Life Coach Certification - 10 Essential Things You Must Know

Ten Essential Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career
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10 Essential Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career
Life Coach Certification Essentials


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Table of Contents

What is life coaching?

What is the difference between coaching, consulting, therapy and mentoring?

Is coaching right for you?

Should you become a coach?

What are the ethics of coaching?

What coaching niche should you work in?

How do you get started in business as a coach?

How much can you charge for coaching services?

Is there any value to getting certified?

Who are the ICF, IAC, SLA, CCE and why do you need to know?

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals considering becoming a life coach


Barbara Wainwright, CPC
Barbara Wainwright
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 512 Reviews
  • 10,028 Students
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Barbara Wainwright, the CEO and Founder of Wainwright Global, Inc., has dedicated her life to helping others. Barbara’s life experiences have led her on a path of self-discovery and higher learning in her personal quest to make the world a better place for her family, her friends and her clients. Barbara believes that every person has a life purpose. And, that once a person discovers their purpose and begins taking steps towards actualizing that purpose, that a new level of confidence is realized, many different forms of abundance appear, bringing inner-peace and joy-filled days.

Barbara’s business experience mirrors that of the American dream, when as a single mother struggling to support her children she founded J.F. Positive Systems, Inc., a software development company, which she ran for twenty-two years. Yet, despite the success of her lucrative business, Barbara felt something was missing. With a deepening desire to give back, Barbara began her quest by sharing her knowledge and experience and helping others to succeed. Barbara Wainwright’s goal setting, persistence, maintaining a positive attitude, self-motivation, expanding paradigm and accountability to her dreams were the key ingredients in her success, and became the cornerstone of her message.

Barbara is responsible for training over 6,000 professional coaches since 2006 and has established credibility in the marketplace through acquiring 3rd party accreditation at the graduate university level. As a key component of a graduate business program, the professional life coach course is accredited by the AASCB. Wainwright Global’s training is further accredited by Strategic Learning Alliance, an applied-learning credentialing organization who confers the CPC® credential.


The Power of Life Coaching Volume 2: Manifesting Transformation in Financial, Professional, Emotional, Spiritual, Wellness and Relationship Aspects

Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching collaborated with 15 of their Certified Professional Coaches to create the Power of Life Coaching, the seminal book for individuals who are curious about coaching and what the experience of coaching can do for them. Each author shares their diverse life changing experiences that describe the powerful transformation that naturally unfolds during the coaching process, both for themselves and for their clients. You will learn about the different genres of coaching, how coaching will bring to light your inner-most goals, dreams and desires, so you can easily expand your awareness of your life-purpose now. You can purchase the book here.

The Power of Coaching: Manifesting Transformation in the World

In 2017, Barbara gathered 20 Certified Professional Coaches to share their stories about coaching. This resulted in a published book that is now available on Amazon. Through the efforts of Linda Gallichio, CPC (she read and edited every chapter) and Tracy Brown, CPC, (who managed all the authors) this book was created with grace and ease and I am forever grateful to these soulful women who made this book possible. Can you think of a better way to share about the power of coaching, than from the coaches themselves? You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

52 Coaching Niches Working Miracles Every Day

This book identifies the many different coaching niches that are available to coaches who have learned the Wainwright Method of Coaching. Free access to this book is available here.

Pocketbook of Affirmations

In 1987, Barbara Wainwright co-authored A Pocketbook of Affirmations – Powerful positive statements for a healthy, successful and happy life. The purpose of her book was to help others take their lives to a higher level of success and fulfillment through the use of affirmations, visualizations, treasure mapping and goal setting. Before long, readers began contacting Barbara asking for more. Since that time, Barbara has been coaching and advising individuals as they seek new meaning and purpose in their lives.


Barbara Wainwright has traveled extensively speaking about the transformational benefits of coaching and educating C-Level executives, project managers, human resource professionals, business owners, therapists, ministers, and university academic and financial advisers. Barbara has taught coaching at Syracuse University, BOEING via Seattle Pacific University, Singapore, Canada and other international destinations and professional organizations.


Barbara Wainwright’s continued pursuit of knowledge has led her to the study of enhanced communications, spiritual counseling, self-hypnosis as a motivational tool, Socratic Questioning for education and training and Holistic Healing. Barbara Wainwright is also a student of Pranic Healing, Angel Therapy, Standing Strong Together®, and on the advisory council of Blue Ribbons Worldwide. A Certified Master Life Coach, Barbara Wainwright is the former worldwide president of Certified Coaches Federation, president of Fowler Wainwright International, and the current CEO and president of Wainwright Global, Inc. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Ghandi, is one of Barbara Wainwright’s favorite quotes. Barbara says, ‘My personal mission is to lift humanity through coaching people to live “on purpose”‘.

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