Life affirming self-care for busy mothers
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Life affirming self-care for busy mothers

For a life worth living
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
15 students enrolled
Created by Tiina Mokvist
Last updated 11/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Clarity on what wellbeing and self-care really mean to you
  • Explore and understand your own beliefs of self-worth and self-care
  • Truly appreciate why your self-care is of vital importance for your whole family
  • Create and claim more time for your self-care
  • Increase your sense of self-worth
  • Let go of excuses and practice self-care
  • Drop the feeling of guilt you may be feeling about prioritising yourself
  • Explore how perfectionism might be stopping you from thriving
  • A technique for releasing stress and boosting your immune system
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • How to ask for help and support
  • How to reclaim yourself!
  • A willingness to self-reflect
  • An openness to create positive change in your life
  • An interest in taking action

Whatever your life looks like, balancing motherhood with the rest of your life while being responsive to your own wants and needs can be a challenge. The daily responsibilities and the pressure of never having enough time to do everything that needs to be done weigh heavy on many of us. And while we meet the needs of those around us, we often completely forget or ignore ourselves.

The central theme of this course, this journey, is creating and allowing time and space for your own self-care. But it is much more than that. It is an exploration of your ingrained beliefs, how your boundaries can let you down, how your guilt holds you back and how rarely many of us realise that help is at hand. This course helps you to gently have a look at your life and put into place changes that will not only benefit you, but ultimately also those you love and care about.

Throughout the course you are encouraged to take action so that you create the change that is needed. Because it is through changes in thoughts, behaviours and action that will help you create a life in which you flourish, are energetic and loving towards yourself.

Tiina guides you gently, with humour and wisdom, sharing her own personal learnings from being a mum and professional coach to hundreds of women. She is intimately aware of the challenge of claiming time for self-care while balancing a career, childcare and others wants and needs.

Who this course is for:
  • Busy, overwhelmed mothers
  • Mothers who have a challenge to find time for self-care
  • Mothers who put others needs before their own – all the time
  • Mothers with weak or rigid boundaries resulting in frustration and a sense of loneliness
  • Mothers who are not good at asking for help
  • Mothers who want to re-think time and have more of it
  • Mothers who yearn to feel more content and more relaxed
  • Mothers who wish to reclaim themselves, their self-worth and self-care
Course content
Expand all 61 lectures 03:03:28
+ Introduction
3 lectures 10:19

Introduction and welcome to the course with details about the content and who this course is for, as well as looking at why the learnings in this course are important.

Preview 04:44

The Instructor introduces herself, both from a business perspective and a personal perspective. Tiina talks about those things that can be so tough as a mother - sharing her own experience.

Preview 04:21

Tiina shares her intentions for the course and encourages you to write down your intentions - why you are doing this course and what you are hoping to get out of it.

Identifying your learning intentions
+ Reclaiming self-care and understanding consequences
6 lectures 18:24

An introduction to this section about what self-care is. We are looking at it holistically and expanding our understanding of what constitutes self-care.

Preview 00:57

Often we think of self-care as certain activities we may engage in, but self-care is much more than that - self-care is also your thoughts, beliefs and how you treat yourself on a daily basis.

What is self-care?

Time for you to explore and identify what self-care really is for you.

Activity: Identifying self-care activities

In this lecture we look at why your self-care is important for your whole family and what the consequences of no self-care can be.

Consequences of poor self-care

Time to put your thinking cap on and be honest about the potential consequences of you not taking care of yourself, for you and the people you care about.

Activity: Your consequences

Recapping this sections lectures and looking at what comes up next.

Recap of section and next steps
+ Reclaiming your beliefs and letting go of lies
11 lectures 34:09

Introducing this section about beliefs and lies.

Preview 00:38

We form many of our beliefs in early childhood and take on beliefs from significant adults around us. In this lecture we dive deep into understanding how this works and how the beliefs we have can limit us in life.

How are beliefs formed?

What you believe about self-care may be what is holding you back from doing self-care. In this lecture we will look at this closer and pick it apart a bit.

Beliefs about self-care

In this lecture we look at how the beliefs we have about what a good woman and mum is like shape our own romantic relationships.  Sometimes we are partly responsible for creating situations that we really didn't want to have in our lives - because our coding (beliefs).

Linking your past to your present

Those of us who are single mothers know the kinds of beliefs we can start buying into. Time to look at if these beliefs are true or not. And absolutely letting go of the ones that are not serving us anymore.

Beliefs as a single mother

Time to explore and understand your own situation and your own beliefs about self-care with this activity.

Activity: Brainstorm your beliefs about self-care

In this activity you are encouraged to begin being aware of your thought loops that keep you from allow yourself to spend time on self-care-

Activity: Examine your thought loops

It is time to be aware of from whom you have inherited your thoughts and beliefs.

Activity: Whose voice?

In this activity you will check in if the beliefs you hold are actually 100% true - for you and everyone around you.

Activity: Is that true?

Tiina guides you gently through the admission that some of your hard core beliefs may have been lies that you have bought into. Allowing yourself to accept that something may have been a lie is a big step towards creating new empowering beliefs.

Accepting and letting go of lies

Rounding up this section and looking at what comes up next.

Recap of section and next steps
+ Reclaiming your self-worth and letting go of guilt
8 lectures 19:04

Introducing this important section about knowing your self-worth and how to let go of guilt.

Introduction to section

Sometimes as adults we struggle with seeing and knowing our own self-worth, but if we look at ourselves as the children we were it is harder to deny the value of that beautiful child.  This lecture encourages you to connect in with the value of the child within you.

