Learn the Fundamentals of JavaScript By Building Tetris

This is a great course for those of you who have never touched code before or those of you with some basic understanding
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The fundamentals of JavaScript
Setting up your code editor
Understanding the command prompt tool
The basics of HTML
Understanding CSS


  • This is a course for people who have never coded and would like to learn


Hi, my name is Ania and I am a Software Developer. Welcome to my javaScript tutorial for beginners.

In this course, you will learn how to set up a project from scratch using the Atom code editor and your command prompt tool, as well as gain a fundamental understanding of JavaScript by building your very own version of Tetris.

This is a great course for those of you who have never touched code before or those of you with some basic understanding of JavaScript, that would like to go over the fundamentals again.

This course consists of explainer videos that will run you through concepts such as 'Explaining Variables', 'What is a Function and how we use it', 'Understanding Arrays', and many more. These explainer videos are dotted throughout the Tetris project and play when we start to discover each javaScript concept or method. These explainer videos consist of imagery and diagrams for those of you who are visual learners. There are also multiple-choice questions at the end of selected lectures.

In this game of Tetris we will be covering the following inbuilt JavaScript methods:

  • addEventListener()

  • querySelector()

  • querySelectorAll()

  • keyCode()

  • Math.floor()

  • Math.random()

  • length

  • forEach()

  • splice()

  • clearInterval()

  • setInterval()

  • some()

  • innerHTML()

  • every()

  • add()

  • remove()

  • contains()

Who this course is for:

  • For complete beginners curious about JavaScript

Course content

4 sections19 lectures1h 34m total length
  • Introduction


Software Developer
Ania Kubow
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Former financier turned Software Developer with a passion for teaching others through visual learning.

My name is Ania and I am a Software Developer passionate about teaching others how to code with the help of building super simple grid-based games. my current Tutorials include; Tetris, Pacman, Nokia 3310 Snake, Space Invaders, and many more.

I like to produce YouTube content on the side, so if you have time, please do check out my YouTube channel. Simply search me by name and hopefully you will find loads of cool projects for you to code along to.