

Beating Procrastination

Keeping both your mind and body healthy is essential if you're going to be a happy and successful people. In this lecture we look at practical techniques to achieve that, but also 7 Top Tips for Eliminating Stress.

7 Ways to Eliminate Stress - Healthy Mind and Body

The theory of the Johari Window gives a fascinating look into the human psyche and how we present ourselves to others. How much of who you truly are is visible to the wider community, and how well do you really know yourself?

Johari Window
What Did You Learn?
3 questions
+ Getting Organised
6 lectures 23:47

In this next section we are looking in depth at getting organised and developing systems. These are the foundation of your life and will help you reach your goals, minimise your stress, and avoid making mistakes. If you are organised you'll be more successful in both work and at home, and overall far happier.

Preview 00:27

Making lists can seem like a handy way to counteract a particularly stressful day, but in this lecture we'll look at why you should be making a list every single day, as well as a bigger one for your entire life plan. It'll ease your stresses, but also help you achieve your long term goals. 


It may seem obvious that you need a diary, but in this lecture we look at whether it should be combined with your home diary, paper or electronic, and how to incorporate your lists.


Getting your physical environment to be tidy, welcoming and organised can make a huge difference to your productivity. In this video we look at why you should have your goals prominently displayed and what you can do to maximise your environment efficiency.  

Physical Environment

In this video we give you 4 simple but incredibly effective secrets to propel yourself towards getting promoted. If you intend to make climbing the career ladder your life goal then these will save you years of waiting around and shooting yourself in the foot!

Pear of Promotion

When problems or questions repeat it's vital that you either fix them at the source, and/or create a system for dealing with them with minimum effort. This will save you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. 

What Did You Learn?
7 questions
+ Positive Attitude
8 lectures 31:56

Welcome to Section 5 - here we will be learning all about how you can have a positive attitude, and how it will dramatically affect your life. Phasing out negative emotions and boosting your self talk will not only change how you think but will also change the overall course and success of your life.

Preview 00:19

Here we'll look at how much money you need to be happy, and whether it should be a priority for you. By comparing several real life case studies we'll unpick where happiness truly comes from. 

Can Money Make You Happy?

Choosing your perfect job can be much harder than it sounds. If you can align things you enjoy with things that are in demand and people are paying for - then that's the jackpot! It's well worth taking the time to sit down and figure this out as once you've decided what you want, you CAN make it happen. 

What is Your Perfect Job?

The reason we harbour and continue with negative emotions is that we believe they benefit us in some way. This may sound false, but once you really start to analyse why you feel guilty, angry, or jealous you'll soon find the same. By realising that these 'pay offs' are never coming and are not worth it we can begin to eradicate every negative emotion from our lives. 

Negative Emotions

Using these simple three words you can rid yourself of all negative emotions and start to move on with your life. If you can stop living in jealous, regret, guilt, or many others then imagine how quickly you could grow and achieve! 

The Magic Phrase

The way you speak about or to yourself inside your head entirely defines who you are, what you can achieve and how happy you are. This is one of the simplest but most powerful videos in this course - you can change absolutely anything about yourself simply by changing your 'life scripts'. Try it!

Self Talk

Positivity is a proven source of success so in this video we unpick three practical things you can do to make your life more positive. The first is to form a master mind group, the second is to be nice, and the third is about crushing laziness. Let's go!

3 Steps to Positive Thinking

When it comes to doing anything in life - you need to ask yourself whether you're doing it for the right reasons. Perhaps it's a hobby, your career, or even a relationship - is it worth your time and what is your motivation? This lecture looks at different motivations and how most of them are false...

The Inner Game of Tennis
+ Assertiveness
4 lectures 17:12

In this next section we are looking at assertiveness. This is often mistakenly confused with aggression, but assertiveness is simply calmly stating what you want and being confident that you deserve what makes you happy. Let's get into it!

Preview 00:15

Assertiveness is often confused with aggression but really the two are totally different. Assertiveness is all about believing you have a right to be equal to everyone else - a right to be happy, heard and respected. It's vital you believe this about yourself, and enforce it when others are taking advantage or stopping you achieving your goals. Here's how!

Basics of Assertiveness

How to be assertive can be quite an illusive and over complicated process but in this lecture you'll learn 4 insanely easy steps to make it come naturally and work flawlessly. Get ready!

How to be Assertive

When it comes to being assertive, a final option is to negotiate instead. It might be that you can create a win win situation where both parties get what they want but with a compromise achieved. I have a whole course on negotiating, but here is a quick 5 minute crash course to get you started!

An Alternative to Assertiveness
What Did You Learn?
5 questions
+ Influencing Others
5 lectures 30:47

In this final section we will be looking at how you can influence others. Of course you could use this for personal manipulation, but it's also a very powerful tool for making other people happy and welcome. It's useful for sales, management, networking, and of course your personal life outside of work too. 

Preview 00:26

Being liked it a hugely important life skill. It may sound trivial or like it belongs in the playground, but if you can use these simple tips to make an instant great impression you'll get more business, connections, friends and stronger relationships.

How to be Liked

Truly the best way to get on in your life and career is to listen more. You'll not only be liked more and make more friends, but you'll learn a ton. You'll learn about other people, possible connections, new ideas, job opportunities and so much more. Give it a try!


An important part of your career is networking. In this lecture we will look at some tips and tricks to make sure you get the most of out of networking events. We'll examine how to make a good impression and be remembered. 

Networking and Keeping in Touch

Understanding different types of people is essential for not only being a great manager but also sales, networking and even parenting! Use this quick secrets to tell almost immediately how the person you're interacting with will want to be taught, managed and motivated.

Types of People
What Did You Learn?
11 questions
+ Wrap Up
2 lectures 02:57

Congratulations - you've completed the course! Now it's time to put everything into practise. You might want to even watch the course again, perhaps more slowly or with a friend, and take actions based on each lecture. Please don't forget to leave a review, and comment with your thoughts and progress on the discussion board. Thanks for your support, and good luck!

Making It Stick
How To Get Your Certificate