Preview 04:48

In this lecture we will explore guilt and how that guilt can come about and how it affects us, and others.

Exploring guilt

Diving deep into the guilt that you might be hanging on to and why.

Activity: Exploring your guilt

Incredibly enough most fathers don't feel guilty about taking time out for themselves. How can we as mothers use their attitude towards self-care? That is what this lecture is about.

The daddy perspective

This activity encourages you to embody someone else for a few moment and empower yourself by thinking like them. What would become possible then?

Activity: Embodying someone else for solutions

Be motivated by the consequences you identified in the section about what self-care is. Take your limiting beliefs from the previous sections activity and, in this activity, begin creating empowering beliefs.

Activity: Moving from limiting to empowering beliefs

Recap of this section and a quick look at what is coming up next.

Recap of section and next steps
+ Reclaiming time and letting go of perfectionism
11 lectures 28:56

An introduction to this section and what the focus will be - both in terms of reclaiming time and understanding why letting go of perfectionism is only a good thing.

Introduction to section

How come that even if we all have 24 hours a day some of us are struggling with fitting everything in, not to mention self-care and others seem to leisurely take things as they come?  That is what we are exploring more closely in this lecture.

What do you do with your time?

Tiina shares with you how she let something go and in that process created more time for her self.

Tiina's story of letting go

In this activity it is high time for you to identify what you do actually do with your time.

Activity: Your 24 hours

And now it is time to open up the possibility of creating more time for yourself.

Activity: Consciously choosing your daily activities

In this lecture we will begin truly understanding the shadow side of perfectionism.

Understanding perfectionism

Tiina shares how this course would never have come about if she didn't let go of perfectionism.

Tiina's story of perfectionism

In this lecture we will look at and get a grip of how perfectionism is linked to shame.

Perfectionism and shame

In this activity you are encouraged to pick something that you can let go of, so that you can create more time for yourself.

Activity: Letting go

In this activity you will look at your inner perfectionist and what she might be afraid of.

Activity: Knowing your inner perfectionist

Recapping this section and looking at what is coming up next.

Recap of section and next steps
+ Reclaiming your boundaries and letting go of being a victim
11 lectures 34:59

An introduction to this section about healthy boundaries and how to create them. In this section we will also explore and expose The Victim State.

Preview 00:53

In this lecture we will look closely at what healthy boundaries are and how weak or rigid boundaries can have a detrimental effect on our relationships and well-being.

Exploring boundaries

Boundaries are simply what is OK and what is not OK for you. This activity encourages you to identify this for yourself.

Activity: Boundary clarity

Communicating your boundaries and making simple requests are a vital part of creating healthy boundaries. This activity helps you to focus on that.

Activity: Making simple requests

Tiina shares a boundary top tip with you.

Top tip for healthy boundaries

In this lecture Tiina explains the vital importance of sticking to your word when creating healthy boundaries and also shares that not everyone will like it when you begin honouring our own word and boundaries.

Creating healthy boundaries

Introducing you to the Drama Triangle and the different stage within that Triangle.

Caught in the drama triangle

In this lecture we look a bit closer on The Victim State and how that this state is a very limiting state to be in. And yes - we all visit this state from time to time.

Focusing on the victim state

Tiina shares a wonderful resource with you about how to get out of the Drama Triangle. It has the potential to change your life.

"The Power of TED"

In this activity you will being putting everything you have learned together. All with the intention of increasing your self-care and therewith your well-being and joie de vivre.

Activity: Making self-care happen

Rounding up this section and looking at what is coming up next.

Recap of section and next steps
+ Reclaiming your well-being and letting go of stress
10 lectures 18:26

In this lecture you will get an introduction to the Inner Ease Technique and learn about one of the ways your immune system is suppressed.

Inviting calmness and boosting your immune system

In this activity you will learn how to do the Inner Ease Technique.

Activity: The Inner Ease Technique

A few more words about practicing this amazing technique that can boost you well-being and immune system.

When and how for the Inner Ease Technique

In this video we explore why it is so difficult for so many of us to ask for help and support.

The art of asking for help

In this activity you will begin to look at who you know who could potentially help and support you so that you can take some time out for self-care.

Activity: Who do you know?

In this activity you will match up the people you know with things they can help you with.

Activity: Matching people with skills

Remember that one self-care activity you picked in section 6 and worked on how to make it happen? You will finish that activity now.

Activity: Putting it all together

A recap of this section on well-being and stress and writing down your last light bulb moment.

Recap of section

We have come to the end of this course - but not of your journey. Have a look at the learning intentions you wrote down at the beginning of this course and also, remember, it is in the Doing that things really begin changing.

Well done on finishing this course!


A last word of encouragement from Tiina for making your self-care happen. Schedule it in. Every week.

Activity: Scheduling in self-care
1 lecture 19:11


I want to leave you with a bonus healing relaxation that will not only help you relax fully but also allow your subconscious mind to adapt to new empowering beliefs about your self-care, self-worth and healthy boundaries.

Listen to this for the duration of the course, and beyond. It can be one of your self-care activities. You can listen to it in the morning first thing before getting up from bed, in the middle of the day when relaxing on the sofa or just before going to bed at night. Just make sure that you do not listen to it while driving or when out and about.

For more inspiration to live your unique life with joy, well-being, compassion, excitement and inner peace do listen to the Your own kind of wonderful podcast. In this podcast I interview inspiring women about their expertise, experience and wisdom all with the aim of helping you find ways in which to enhance your life experience:

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With love,


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