Life Coach Yourself with these Important Questions
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Life Coach Yourself with these Important Questions

Life Coach Yourself: Use these secret life coaching questions to optimise your mindset and transform your life.
2.6 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
302 students enrolled
Created by Becky Shortt
Last updated 1/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Feel empowered and in control of your life and world.
  • Access a higher intelligence that is constantly available to you.
  • Change your attitude towards adversity.
  • Read messages that you are being given on a daily basis.
  • Have personal accountability.
  • Simultaneously heal multiple areas of your life.
  • Make problem solving fun and meaningful to your life.
  • Reframe the way you see life and time.
  • Show up to coaching sessions with greater purpose and confidence.
  • Purchase a journal for recording ideas and insights as they come to you.
  • Pen and paper is also a basic tool needed to record your learnings as you go.

Getting a life coach costs thousands of dollars every year. And the price is damn worth it.

Having someone help you navigate your own mind with your best intentions in their heart is a beautiful exchange.

But what if you could be your own coach?

What if you knew the questions that could lead you into your most evolved, fulfilled and happy self?

This course is designed to give you an edge in life. It is meant to pull you out of mindsets that aren’t working for you. It is to give you answers you may not have found otherwise.

Discover your brain power!

You have a whole other level of consciousness you may not be connecting with. You have a divine intelligence that you could tap into in order to grow exponentially and positively impact the world around you.

Feel more empowered than ever!

These questions will help you take all your power back! You will never feel ‘blamey’ again. But you will feel like a master creator.

Plus, this course will always be growing!

There are literally hundreds of questions that can help you transform your life. Over the years you will rediscover which ones you love the most and learn new ones that you had never considered.

And guess what?

You are not alone in this!

Gain even more insights from me in the discussion thread or message me any issue that you are struggling with- even after applying the questions of this course.

This course is high value for little listening time. Trade a few hours of your time for a lifetime of mental clarity and wisdom.

If you value yourself and your life…

If you believe you have untapped potential…

If you are curious about life coaching…

Click the Take This Course Button at the top of the page and never look back!

*30 Day Money-Back Guarantee*

Free access to all updates and future courses by me!

Who this course is for:
  • People who are interested in being more independent solving their own problems.
  • Individuals who want to approach their life with the strategies of a life coach.
  • People at crossroads or facing decisions who want insight on their issues.
  • People who are inherently reflective or want to be.
  • Individuals interested in accessing their personal power and higher intelligence.
  • People who are willing to embark on a journey of personal development.
  • Only students who play 100% and are committed to growth.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:56
  • Learn the purpose of this course
  • How to get the most out of this course
  • Reinforcing the power of the question as a coaching tool


Hi everyone! My name is Becky Shortt and I am a life coach based in Sydney, Australian. I designed this course because I know that whilst having a coach can lead to incredible personal breakthroughs and quality of life, there are opportunities that every person can take to be their own best coach.

Truly, we do have the answers to our lives. We just need the right questions to help us access our deep insight and greatness. This course will continue to grow as I talk you through how to use the most powerful questions to help you be your own life coach.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, I know that if you ask these questions you won't just be a more evolved you, but you will be the real, incredibly powerful you who you are meant to be. What I love about this course is that it will keep growing because there are literally hundreds of questions that can help your transform your life and be totally fulfilled. It will be my absolute pleasure to share the secret coaching questions with you and also be available to help you as you navigate your way through your amazing mind.

These lectures work great as audio listening, but what you really need to do is still down with pen and paper and after each lecture, get some answers to the question posed. You will immediately begin to realise that you do have the answers and the power to change your life. All you really needed were some great questions to get you started.

Reach out to me at any point during this course and keep looking out for updates. You can find me at and can get in touch with me there or through the Udemy platform. Congratulations for being here. I cannot even begin to express how exciting this is for me to share this with you. Let's get started.

Preview 01:56
+ Question 1: A Full Course Meal
4 lectures 07:55
  • You will learn common constructs that keep us from abundance.
  • You will hear how we position things as oppositions unnecessarily
  • Hear examples and scenarios and see how you relate

Traditional thinking in personal development insists that in order to have something we want, we inevitably must let go of something else. Whilst this may be true, people have become primed to believe that what they let go of is something they want to keep. For example, people believe that to make more money, time has to be sacrificed. We want the time and we want the money, but function from a place that says ‘The more time I spend, the more money I can make.’ It doesn’t even matter if realistically for a portion of your life you are investing time to make money. The fact it becomes embedded as a belief is concerning because even when you are in a position to do whatever it is you want with your time, you may feel anxious about the money going away. You may be compelled to work harder and harder because you are conditioned to trade time for money.

