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SQL (Structured Query Language)

SQL stands for “Structured Query Language” and can be pronounced as “SQL” or “sequel – (Structured English Query Language)”.SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to modify and access data or information from a storage area called database.

SQL Commands:

SQL commands are instructions used to communicate with the database to perform specific task that work with data.

Data Definition Language (DDL) - These SQL commands are used for creating, modifying, and dropping the structure of database objects. The commands are CREATE, ALTER, DROP, RENAME, and TRUNCATE.

Data Manipulation Language (DML) - These SQL commands are used for storing, retrieving, modifying, and deleting data. These commands are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

Transaction Control Language (TCL) - These SQL commands are used for managing changes affecting the data. These commands are COMMIT, ROLLBACK, and SAVEPOINT.

Data Control Language (DCL) - These SQL commands are used for providing security to database objects. These commands are GRANT and REVOKE.


CREATE TABLE table name

(column_name1 datatype,

column_name2 datatype,

column name datatype


table name - is the name of the table.

column_name1, column_name2.... - is the name of the columns

datatype - is the datatype for the column like char, date, number etc.

Many more examples on SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2019

Will try to cover sql performance tuning and trouble shooting concepts as well.

how to create jobs in sql agents and trouble shooting concepts

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