Learning Chinese Pinyin; Numbers

Get to know how to pronounce Chinese in a right way without a foreign accent; understand the difference among 5 tones;
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Chinese Pinyin system


  • NO any reqirement, this video will help you getting start


Hello everyone! In this course, I will open a door to all the beginners, and make sure everyone can grasp all the details in Pinyin system, how to recognize  finals (simple ones, compound ones), initials, tones, tone changes; How to count in Chinese. Hope this will help you all, Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • The beginner student who want to learn Chinese Mandarin

Course content

1 section7 lectures55m total length
  • Chinese Pinyin--Simple finals
  • Chinese Pinyin--Initials
  • Chinese Pinyin--Compound finals
  • Chinese Pinyin--Tones
  • Chinese Pinyin-Tone changes
  • Chinese Pinyin--Comparisons
  • Numbers


Your Chinese Teacher
Jie Luo
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  • 579 Students
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Hi Everyone. My name is Jie Luo.  I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Nankai University, Tianjin, China. I continued my master study specializing in Chinese Linguistics in Canada. After that, I started being a language instructor teaching Chinese at a university in Canada.

I love to help my students grasp Chinese, I love to make friends. If you want to learn Chinese, I will try my best to get you on this track. Cheers!