Some people believe that parenthood involves such huge sacrifice that there is no room left for a mother or father to pursue ambitious dreams or creative passions. The underlying thought pattern is that ‘to be a good parent’ I must accept that my own passions have to take the backseat. They can wait till later. Now, any wise friend of such a person would say with good intentions- ‘Oh, you have to look after yourself too’ and even if that parent does want to do that, they immediately think about the time they would have to sacrifice with their child. They think about what they would miss. That mum thinks it is either time on her or time on the child. That dad believes that sacrificing family time now will pay off later. As a result, in day to day life, people are not as fulfilled as they wish to be. They do not perceive how things are connected in the now. They think in terms of lack. Trade-offs. And the suffering, the struggle continues.

This upcoming question begs to be answered. The next brief lecture and the revelation of the first question can really up your level of thinking. Let’s see what it is.

A Preface to Question 1

This question will completely reframe the way you look at the concept of sacrifice. In fact, that word will never be something you utter in relation to your life. The beauty of this question is that it instantly makes you smarter and the problem-solving skills it activates gives you inspired solutions to your problems. Use this question to reconcile seemingly incompatible parts of you. Use it to have more than one desire outcome. Make meaning of this question and use it as you wish. It will surprise you.

Preview 02:45

** Choose to let go of the belief that you cannot have 'both' or everything you want.

What can you let go?

In the background lecture for that first question, I mentioned that some people believe that they have to let go of good stuff in order to have what they want. What I will say is that you do need to let go of ‘bad stuff’ or more like limiting thoughts so that you can have both. So quite simply, if any sacrifice is to be made, choose to let go of the belief that you can’t have both.

The Only Thing to 'Sacrifice'

    ** Use this to work out where in your life you are assuming you cannot have both.

    This lecture is a quick tester for you to see if you are preconditioned in your life to believe that you cannot have everything you want. Finish these sentences in your head and then write them down. Do not judge yourself. Just observe. What comes to mind may just feel like words- words perhaps you are starting to hold less weight. But sometimes, the first words you blurt out are the ones that are coming from your place of social conditioning. Ok- fill in the blanks for me.

    I know that if I am going to have quality relationships I have to…

    To be rich, I feel I can no longer…

    Two areas of my life that just don’t seem to work together are…

    Were you giving up anything you really liked? Share in the discussions to see how we can look at that from a new angle. Were you giving yourself some damn good advice there? Well, share that too! Thanks for playing along.

Bonus Belief Tester
+ Question 2: A Life-changing Perspective We Can Access Immediately
1 lecture 01:28
  • Learn how to gain instant perspective about your life and how you are showing up in the world.
  • Be inspired to begin utilising this technique!

So this question may not be completely foreign to you. I think it can be used flippantly or in a context only meaningful to the person asking. But when you ask this of yourself and really listen to the answer and then act on it, the entire direction of your life can change course. Even our day to day experiences- what we choose and what we choose to let go of can be radically different. Let me know what your answer would be and what changes you will make to make this life fulfilling.

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+ Question 3: A Question of Rememberance
1 lecture 01:04
  • A follow up to Question 2, geared towards determining desired legacy.
  • Take action to ensure you are being who you need to be.

At times we lose sight of who it is we want to be, and there is no bigger shake-up than thinking about our own funeral and the words that would be spoken at our eulogy. Moreso, the words that will be uttered for years to come about the kind of person we were.

Even when departing a place, we never really know for sure if a mark has been made. The world can go back to the way it has always been unless we stay conscious of this question.

This question gives a choice when it comes to the level of our day to day existence. Use it as often as needed. It is a compass to keep you on path.

Remember to reflect on this on the transcript sheet. You can type your list straight in!

Preview 01:04
+ Question 4: Radically shift your understanding of life
2 lectures 04:37
  • Notice how we are positioned to think in terms of lack when it comes to time.
  • See how a different reframe on death can be revealing in other ways.

