Learn Vedic Astrology Part 1
4.3 (1,030 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,217 students enrolled

Learn Vedic Astrology Part 1

Learn astronomy for astrologers, planetary & sign characteristics, Rahu & Ketu mythology, and pick up online resources.
4.3 (1,030 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,217 students enrolled
Created by Janet M Perez
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Understand the Fundamental Principles of Vedic Astrology.
  • Understand basic Astronomy principles for an Astrologer.
  • Understand each planet's archetypal characteristics.
  • Understand the different sign's (constellations) qualities.
  • Understand the 4 Goals in Life and the 12 House's meanings.
  • Learn about the Moon's Nodes: Rahu & Ketu
  • Gather basic information of other astrological free online resources.
  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginners level.

In this course you will establish a solid foundation in your Vedic Astrology studies preparing you for parts 2 and 3.  Vedic Astrology (also known as Jyotish) is an extremely valuable tool that you can use personally or for the benefit of others.  Jyotish, in Sanskrit means "light"; it shines a light on your karmic path so that you can get to know yourself better in an objective matter enabling you to make better life choices.  

Before you can learn how to read a North Indian chart you need to know how the universe is arranged (astronomy), what the planets mean and how the signs influence the planets that live within them.  In addition, you should understand the special house meanings and how the moon's nodes are formed.  The nodes unique to Vedic Astrology are known as Rahu and Ketu - what fascinating mythology behind their creation.  Finally, become familiar with a few free online resources that are sure to facilitate your Jyotish studies without "breaking your bank".

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about their behavioral tendencies.
  • Aspiring Vedic Astrologers who want to have their own clientele.
  • Psychologists or anyone interested in an "Objective Psycho-Analysis Tool"
  • Counselors or Life Coaches
Course content
Expand all 64 lectures 08:12:37
+ Introduction to Vedic Astrology
2 lectures 10:01

What is Vedic Astrology (known as Jyotish in Sanskrit)?  Why would you want to study Vedic Astrology and what it may do for you?

Preview 04:19

Learn at least 10 differences that exist between Vedic and Western Astrology.

What is the difference between Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology?
+ Astronomy for Astrologers
4 lectures 33:08

Learn in which order the planets orbit the Sun; how the Celestial Sphere is divided; the Earth's Tilt and the difference between the Heliocentric & Geocentric Systems.

Astronomy for Astrologers

Visualize the Earth's Tilt and how this affects the Vernal & Autumnal Equinoxes and the Summer & Winter Solstices.

What Causes Earth's Seasons?

Understand what affects the Sun and the Moon's gravity have on planet Earth and how that differentiates both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac.

Precession of the Earth

Be able to describe in detail how both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs differ in degrees.  You will be able to communicate to your clients why they may not be the "Sign" they think they are. If you don't have an iOS phone, you can get either AstroLapp or Sky Map on an Android phone instead of the Sky Guide on your iPhone.

+ The Planets
9 lectures 01:17:38

Study the meaning of the planets very seriously; be meticulous in remembering what it is that they represent 'archetypically'.  This will help your studies of Jyotish tremendously!

Before You Study the Planets

Explain how The Planetary Cabinet is derived (there is a particular order in which it is established).

The Planetary Cabinet

Understand the Sun's archetypical qualities.

The Sun

Understand the Moon's archetypical qualities.

The Moon

Understand Mar's archetypical qualities.


Understand Mercury's archetypical qualities.


Understand Jupiter's archetypical qualities.


Understand Venus's archetypical qualities.

Preview 12:24

Understand Saturn's archetypical qualities.

+ The Signs
8 lectures 01:08:22

How many constellations are there?  Why do we choose particular constellations and make them a zodiac sign?  Does location make a difference in which constellations I see?  How do I say "Sign" in Sanskrit?

Preview 08:51

Identify the differentiating modalities of a Sign, its elemental quality, and gender characteristics. Note that one of my students, Shubham Goel, just sent me the PDF file for the Signs and Rulers.  Wow, what an incredible job he did...good job Shubham!

Planets Rule which Signs?

This question requires deep thinking more than mere identification abilities.

