Augmented Reality apps with ARKit and SceneKit on iOS
4.7 (220 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Augmented Reality apps with ARKit and SceneKit on iOS

Build real world apps on iOS using ARKit, SceneKit and SpriteKit - includes all source codes and 3D design files
Highest Rated
4.7 (220 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,395 students enrolled
Created by Romain Derrien
Last updated 1/2019
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This course includes
  • 11 hours on-demand video
  • 15 articles
  • 22 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Understand ARKit and SceneKit using swift
  • Build Augmented reality apps for clients
  • Make money in the new AR Category on the Appstore
  • Create 3D shapes in Augmented reality both in code and using the scene editor from Xcode
  • Measure real distances using the iPhone's camera
  • Interact with 3D objects
  • Add 3D objects to the real world through the phone : on the floor, on a table, on the wall...
  • Detect horizontal and vertical planes in the real world
  • Detect images in the real world
  • Create optical illusions
  • Add animations to 3D objects
  • Use spacial 3D audio in your AR scenes
  • Learn how to use Physics to create games
  • Learn how to use particles to create snow, rain, fire, confettis, and much much more
Course content
Expand all 83 lectures 10:44:57
+ Welcome
3 lectures 23:21
The App
The AR Industry and Trends
+ SceneKit Basics : Design 3D Objects in minutes with Xcode
6 lectures 43:19

You can build almost any shape using primitives, all you need is a little imagination! Learn how to create spheres, cubes and pyramids and place them in the 3D scene as the first step of your AR developer journey. Learn basic skills about lights to get started quickly and get great results each time.

Preview 15:40

Create a pyramid using SceneKit and Swift 4

Preview 04:46

Create the sphere and a box (cube) using swift 4

Sphere and Box with Code

Add a directional and an ambient light to the scene programmatically.

Add Lights to the Scene programmatically
AR Challenge!
Xcode Project - Shapes
+ Solar System without code! (using the Scene Editor)
4 lectures 27:12
Solar System Design

Omnilights create light in all directions, starting for its emission point, acting like a sun.

Omni Light

The source code is available in the next section!

Particle Systems
+ Solar System (only with code this time!)
7 lectures 37:00
Planet custom class
Create Planets with Code
OmniLight with code
Create Stars and the Sun Using particle systems
Add Saturn's Ring
Solar System Source Code
+ Flat Surfaces Detection
10 lectures 01:31:05
Plane Detection Configuration
Design A reusable Anchor Node
Show Detected Surface using Extent
Update Plane sizes for for detected ARAnchors
Deferred Shadows

Occlusion means hiding objects that we shouldn't see, ie a virtual object under a table of behind a wall.

Shadows and Occlusion
NEW ARKit 1.5 : Show ARSCNPlanegeometry
Surface Detection Source Code
Challenge : Magic Hole Optical Illusion
+ Image Detection
4 lectures 12:24
AR Configuration & Resources Folder
Triggering Audio Content (Speech Synthetiser)
Image Detection Source Code
+ Measuring app
7 lectures 01:13:42
Set up ViewController and Storyboard
AR Hit Test
3D Pointer
Smooth Pointer Movement
Measure and Add Line (custom Geometry Extension)
Add 3D text for the measurement
Measure Source Code
+ Spacial Sound
3 lectures 27:46
Design a 3D Drone with animations
Attach a sound file to the droneNode and play it in loop.
Spacial Sound Source Code
+ Physics
6 lectures 51:57
Create the Scene
Create the ArrowNode
Place the GameNode on the Floor in Front of the user
Throw Fireballs!
AR Game Source Code
+ ARKIt with SpriteKit - Emoji AR app
6 lectures 39:58

Create the app project using the Apple Augmented Reality template using SpriteKit. 

Augmented Reality Template using SpriteKit
ARKit + SpriteKit Template overview and cleanup.
User Interface Design in Storyboard
User interface Animations - Open & Close functions
Collection View Protocol
Xcode Project
  • You need an Apple computer (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini)
  • Xcode 10 or higher
  • An iOS Device with an A9 Chip or higher to run your apps (iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and later, iPad 2017, iPad Pro
  • iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Basic Knowledge of Xcode and SWIFT is preferable

* Now including Face tracking *

ARKit was launched in June 2017 by Apple and instantly became the largest AR platform with 350 million compatible devices. ARKit makes it much easier for developers to code augmented reality apps than ever before.