You will see what is so unnatural about this question. It is utterly contrary to the way our society is structured and the pace of our lifestyle can seem inherently at odds with this concept. Ask yourself this to infuse your life with the joy, peace and meaning.

Preview 01:09
  • A game to make you instantly aware of how having a perception of more time can influence life choices.
  • A suggestion of how to apply the last two questions.

Do you remember that finish the sentence game? Well, we’re going to try that again, but with some different question and based on you living without a doubt for 100 years. Now this may not seem super long to you, but it works for the purpose of the exercise. Remember, life is the longest thing you will do. Again just observe your answers without judgment. You may find they are the same kind of answers as in the previous game or you may find them radically different. This is all food for thought. Action as always will be the next step. Here we go!

If I was guaranteed 100 years of life, every morning I would…

One person I would want on my team forever would be…

The one thing I would do differently would be…

I would ensure I went to the following places…

I would suddenly value…

I wouldn’t commit to showing everyone…

I would most look forward to…

I would see regret as being…

I would suddenly find the time to…

If I had all the time I would never…

My life would look different to how it is now. It would be…

If I had all the time, suddenly I would have the energy to…

I would make myself one promise and that is…

If you notice any recurring patterns or themes in terms of how you would spend your life, make sure you put something in place to do more of what matters most to you. You want to use these questions at the right moment. So when you are lacking motivation, the ‘what if today were my last day’ question would work, or maybe if you were stressed you could use either to get a clearer view on your priorities.

You could even see that there is already plenty in your life you adore and perhaps are taking for granted. Only good can come from these games, these questions.

Game to Get You Thinking
+ Question 5: Identify positive and limiting patterns
2 lectures 03:51
  • Hear Socrates' take on Greek inscription
  • Work out the best course of action for knowing ourselves.

Just a quick preface to the next big question. There is an ancient Greek saying- ‘Know Thyself’, that I am sure many of you have heard of before. Socrates said in relation to this ‘Care about the greatest perfection of the soul.’ He admitted self-ignorance and encouraged his listeners to actively pursue self-knowledge. As we discover ourselves we are empowered to make changes. That which is not in our awareness cannot as easily be shifted. Much of the way we get to know ourselves is through observation, through what others say about us, through myths we perpetuate about ourselves or by addressing our personality rather than who we really are. But there is a way for us to learn about our beliefs based on our actions. The upcoming question can reveal patterns in our life that stem from underpinning beliefs. Follow up this next question with a why, and see what comes up for you. Here it is.

Simple Ancient Wisdom
  • Never see a problem transfer into other area of your life with this question.
  • You will hear relevant scenarios that support the modern maxim that how you do one thing is how you do everything


If you have a breakthrough revelation about something you are doing in one area of life you need to ask 'Where else am I doing this?' Based on the principle that how you do one thing is how you do everything, as soon as we have an insight about our behaviour or mindset, we can immediate look to improve other areas of our life by addressing the issue there.

So this mean that if you notice that your stress in the workplace stems from you constantly putting others first, by asking 'where else am I doing this?' you take your power back and are able to objectively notice how at home you may forget to take time to do what you love or that even at the gym you wouldn't finish a last set because there is someone waiting for a turn.

I lady I coached is a martial artist who had a fear of committing to attacks for fear of getting hurt. By asking her where else she was doing the exact same thing, she acknowledged that she has not given her university course her all for fear of discovering she will never get high marks, thus hurting her self-esteem. With some belief shifting and reframing the way she saw commitment, she could move beyond this limiting view. Since she has gone on to master new moves in her martial art and enrolled in the university course she actually wanted to do.

Think now about how you do one thing in your life. It can be something as simple as how you eat your meals. Once you have chose the activity, consider how you do it or what you think as you do it. Now consider, where else are you doing that? Is it working for you or holding you back from greater happiness. For example if you feel guilty when you are eating meals you may find you are feeling guilty in other facets of your life. If you eat super fast and get a stomach ache after, then where else are you rushing, and consequently feeling the little pains of not taking your time? See how this works? Simple shining a light on the problem can add mindfulness so next time you can decide to 'slow down' or 'commit' or 'enjoy'- whatever it is that you need to do. And if it is a stubborn pattern, you can get in touch with me to learn some more strategies.

