Learn the secrets of Blockchain in less than an hour

Understand the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Learn how can you use blockchain at your company
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A good high level understanding of blockchain - components, working, and case studies
Architectural constructs that Blockchain provides using the case studies


  • None, just the interest in learning about Blockchain


Blockchain is the magic sauce that makes the cryptocurrencies run. It's a radical new way of thinking and operating. This technology is claimed to be as revolutionary as the internet itself. 

We will start with an overview of how blockchain works. Secondly, we will review the fundamentals components of blockchain that make it so disruptive. Then we will look at some Blockchain tools that you so can use to develop secure and fault-tolerant processes or systems. Lastly, to get you started thinking about how to use Blockchain we will look at several unconventional case studies from different industries.

I have tried to keep all the technical jargon out so it is easy to follow along no matter what your background or experience level is. 

You do not need any background in Bitcoin trading, understanding of cryptocurrencies, finance or technology to benefit from this course. All you need is a bit of imagination and pioneer mindset to see how you can leverage this technology. 

Note: Adjust the player speed based on your comfort level with the content and my articulation rate. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about Blockchain as a concept
  • Everything you need to know to get started with Blockchain

Course content

5 sections21 lectures34m total length
  • Introduction
  • Define what is Blockchain
  • Traditional Banking (simplified) vs. Blockchain
  • Blockchain end to end
  • Blockchain basics
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Cyber Security, Blockchain and Cloud Advisor
Abhi Singh
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I'm a cyber security and technology consultant. For past 18 years I have helped several Fortune 100 companies successfully adopt disruptive technologies.

More recently I have been helping my clients on transitioning to cloud and leverage blockchain to improve their existing architecture. 

Advise senior leadership (CIO, CRO,CFO, CISO) at large financial services clients solve challenging Cyber Security and Technology issues such as Threat Detection, SOC Automation, Security Analytics, Governance and Strategy. This includes:
• Leading clients in designing, deploying and managing repeatable strategic solutions
• Identify and conduct proof of concepts demonstrative value of upcoming disruptive technology trends such as Blockchain, serverless computing
• Advising clients on upcoming technology and cyber risk trends