How should you think of the Ruler of a Sign?
1 question

Are you able to identify where the Constellations lie?  In other words, do you know how to read the North Indian Chart and know where the Signs are in the chart?  The words Constellation and Signs are interchangeable.  Constellation is the word astronomers use and Sign is the word astrologers use, yet they are pretty much the same thing.  You must note though that Signs are limited to 30 degrees to keep the houses equal, yet in nature, Constellations are not a "neat 30 degrees".

Constellation Identification
1 question

The Sun and Moon each rule one sign each.

Sun and Moon Ruled Signs

Mercury rules 2 Signs.

Mercury Ruled Signs

Venus rules 2 Signs.

Venus Ruled Signs

Mars rules 2 Signs.

Mars Ruled Signs

Jupiter rules 2 Signs.

Jupiter Ruled Signs

Saturn rules 2 Signs.

Saturn Ruled Signs

Each Sign has a Ruler.  Just like the house that you live in right now; there is one person who says how that household will be run - it's the same in astrology.  "As above, so below."  Therefore, it is important to be able to identify who rules the sign/house.  You haven't learned about houses, yet you can think of the blocks as houses which are occupied by a Sign/Constellation.

Sign Rulership
1 question
+ North Indian Chart
4 lectures 51:32

Locate where the houses are placed on the chart and how to know what signs they are in?  Determine whether the native was born during the day or night?  Locate the 4 Directions (East, West, North, and South) on the North Indian Chart.

How to Read a North Indian Chart

Are you able to identify where the horizon is in a North Indian Chart?

Horizon Identification
1 question

Describe Proper Motion versus Diurnal Motion of planets.  Identify the planet's Diurnal Motions to later be able to understand "Transits" (Gochara).

Planetary Motions

Actually see how I draw a chart and review some of the common astrology language (Lord, Ruler, Dispositor, Lagna, Ascendent, Rising, ect.), and was the birth a day or night birth?

How to Read a Chart Demonstration Part A

I explain in great detail how to break down the degrees for the Planetary Diurnal and Proper Motions (Gochara) and how to draw a chart manually.

How to Read North Indian Chart Part B
+ The Houses (Bhavas)
17 lectures 01:31:34

Specific to Vedic Astrology are 4 Goals in Life and the North Indian Chart is divided into these 3 sections (Houses 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12).

The 4 Goals in Life (Purusharthas)

Be able to identify the meaning of each Purusqhartha in your "real life" and what it might mean to the individual's particular life.

The 4 Goals in Life
1 question

Specific to Vedic Astrology, the houses are further categorized into another type of "Special Hose Meanings".

Special House Meanings

How well are you able to identify what these Special House Meanings might mean in "real life" statements?

Special House Meanings
1 question

Learn what is the other meanings are for houses 3, 6, 9, and the 12.  What do they all have in common?  Learning their special meanings will add a lot of value to chart interpretation.  The more you learn the nuances of each house, the better and richer your 'readings' will be.

Apoklima Houses

Learn the Special Meanings of Houses 2, 5, 8, and 11.  What do they all have in common?  The more "house meanings" you learn, the better your chart interpretation.  It will be in these little variations that you will be able to differentiate the variances in houses that look alike.

Panaphara Houses

Before describing each house individually, you will learn a quick method of remembering each house's meaning.

House (Bhava) Meanings Overall

Are you able to quickly identify which house is related to which body part and why?

Overall House Meanings
1 question

Learn the 1st House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

1st House

Learn the 2nd House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

2nd House

Learn the 3rd House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

3rd House

Learn the 4th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

4th House

Learn the 5th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

5th House

Learn the 6th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

6th House

Learn the 7th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

7th House

Learn the 8th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

8th House

Learn the 9th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

9th House

Learn the 10th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

10th House

Learn the 11th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

11th House

Learn the 12th House's meanings, Bhava Karaka, and Sanskrit name.

12th House
+ Rahu and Ketu
4 lectures 36:54

Understand the different phases of the Moon from Full Moon to Full Moon and how you would identify it on a chart.

The Moon's Phases

Without the use of an Astrology Software program, are you able to identify what phase the Moon is in on the North Indian Chart?

May you identify quickly the Phase of the Moon?
1 question

Understand how a Lunar & Solar Eclipse are formed astronomically.  Identify how the North and South Lunar Nodes are formed.

