Learn to create a 2D Racing car game for FREE PART 2.

Learn how to create a cool 2D top down racing car game with the unity game engine.
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Learn everything about the unity game engine.
We will be using visual studio for c# scripting.
We will be using c# scripting to move the AI cars around the track.
There will also be animation within the game, which i will teach you the basics.


  • You will need to download unity and visual studio which is free and then be willing to learn game design.
  • Basic understanding of the C# language and Unity



In my course we will start at the bottom and work our way up to advanced game design like AI path finding, we will be creating a car controller and many features with in our game.

This course is designed for beginner level and up as i will explain everything in best detail as i can, at the end of the course we will have made a racing car game like micro machines which in the 1980's was an amazing car game.

In this part of the course you will learn

Fixing the exhaust smoke effect and explaining the sorting layers

Setting up the cars speedometer

Using c# code to move the speedometer

Adjusting our camera

Creating the cars dust trail effect

Coding our dust trail

Creating our race track

Adding tool sprites to build our track with edge colliders

Fixing car collision and showing my track

Creating lap time & best time in the UI

Who this course is for:

  • Students that want to learn to be a game designer.

Course content

3 sections10 lectures1h 57m total length
  • Fixing the exhaust smoke effect and explaining the sorting layers
  • Setting up the cars speedometer
  • Using c# code to move the speedometer
  • Adjusting our camera
  • Creating the cars dust trail effect
  • Coding our dust trail


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Hello i have at least 4 years experience with unity, i do all my own art work and love making video games, i am a very hard working person that puts everything into what i do best and will be working with unity for years to come.

As a teacher i thrive on helping people make video games

So jump right in and lets make video games together with a teacher that has been playing platform & car games all his life.

See you soon!