Learn the future of programming with ARKit today and be in demand!

AR is disrupting the world and will become mass market very soon. Don't wait for the crowd, be a leader and innovator in this new exciting field :

Augmented reality is going to change everything we know in the next few years


This course will teach you :

● How to design 3D objects, and text with and without code

● Primitive Geometries, colors/textures/materials, lights, animations, physics and particle systems.

● Physically based rendering for realistic appearance

● How to use Scenekit's built in Physics engine

ARKit fundamentals

● Surface recognition (floor, tables, walls...)

● Image detection (posters, paintings, postcards, magazines, book covers, business cards...) 

● Spacial sound for immersive experiences

● Image detection and Tracking

● Automatic environment texture

● Face tracking and animation (requires iPhone X, Xs, XsPlus or Xr)


You can try all the ARKit projects you will learn right now on your device. Look for "Augmented Reality App" on the App Store.


All source codes and 3D design materials are included and easy to re-use in your commercial apps and projects - This will save you countless hours, which is priceless
Furthermore, you will learn the key concepts of good user experience in Augmented Reality apps!

People are hungry for amazing AR experiences but today there is a lack of "killer AR Apps" on the App Store. This is a huge opportunity to get in early before it becomes a crowded space! 

Big brands are looking for skilled ARKit developers as augmented reality is already available on 380 million iOS devices, but the technology is so new that there is a lack of trained ARKit iOS developers. 

AR Games are gaining in popularity since Pokemon Go, but even in gaming, there is a shortage of good AR apps that people are raving about. What is your app idea? Could it make you the next app millionaire?!


After completing this course, you will be ahead of the game! The Mobile AR Market is about to grow exponentially, so you will be in a great position to dominate the AR app section of the AppStore and hopefully make your creative ideas come to reality within a few weeks thanks to ARKit.

ARKit is here to stay, and we are only at the beginning as all the big brands are investing heavily in Augmented Reality platforms. Apple is betting big on ARKit and wants to feature your awesome ARKit apps as soon as possible! 



● Design 3D Shapes and add colors using the scene editor (no code required, infinite possibilities!)
● Build the exact same with code only using SWIFT 4.1 & the SceneKit Framework from Apple.
● Create Animated scenes using SCNActions (with and without code again!)
● Physics


● Horizontal surface detection
● Vertical surface detection
● Image detection
● Shadows
● Occlusion : Make objects disappear behind a door or under a table
● Spacial Sound : For truly immersive Augmented Reality experiences, use 3D sound to delight your users
● AR Game
● Design with particle systems : add realistic smoke, fire, stars and much more to your AR Scenes
● Measure real world distances with iPhone.
● Create optical illusions!

● Face tracking and animation

● Play videos in AR

● Using Arkit for virtual reality : play 360 videos


● display 2D content and create AR apps using SpriteKit

Introduction to SpriteKit in a simple section. Learn how to use SpriteKit with ARKit to display simple 2D elements like text and emojis.


Augmented Reality programming can be daunting at first sight but this course will give you the confidence to build your  own AR apps and grow your coding skills using Apple's latest and hottest framework ARKit, step by step, at your own pace. 

● We will design a 3D drone from scratch in Xcode and make it fly around the user 

● We will throw fireballs to Destroy a pyramid of bricks, right from your living room!

● We will build a portable hole like in Roger Rabbit! (that one is a challenge actually, are you up for it?)

● We will create and animate a 3D Face using Apple's latest hardware : the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Plus or Xr and perform AR on the selfie camera on people's face like in Instagram stories and Snapchat. We will learn how to use camera filters and lenses to interact with people's live emotions.

If you read all the way to this line, you know this is the right course for you! And after all, there is no risk as you can ask a full refund with 30 days if the course is not for you... I'm sure you'll love it though! I had so much fun recording it and can't wait to see what you build too!

Come and learn ARKit and start your Augmented Reality Career today!

Who this course is for:
  • iOS Developers who want to make Augmented Reality apps
  • Indie Game Developers who want to get into AR
  • iOS Freelancers who need to stay on top of iOS Frameworks
  • Developers who want to get ready for the new wave of devices coming soon : smart AR glasses.
  • Designers who want to get into 3D and experience / show their portfolio in Augmented reality
  • Architects who want to design real size models in AR and load them in apps
  • Side project developers who want to have fun with Apple's latest technology