Lunar & Solar Eclipse

Without looking at an Ephemeris, are you able to look at a North Indian Chart and be able to tell whether the person was born during a Solar or Lunar Eclipse?

May you identify quickly the a Solar or Lunar Eclipse?
1 question

Remember the significators of Rahu and Ketu by learning the myth behind these "Shadowy Planets".

Preview 07:57

Understand the various descriptors of these 2 imaginary planets for chart interpretation.

Rahu & Ketu's Characteristics

After learning some meanings regarding the Graha Ketu, how may you use that information to make a generic statement regarding a chart?

What does Ketu possibly mean in this chart?
1 question
+ Basic Chart Interpretation
6 lectures 01:04:49

It is important to know that even though this field of study does not require a 'license' to be able to practice, it does require the utmost respect and ethical consideration when commencing to look into peoples' charts.  Jyotish is a POWERFUL tool and it should be respected as such.  Understand what qualities you should embody according to the two main books on Vedic Astrology.

Preview 08:00

Here are a few steps for you to consider when you first open up a chart on your software program and look at a new chart.  Like any other study, you should try to get into the habit of consistently having a process to follow when you start your chart interpretation.  Some of the steps will involve you taking Parts 2 & 3 of this Vedic Astrology Series on Udemy, yet I mention them here so that you know what to expect and what to look for in the future as you become more proficient in your studies.

Where Do I Start?

What are some of the factors and indications that you are looking for when you 'analyze' the First House?  

First House Analysis

What do you need to consider when you 'analyze' the Moon and why is it important to analyze the Moon, lets say instead of the Sun?

The Moon's Condition

What does this mean?  What "Inner" Condition?  "Outer" Condition?  I am not buying paint (interior and exterior paint).  This video will explain how to differentiate why some people might have a lot of money and status and not be happy.

The "Inner" and "Outer" Conditions

We talk a lot about the Lord (the Ruler of the House), yet we need to learn why it is so important to learn what the Lord really 'stands for'?

Why does 'Analyzing' the Lord so Important?
+ Online Resources
8 lectures 53:04

Identify which is the BEST Vedic Astrology software program if you own a PC or if you own a MAC.

Which is the best Vedic Astrology software program?

A step-by-step lecture on how you may set up your "Standard Page" on the Jyotish software program (on Windows only).  This will be your 'go to' page to read the chart, get its Panchang, its corresponding Dasha Table, and much more.

How to set up your Standard Page on Sri Jyoti Star

A step-by-step lecture on how you may set up your "Transits Page" on the Jyotish software program (on Windows only).  This will be your 'go to' page to see where the planets are currently as opposed to a fixed chart (the chart under investigation). Later in your studies (especially when you get to Part 4), you can use this to further advance your studies with Gochara (Transit Analysis).

Preview 16:34

Be able to choose the correct Ayanamsha for your software settings.  In addition, choose the correct Rahu/Ketu setting (True or Mean Node)? 

What Ayanamsha and RA/KE Settings should I use?

Starry Night is a great App for you to look at the Geocentric and Heliocentric Models so that you can get a "feel" of astronomy and compare it to your Jyotish Software program or a Sidereal Ephemeris to know what the upcoming transits will be, or to simply look at what the sky looks like.

Starry Night App College Edition

At this point, you don't have the extra cash to invest in an expensive software program so which website may you go to in order to print out a Free North Indian Chart?

Where can I get the best Free Online North Indian Chart?

You want to start practicing Vedic Astrology, but you don't have enough people to practice with.  So where do you go online to get some famous people's birth times, dates, and locations of birth to start?

Where can I get Famous People's Birth Information?

If at this stage you are interested in getting an astrological reading, I suggest these two individuals.  Check out their websites here.

Where Should I Get a Reading From?
+ Final Thoughts and Thank You!
2 lectures 05:35

If planets could draw a picture, what would they draw for you? Take a look at this very short video of the planet's orbit in the universe. They are ALL moving, just for you. Look what they drew for you.

Sky Show

Recite the Student Ending Invocation to finalize your course of study in Sanskrit.

Final Thoughts and Thank You!