LEE's Web Hacking (Cross Site Scripting , SQL Injection)

This course is designed for web hacking skills for only basic users
More information of web hacking skills and more safety web site for them.


  • Just need to know about HTML/PHP , Web-programming skills and MYSQL database or likely.


@ All Videos in this course have "ENGLISH-CAPTIONS" !!!! 

This course is very simple but has interesting content.

  • The most famous skills to attack the web server.

  • Even when you don't have a computer, Just watching it in the subway or bus then you can get the knowledge about interesting hacking skills.

  • Designed by the instructor who has the experience of the Institute about Hacking / Security for 20years.

  • It is designed like an E-Book.

Just for To make it easier to see on your smartphone or tablet.

  • As you know, If you don't know well about it, it would be a very mysterious and strange world.

  • However, you will find that hacking can happen in more common spots.

  • After taking my course, The idea that only great skill can stop hacking will change a little.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web programmer or likely.

Course content

3 sections8 lectures40m total length
  • Introduction
  • How does it work ? The XSS Attacks.
  • The Real XSS Attack that The Bad Hackers want


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Also, I have experience for teaching for "The Police Cyber Crime Investigation TEAM" in South Korea (Seoul) for "HOW To USE LINUX Firewall" and "HOW To Attack The Web server throughout The Firewall based on RedHat LINUX (iptables & ipchains/Snort/Suricata)" and How to get the Information from the web server and to attack with TCP/UDP Flooding Tools that was created by C-RawSocket in LINUX".

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And I made iPhone Game and Android Game for Publishing for 5 years.

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