Simple Turkish Course: Daily Conversations for Beginners

If you are going to visit Turkey and do not have much time to learn Turkish, this course is for you.
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238 students
56min of on-demand video

Will be able to introduce himself/herself in Turkish.
Will be able to greet easily in Turkish.
Will be able to construct Turkish sentences.
He will be able to become like a local by communicating with the people around him.
She will be able to buy something by expressing herself while shopping.
He will be able to communicate comfortably when he wants to eat something in the restaurant.


  • be interested in Turkish.
  • No knowledge base is required.
  • Pronunciation of words is similar to English. Therefore, it is recommended that students who do not use the Latin alphabet watch what is said twice.


Are you going to visit Turkey soon, do you want to learn Turkish in a simple way? Do you want to communicate with Turks but take courses for long hours? Do you have few time to learn Turkish?

you will learn at this course;

  • greeting,

  • meeting,

  • Shopping,

  • Asking for Adress,

  • Ordering Food,

I offer you in this course on topics such as, many different information from colors to numbers, and things related to Turkish culture. If you want to speak Turkish simply in a fun and fast way. You can join me...

Want to travel to Turkey but don't want to study for long hours? Are you afraid of drowning in boring grammar and not being able to learn Turkish? Don't you want to learn words and concepts that won't work for you? Then this course is for you. Our course has been prepared in an optimal way and includes greetings, meeting, shopping, asking for addresses and ordering food sections. In this way, students who will travel to Turkey will simply learn Turkish word structures and express themselves. With this course, you will be able to meet someone who can easily introduce yourself and you will learn the basic concepts you need while traveling. You will be able to shop and ask for addresses on your own. In this way, you will feel like a local. When you go to the restaurant, you will be able to order and do not forget to thank the waiter. While you are enjoying Turkish food, you will also taste the language and culture. There is also additional information that I think is useful in the course content. Don't forget to take your pen and notebook with you ;)

Who this course is for:

  • Those who do not have time to learn Turkish for long hours, but want to know a little bit of Turkish because they will visit Turkey.
  • Those who want to learn Turkish in a simple way.
  • Students who love to learn a new language, are curious about different structures in the language and are interested in the language


Fun and Experienced Turkish Tutor on Udemy
Ahmet Denizer
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 4 Reviews
  • 238 Students
  • 1 Course

* Hello, my name is Ahmet. *I teach our beautiful Turkish to those who want to learn Turkish as a hobby, to those who want to visit Turkey, to those who want to make their Turkish fluent, to those who want to teach their children a beautiful and enjoyable Turkish education.

* I love to travel the world. Philosophy, psychology, culture, religion, etc. I'm into the subject.

* I have a master's degree in philosophy of religion. I have a thesis on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence - philosophy of consciousness and religion. I am currently dealing with the economy.

*I have traveled to more than 10 countries in Europe and Asia. I love getting to know different cultures.

* I have been continuing my teaching experience, which I started in my student life, as a professional teacher for 5 years. I have a certificate of teaching Turkish as a foreign language (TOMER). I can speak English well. I can also speak Arabic.

For me, language teaching is not just about memorizing grammar. Therefore, by teaching the language in its entirety, I also promote Turkish culture.

If you want to learn Turkish in a fun, systematic, educational and easy way according to your needs, if you want to deepen in Turkish, understand the logic of the language and continue with an experienced, professional, certified and entertaining teacher in this process, you can look at my courses. I'm waiting for you all.

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