Learn Ukrainian Through Poetry

Volodymyr Sosyura "I love"
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Become familiar with a biography and poems of a famous Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Sosyura
Read, translate and analyze Volodymyr Sosyura's poem "I love"
Become familiar with allusions, vocabulary, idioms, tone that are not easy to translate into another language
Use the vocabulary in daily life
Practice listening and speaking skills


  • Intermediate level of Ukrainian language
  • Interest to expand vocabulary with poetic expressions


Poetry has a place in our curriculum. It can be taught as part of reading, writing, and language lessons. Poetry can add additional value to our studies.

Moreover, poetry employs language to evoke and exalt special qualities of life, andsuffices readers with feelings. It is particularly lyric poetry which is based on feelings and provides still another emotional benefit. Poetry is one of the most effective and powerful transmitters of culture. Poems comprise so many cultural elements - allusions, vocabulary, idioms, tone that are not easy to translate into another language.

Volodymyr Soryura is a famous Ukrainian poem. I believe every Ukrainian knows about him. His works are widely studied at school. The poem I chose for the course is not the most popular among readers but it is still beautiful. Moreover, it is not as difficult for you to read and understand it. That was basically the main reason to choose this poem for the course. The poem will definitely make your language beautiful and give you an insight on Ukrainian poetry in general.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Ukrainian poetry


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