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+ Question 7: Making Meaning
2 lectures 02:56

I used to think it was a bit of a cop-out when people said ‘Oh, everything happens for a reason’. I wondered how people would throw this around, especially nannas and teenagers. Aristotle identified different reasons or causes for anything that happens. One reason something happens is because of the cause. Like if a house falls down it was because of faulty infrastructure. Simple cause and effect. And then he said everything works towards a final cause. Like a future reason for stuff that is happening now. What we will be looking at in our next question is both about cause and effect- how a problem leads to another problem. But we will also be looking at what happens to us and giving that a meaning that is useful to our future. Because if we don’t give problems and pains meaning, we cannot learn and hard times add nothing to our lives. Let me introduce you to this simple question.

Beyond Cause and Effect
  • Understand that there is an equivalent solution or insight laying dormant with each problem.
  • How to access this insight with a single question.
  • Realise when there is deeper to go and when to let go of unproductive feelings.


For what Purpose?

This question is great in sooooo many scenarios. It can help you better understand your health, things that pop up in life, recurring thoughts you have... ask this and you can get some real answers about what is going on for you.

The question is 'For what Purpose?' and it makes sense in context. So if you have a stomach ache, you can ask 'For what purpose are you here' and listen for an answer. You will know if there are certain foods you need to avoid or if you are feeling anxiety about an event and THEN you can ask again, 'For what purpose am I feeling anxiety?' The answer may be 'I am scared about my presentation tomorrow' and again, for what purpose? It is like asking why, but more like how is this trying to serve me? The resulting answer from the inquiry of this question could simply be 'I love my job and it is important to me' or maybe you will discover that there is no real purpose and you can simply let go of the anxiety. Maybe it is there to make sure you appreciate the significance of a moment in your life. For what purpose?

If there is part of you that wants to hide away from every one, if you keep asking for what purpose, you will either get to the root of your problem or discover that being introverted keeps you happy, sane and connected to you.

Your experience of this question will be so unique, so when you believe there is an opportunity to ask 'For what purpose?' I would love you to share what you learn.

Heal Health and Respond to Disaster with this Question
+ Question 8: The Ultimate Question when Guidance is Needed
2 lectures 03:37

Without getting too controversial, in a purely speculative way, it is interesting to see the research of how in original religious texts such as the Bible, etc, it is articulated that we are inseparable from God. Personally I am not religious as such but I am spiritual- and I have to laugh here because it is a very coachy thing to say. But this upcoming lecture is really about finding our own godliness and even if that concept is a bit much, it is about finding our connection, our inextricable link to some amazing spiritual cosmic energy and also to ourselves and to everyone. This will blow your mind.

Beautiful Speculation
  • Access your own, most godly state
  • Learn how we move beyond our ego and into another realm when we ask this question.
  • Have answers that you can follow with utmost confidence.


I want to say this is my favourite question, because when I ask my coaching clients this, I am almost always moved to tears when I hear their answer. To access the power of this question, you can start asking yourself 'What would my highest self say or do?' So if there is a hard question about you or your life that you need answers to, ask what your highest self would do. Now, I don't need to define for people what highest self means, because inevitably people act from a place of a) deep compassion for others, b) a place that does not care about fear, c) the place that loves growth and d) the place that loves them and appreciates their uniqueness. Your higher self has a vocabulary and way of speaking that may not even sound like you- but it is you- it is pure you, and it is also not you. It is universal wisdom. And, you know, people surprise themselves when they answer questions from this place, because they know that there is some force pulling them in the right direction.

Let's look at some scenarios where you can use this. When you feel angry and frustrated at a person ask 'What would my highest self do?'. When you are looking the next significant step in your career or considering a change in direction, ask- 'What would my highest self do?'. I mean you can take this down to food choices if you want- there is no end to the power of this question.

But what I love most is that while it has the word 'self' in it, it is by no means 'selfish'. It really leads to win-win and locking in with something bigger than us.

I think it is time to ask yourself a question and listen for the answer from your highest self. Share with me what insights you gain and then act on them because you are being moved by something that is both completely you and also connected to everyone and everything.

Access a New Place with this Question
+ It isn't Over! Make the Most of this Course!
1 lecture 05:24
  • Final Words in presentation format.
  • Learn ways to stay engaged in this course.
  • How we can stay in touch via Udemy
Play 100%