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Hi! :D In this YouTube data analytics course, I teach you how to dive deep into your YouTube data analytics so you can grow your YouTube channel fast, get more quality views, and real subscribers (based on In-depth YouTube data analysis, which I'll simplify for you, yay). The course is 100% transparent, I show you my own analytics and walk you through my channel in real-time. The information is based on my own YouTube experience, I am still in the YouTube trenches, every day! :)

You'll learn how to:

- Read your YouTube data analytics and understand ALL the graphs/numbers that YouTube provides you with, so you can actually see which pieces of content work better.

- Read your YouTube data analytics on your mobile application, gotta love those little devices :D

- Grow your YouTube channel, for real... You'll learn how to get more views, get more quality subscribers by truly giving a deep dive into the numbers you get from YouTube, so you can grow faster by following the data (and your passion :D).

About my path on YouTube: 

I started YouTube on the 5th of December 2018. Well, actually, before a bit before that. The 5th of December 2018 was the date I posted my first video.  Before that, I've invested time into learning about this awesome platform, did a YouTube course and a personal branding course.

On YouTube, I decided to share my experience of selling on Amazon, I started selling there in late 2016 (first sale 25th of January 2017 XD), and still sell on the platform. So I had some cool experience (about 2 years at that point), so I started sharing tutorials, personal stories, vlogs, software/course reviews, and more content in the Amazon FBA YouTube niche. I love it :)

So at the time of writing, 14th of September 2020 (a bit after I finished creating this course), I have 1506 subscribers, 161 videos (some unlisted) and in the last 28 days, my channel got 7258 views, 628.2 watch time hours, 217$ in profit from YouTube ads. Yay, so it grew from the numbers recorded in the course, which is cool =) Maybe I should keep updating the description here, as I progress... But sorry, I am off topic a bit, there's a course about YouTube data analytics here xDDD


Come, join the YouTube analytics course today :) Invest your time to go through the course, I did my sincere best for you. I truly believe that this course will help you with your YouTube growth. I am active daily to answer any of your questions and I will do so in the best way possible for you to succeed, I truly care!

Cya inside and thank you!


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner YouTubers
  • Advanced YouTubers
  • People Who Want To Start A YouTube Channel


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Vova Even
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Hi, my name is Vova! I am a seller on Amazon US (Private Label). I started in late 2016 and still in the trenches. I also run a YouTube channel dedicated to selling on Amazon FBA.

I started my business while working as a coastal lifeguard and developed it during my work, these were awesome and very challenging moments of my life.

Now I live off Amazon FBA and my YouTube channel, where I also sell products as an affiliate marketer. I am a giver by nature and love helping others, I hope to help you and enhance/enlighten your journey! 

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