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Learn basics of NoSQL and MongoDB
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Concept of NoSQL database
CAP theorem
Types of NoSQL databases
MongoDB installation on Windows
Overview the MongoDB and Create the MongoDB database
CRUD operations in MongoDB
Sorting Documents


  • A basic knowledge of programming concepts


The excessive use of the internet has resulted in massive collection of structured, semi structured and unstructured data. The need to process and store this data in a timely and cost effective way has led to the adoption of the computer cluster and distributed systems. NoSQL databases are more efficient to handle such rapidly evolving massive unstructured data as compare to traditional relational databases.

MongoDB is a document oriented NoSQL database built on a scale-out architecture that has become popular with developers of all kinds who are building scalable applications using agile methodologies. MongoDB was built for people who are building internet and business applications who need to evolve quickly and scale elegantly. MongoDB is one of the new open source databases . MongoDB has always focused on providing developers an excellent user experience, which, in addition to all its other properties, has made MongoDB a favorite of developers worldwide for a huge variety of applications.

This course is for beginners in MongoDB. This course covers basics of NoSQL and MongoDB database. It will start by introducing NoSQL database and its need, CAP theorem, types of NoSQL databases, MongoDB overview, installation, creation of a database and collection, basic commands, performing CRUD operations and sorting operation.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wish to learn the concepts of NoSQL and MongoDB


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Poonam Fegade is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of MCA, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik, Maharashtra. She has completed her post-graduation in MCA(Master of Computer Application). She has total 12 years of teaching experience. Her area of interest includes Databases, Data Mining and Data Science.

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