Learn Ubuntu Desktop from scratch

Ubuntu Desktop (Linux) Tutorials Level 0
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Ubuntu Desktop OS
How to donwload Ubuntu Desktop
How to install Ubuntu
Basic Tasks inside Ubuntu
Ubuntu Online Accounts
Ubuntu Windows and Applications
Ubuntu Settings
Ubuntu Networks
Ubuntu Files and Folders


  • Simple knowledge about computers
  • Simple knowledge about Operating Systems
  • Simple knowledge about Virtual machines


ubuntu online training - Ubuntu Desktop Course - Level 0 - ubuntu course for beginners


Hello everybody,

Welcome in this series of lessons about the Ubuntu desktop operating system

-Presented by: SystemAC Channel

-Eng: Mohamed Elnmr


The course Audience:

- All IT, computer Students

- All operating systems Students

- Who desire learning Ubuntu OS

- Who desire operating systems

- Who like linux systems

- beginners in Ubuntu

- beginners in linux

- Who search for windows alternatives

- Who want another operating system besides windows


The Course Contents:

Intro: Overview about Ubuntu

Lesson 1: download ubuntu desktop

Lesson 2: install ubuntu desktop

Lesson 3: the basic tasks insdide ubuntu

Lesson 4: the online accounts inside ubuntu

Lesson 5: ubuntu gnome GUI user interface explained

Lesson 6: how to customize ubuntu desktop

Lesson 7: how to deal with applications and windows

Lesson 8: all about networks and web inside ubuntu

Lesson 9: explanation of media files

Lesson 10: files and folder inside ubuntu desktop


About Author:

- Peace be upon you

- I am Muhammad Al-Nmr, a computer and systems engineer

- I graduated from the College of Engineering

- Department of Computers and Systems

- Mansoura University, 2012

- I worked for several years as a teacher and trainer

- For computers and IT

- After that, I specialized in

- The field of computer operating systems

- I decided to set up my own channel

- To offer computer systems courses

- I aim to facilitate the provision of

- Educational and training services in computer systems

- For all students of information technology

- And computer science and others who desire the field

- Thank you


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Who this course is for:

  • Ubuntu Beginners
  • Linux Beginners
  • IT, Computers Students


Computer and Systems Engineer
Mohamed Elnmr
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I'm Mohamed Elnmr, computer&Systems Engineer,

I've graduated from faculty of engineering, department of computers and systems at 2012,

I have my own channel "SystemAC", that introduces courses in the system administration filed includes "Servers, Operating Systems, Windows, Linux, Networks and others"

I've introduced courses like:

- Server Administration Course

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And I inspire to introduce courses in networks, Intel, Programming, Protocols as overview and basis for the introduction to operating system courses such as Linux administration

Hope all benefits


Mohamed Elnmr