Leverage Zoho Creator & Zoho CRM Hacks

The 80 / 20 approach to learn deluge scripting
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You Will Learn How to Add a Zoho Creator View As a Related List in Zoho CRM
And The Proper Way to Set a Subform In Zoho Creator


  • You should be familiar with basic Zoho CRM navigation steps
  • You should already have a Zoho account and be setup as an administrator. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free.
  • Please note your version of the CRM may look slightly different than what is in the presentation depending on what edition of Zoho CRM you are subscribed to.


This is not a traditional developer course or software website with hard to understand scripts. Deconstructing Zoho is an uncommon approach to learn online database programming. We focus on 20% of the commands that produce 80% of the performance.

In any given application there are more than 48 tasks with 3 possible actions and 2 or 3 possible sub actions each. That is more than +432 possible combinations of code you would need to understand and learn to become an expert in the subject. The goal is not to become an expert. By definition, an expert is someone that knows all the answers to a subject. The goal is to learn the MCP ( Minimum Code Possible ) that can yield the most results faster.

You only need to learn 20 or less tasks with 2 main actions and 2 key sub actions for a total of +80 possible combinations of code. An outstanding 81% reduction.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone managing a Zoho CRM Account

Course content

3 sections6 lectures30m total length
  • Introduction


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Francisco Riojas
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Hello, my name is Francisco Riojas I am a bilingual software sales management professional with expertise in growth hacking. I possess a strong set of computer skills and for the past 3 years our team has been consulting to C Level executives & entrepreneurs worldwide on zoho office suite projects via creatorscripts.