Level up your VFX! Go from After Effects and Learn Nuke

Learn VFX Compositing in Nuke the easy way. Made for people who have experience in After Effects or Photoshop!
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Easily transition over from After Effects into Nuke, and apply what you already know to a Node based software!
Comparing the two interfaces, and learning how to do the basic tasks
Learning the differences between the software, and why Node based compositing is superior
The basic tools and interface of Nuke
The concepts of node based compositing, versus layer based compositing
Understand how to structure a composite in Nuke
Basic shapes, rotoscoping, and constants
Pre-comping in After Effects, versus hierarchy in Nuke
Saving out files
AE Effects panel VS Node Panel


  • Have an understanding of After Effects (this is an After Effects to Nuke course!)
  • Install Nuke (It's FREE for non-commercial use!)


This free course is a short training on moving over from After Effects and leveling up to a more powerful and capable and industry standard software, Nuke.

Nuke is capable of more complex compositing through a visual node-based compositing system.

Is this course the right one?:
-If you're serious about getting good at compositing, you need to be learning Nuke

-The instructor is a digital compositor who has worked on numerous Hollywood blockbuster films, at the highest level.

You will learn in this After Effects to Nuke Training:
-The difference between node based, and layer based compositing
-The basics of the Nuke interface

-Editing properties, learning about different node types and effects

-Learning basic color correction

-Learn about the timeline, and how to set keyframes and create basic animations

-The difference between after effects "precomp" system, and Nuke's viewer system

-How to render out of Nuke

There is a small project file associated with this class to follow along with, with a sign up and free download if you want to follow along.

Who this course is for:

  • People familiar with After Effects, who want to step up in VFX and learn Nuke!
  • Beginners in Nuke who are unfamiliar with the software
  • Individuals curious about "node based" compositing, instead of layers

Course content

2 sections14 lectures49m total length
  • Introducing your Instructor
  • Why is Nuke better? Why is everyone using it?
  • Nodes versus layers, understanding the concepts


Professional Digital Compositor
Alexander Hanneman
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
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I have a background and Bachelor's Degree of Science in Computer Animation, with a specialty in Digital Compositing.

My experience includes many feature films, which can be found on my IMDB page if searched for.("Alex Hanneman")

A few of these films include:
Avengers: End Game
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Alien: Covenant
X-Men Apocalypse
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I have worked internationally at many feature film visual effects studios, moving around the globe to do digital compositing and being paid to do so.

During this time, I have worked on numerous hero shots on feature films, and have been involved in look development and creating compositing tools for various projects.  I have experience in all areas of compositing through my years of work.

Given my deep experience in the industry, I believe if you take my courses you will have something worthwhile to gain out of it. Thank you.