Public Speaking and Presentation Skills- 5 Step Action Plan

A 5 Step Action Plan to Level Up Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Instantly.
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5 proven tools to improve your public speaking and presentation skills in any situation
Real life public speaking examples, case studies and analysis of presentations,


  • To be able to have a basic understanding of public speaking


Spreading your ideas, inspiring the masses and triggering a movement are challenging but the best way to accomplish these is by using your public speaking and presentation skills at its best. It’s almost magical that your words, your voice, your body, YOU can become an idea, something bigger than being a woman or a man simply by leveling up your public speaking and presentation skills.

In today’s world whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, an engineer, a student or a content creator, you need solid public speaking skills and in this article I’m going to give you a 5 step action plan that will level up your public speaking and presentation skills as soon as you apply them in your speech.


This mini course is designed to give you an action plan to apply in your public speaking and presentations right away.

You will be equipped with: 

  • 5 proven tools to improve your public speaking and presentation skills in any situation,

  • Real life examples, case studies and analysis


  • Mainly for beginners

  • Experienced speakers who like to go through a resfresher before their upcoming speech

  • Anyone who like to have a final touch to their speech


I have 15 years of experience in business world including managerial positions in the multinational companies as well as being an entrepreneur,  lecturer,  consultant and TEDx speaker who is constantly, day to day in front of any size of audience from 1 person to thousands of people onlıne and offlıne.  I have first hand experience in structuring highly impactful speeches as well as coaching many students and clients based in Shanghai. My students, on a constant basis evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have, how engaging my courses are and also how simple I make things for them. 

Here are some of the feedback I received after my speeches, workhops, coaching sessions and online courses:

"Evrim is an excellent speech coach. She made big improvements on a speech about my passion. Generally I'm quite timid speaking in front of larger audiences, but the energy she brought to my speech gave the confidence that people would be truly interested. I was most impressed by Evrim's ability to organize my speech in a way which captured the audiences attention and left a strong impression on them long after the speech. I'd definitely recommend Evrim's course to anyone who fears public speaking or wants to make lasting impression on their audience." -Ryan Conohan, Photographer, USA. 

"I appreciate the tips shared by Evrim and I am inspired by her energy. A lot of what she was saying was also problems I have had in the past and at the moment. Her words gave me strength and patience. I think the way she is expressing things, not just practical advice, but also the energy, is helpful to us." -Tamer Sara Salant, Financial Advisor based in Shanghai. 

"I am inspired by the public speaking, self-management and people-management skills shared by Evrim." -Helen Huang, China

I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and improve one of the most essential skill set of your career, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.


So take this course now and build a solid foundation in public speaking and presentation and take it to the next level. 

See you all in the course.

Evrim Kanbur

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Public Speakers
  • Experienced speakers who like to go through a resfresher before their upcoming speech
  • Any level of speakers who like to have a final touch to their speech

Course content

7 sections9 lectures30m total length
  • Introduction to 5 Step Action Plan to Level Up Your Public Speaking Skills


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Evrim Kanbur
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Evrim, as an entrepreneur, lecturer,  speaker, consultant, head of business management of an international college in Shanghai, is dedicated to share and spread her experiences and knowledge not just with the students in the classroom but with people all around the world through her online courses. 


She has been giving speeches both to corporate companies, communities as well as at events gathering entrepreneurs all around the world. She is a TEDx speaker. She delivered her speech to 450 people live at the event and 500K through live streaming in China. She also runs Shanghai Storytellers Club Community that encourages people to share their stories based on different concepts every week to turn them into better storytellers.

She has first hand experience in delivering impactful presentations as well as coaching people from different backgrounds to structure their public speaking, presentations and pitches.


She is the head of business management  of an international school in Shanghai. As a part of her job, she has been teaching Economics and Business Management for more than 5 years in Shanghai.


She is the founder of Expat Neighbors, a neighborhood platfrom that is active in 4 locations in Asia. She runs Shanghai Storytellers Club and founder of  While Travelling Blog.


Before coming to China, she worked at Deloitte as an auditor for 3,5 years.  Afterwards, worked as a Business Development Manager in mobile payments industry for a local mobile payments company. Later on she worked as a Business Development Manager and Payment Systems Turkey Manager for Riot Games.


She holds a BA on Economics and  MA on finance, banking and risk management from Istanbul University.