Learn XPath in simple steps

Complete master course to find XPath in any complex application
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Learn XPath basic in step by step
Absolute VS Relative XPath
XPath using Attributes
Best practices while writing XPath
Conditional XPath
XPath Collections
XPath Functions
XPath using Text
Child, Parent & Ancestor
Axes XPath
Wildcard in XPath


  • Hunger to learn XPath
  • Mostly dedicated to Test Automation Engineer


XPath is the widely used locator strategy in the world of test automation. This course can make you understand the XPath concept very easily.

As an Instructor I know that only the tutorial is not sufficient, so check the video resources to grab a testing practice site.

I build a practice site where you can practice most of the demos used in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Selenium Enthusiast
  • Protractor Enthusiast
  • Web Automation Engineer

Course content

13 sections15 lectures1h 20m total length
  • Introduction
  • Absolute VS Relative XPath


Koushik Chatterjee
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I’m a software test engineer, interested in software testing tools development and chrome extension development, and passionate about learning new technologies. I’ve developed a chrome extension called LetXPath to find dynamic XPath for Test Automation.

I am a YouTuber and blog writer. I like to share my skills with everyone.

I have started an open-source project, I make tutorials on chrome extension development.