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You don't need to invent the wheel again. There are many people who already achieved immense success in their fields. With this course, you can see what helped them to succeed and implement it for your life, business and/or career.

Here is a list of lessons you will learn in this course:

Lessons from Bill Gates

Lesson 1: Start Doing What You Love as Early as Possible

Bill Gates dropped out of college to start coding and programming, which he enjoyed.

Lesson 2: Develop Partnerships with Trustworthy People

Bill Gates partnered with his friend, Paul Allen, and sourced funding from investors. Without them, Bill Gates would not have founded Microsoft and made it what it is today.

Lesson 3: Be Your Own Boss

Bill Gates was never employed. He had a business idea and a business opportunity that he exploited early in his age. Being your own boss comes with advantages and can make your business grow faster.

Lesson 4: Be Humble and Give Back to The Society

Bill Gates is known for his humility and heart to give back to society. He helped install networked computers in libraries in the United States, provide funds to support education, and finance vaccine developments, including the current COVID-19 virus.

Lessons from Katrina Lake

Lesson #1: Treat Money Preciously and Focus on Profitability

Katrina knew that every penny counts and could not spend it on anything that couldn’t benefit her business. Financial management is crucial if you want your business to grow.

Lesson #2: Learn to Expect the Emotional Ups and Downs

Katrina suffered through the process of seeking finances for her idea. She was sexually harassed and could not secure funds because she was a woman. These are ups and downs that you may experience in your entrepreneurship journey, but they should never bring you down.

Lesson #3: Conduct Market Research and Never Look Down Upon Yourself

Katrina used every opportunity she got to understand her customers and their buying experience, including conducting online surveys and administering questionnaires.

Lessons from Alexis Ohanian

Lesson #1: Don’t Choose Risk-Averse Mentors

People around you can define who you become. These include mentors, friends, and relatives. It was Alex’s mentor who encouraged him to take the life-changing risk of holding a press tour.

Lesson #2: Hold on to Your Perspective

You should stick to what you believe in regardless of the challenges that you face. Alex had the worst experience as an entrepreneur. His dog died, his girlfriend went into a coma, and his mother was diagnosed with cancer. All that never changed his perception.

Lesson #3: Never Underestimate your Success

What Alex achieved in one year with his Reddit was beyond his expectations. When starting a business, be ready for such surprises.

Lesson #4: Define Friendship and Business Differently

The friends you partner with or employ in your business should know the difference between friendship and business. Interview them to learn more about them before engaging.

Lessons from Indra Nooyi

Lesson #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

Indra Nooyi was born in India, where women were expected to grow, get married, and take care of the children and the aged. She defied the norms to become who she dreamed. She also changed the way things were being done at PepsiCo when she took over.

Lesson #2: You Aren’t the CEO at Home

The story of Indra explains the need to have a perfect work-life balance. Leave your crown on your desk when leaving the office.

Lesson #3: Become a Lifelong Student

As an entrepreneur, you always learn. Be ready to be a student for the rest of your life when starting a business. It offers you more experience than what you can possibly learn in the classroom.

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