Become an instant magician with the best Simple Magic Tricks
3.5 (57 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Become an instant magician with the best Simple Magic Tricks

Magicians most guarded secrets are tricks which are EASY to master & get BIG reactions. Become an instant magician now!
3.5 (57 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,185 students enrolled
Created by Selim Tolga
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What you'll learn
  • perform the best SIMPLE and AMAZING magic tricks
  • do magic with everyday objects
  • perform magic in different environments
  • become an instant magician
  • become a master in impromptu magic
  • amaze your friends
  • be a star at your party
  • master the very best simple and easy magic tricks
  • no pre knowledge needed
  • everybody can start immediately
  • all ages are welcomed
  • most of the tricks are using things you already have at home

LARGEST magic course with the MOST students on Udemy bringing you the very BEST simple and EASY magic tricks you can master in minutes. These tricks are magicians best kept secrets (because they are so easy to learn and get so amazing reactions). All SIMPLE magic tricks are using everyday objects, stuff you already have! That's by the way the magic that impresses people the most!





You always wanted to become a magician or you never imagined that it could be so easy to learn…or you tried and failed, because the tricks were to difficult..

Explore the very best simple magic tricks for amazing reactions. You can learn these magic tricks in minutes. Start immediately without buying expensive magic props. The magic tricks you learn in this course are the magic you will love and really us. All videos show you first the performance view followed by an easy to follow explanation from your angle (with music and additional text descriptions).


I'm Selim Tolga, professional Magician. I have been performing magic for more than 18 years. During this time I collected the very BEST simple magic tricks everybody can learn in minutes. It's time to share them with you!


Imagine being the star at your next party. Just grab a few things from your friends and AMAZE them.


On Youtube you can find many magic tricks revealed. But only a few of them are really practical, easy to learn and get big reactions. So way waste your time there when you can have ONE collection here of the BEST simple magic tricks. And best part: I continuously add more and more tricks.

  • If you want to perform simple magic tricks, this course is for you.
  • If you want to become a magician over night, this course is for you.
  • If you want to use everyday objects to perform magic, this course is for you.

It doesn't matter if you have zero knowledge about magic. I guide you step by step. You will learn:

  • 168 videos teaching you the best SIMPLE magic tricks:
  • easy magic tricks
  • easy card magic tricks
  • easy coin magic tricks
  • easy mind magic tricks
  • easy bar magic tricks
  • bets and magic puzzles
  • easy kids magic tricks
  • easy math magic tricks
  • compilation simple magic tricks teaching videos (each teaching you 10 simple magic trick with one object)
  • advanced simple magic trick teaching videos
  • more to come!

As with all my courses:

  • you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever
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  • there's an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee
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Get this course NOW and perform your first amazing magic trick already TODAY.

Who this course is for:
  • everybody who is interested in magic
  • all age groups
  • people who have only little time
  • people who like to use everyday objects to perform magic
  • students who are looking for SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE magic tricks
Course content
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+ Easy Magic Tricks
25 lectures 45:43

This is an excellent easy magic trick you can learn in minutes. Great to involve your friends! They can freely place the coin on any card. You have then two outcomes: Either they place it on a $ card and you show all blank cards (you could tell: "I did not know that you can do magic as well and find the only $ card") or they put it on a blank card and you show all $ cards (you could tell: "Never try to win money with a magician). You can come up with your own ideas and put other symbols on the cards.

Your spectator chooses the only special card

The torn & restored rope trick is a classic in magic. It uses however slight of hand. With this easy to master alternative you have the same effect! It's also very impromptu. Just a cord and a straw. You can go a step further and hand out several spectators straws and cords and tell them "to do as you do". At the end only you can restore your cord of course. This is a perfect piece for a party with your friends.

Torn and restored cord

Carry business cards in your wallet? Hand them out in a magical way. This is perfect after you have performed a few tricks and now you hand them out your business card. But their seems to be a problem. It's blank on both sides. But you are a magician now! A magical gesture and your business card is printed by magic. You can combine this trick with "Lecture 139, VANISHING CARD". First you print it, then vanish and reappear it!

Do magic with your business card

You can also use a rope. Best works a thinner scarf because even people from behind can not see that double loop.

Preview 01:01

You can also use big hair bands. Or simply use two rubber bands! You can do this effect a few times (every time your spectator closes his eyes). Don't overdue it.

Two strands switch places in a second

You can also stand and when it comes to the removing part, just stand with one feet on one end of the rope. Take the handkerchief and before pulling away move it up saying, that you are looking for the invisible hole in the cloth line.

Soft magicians rope you can find here:

BTC Parlor Rope 50 ft. (Extra White)

Silk through rope penetration

A lot of people have these kind of post-its at home or in the office. Why not prepare a set from a spectator in advance. It's more impossible because it seems that you did the magic with their property.

How to animate a post-it

Perfect when you play a game with your friends which involves a dice. You could then ask your friends: by the way did you know that 3+2 is 5?

Magic with a dice

Do this completely impromptu! A lot of parties serve this kind of pretzels. Just take a cord (or ask for someones shoelace which is a great comedy bit) and a handkerchief and go! Of course you can use anything else than pretzel which has a hole like a key ring.

Do magic with food at your next party

Build one together with your kids. They love it and to decorate the matchbox with color. You can perform this also as a do-as-I-do bit: Hand out a few Matchbox Control sets (without the secret gimmick) and tell your spectators: move the matchbox a few times like that. And know do the magic (stop it) - of course it won't stop with your spectators as they have the un gimmicked ones.

Levitate a matchbox at your command

Press your finger firmly together and the secret is well hidden between your fingers.

How to make a ring escape from a closed cord

Show the two cords first separately. Then bring them in the position to do the move. Now use this joke as a misdirection: Please cut here...What you cam unprepared to my show with no scissor? This usually gets a laugh and in the offbeat you can quickly do the secret move.

Cord through tube penetration

You can use the same cord from "Lecture 9, The Pretzel Mystery" and combine these effects.

Disappearing knot in matchbox

When you arrive at a party check for a white wall and secretly attach your Wall Damage gimmick. Have fun and check, if someone notice it (most of the time not). When it comes to perform a magic trick, act like you are not prepared and look around and then point to the damaged wall. Say: a lot of people would tell me know, you are a magician so fix this, and you know what, I fix it for you!

Repair a scratch in a wall by magic

You can also use other objects like a pack of cards, a fruit and so on. Be careful with your angels when you perform this trick. Best is when your spectators are in front of you.

Turn your finger into a magic magnet

The perfect magic trick which you can wear all day long around your wrist. Your spectator can hold the second and third string together. And on the count of three advice him to release. Act sursprized and tell: I did not know that you can do magic as well.

Link and unlink a rubber band

When you have to perform a magic trick and people are all around you, this is the one to go. You are safe from all angels! And best part you can involve three spectators (one hold each one end) and the third give you his own finger ring!

Ring to cord penetration

A soft rope is best to do this. Hold your hand always towards you. Do not give them a chance to count how many times it is wrapped around your thumb (because after the trick one string is gone).

Soft magicians rope you can find here:

BTC Parlor Rope 50 ft. (Extra White)

Knot through hole penetration
Rubber band penetration with the spectators hand
Rings and cord miracle with your spectator
Torn and restored newspaper the easy way
Ring pencil penetration
Safety Pin Illusion
Business Card Animation
+ Easy Card Tricks
25 lectures 01:09:39
Spectator chooses the same card as the magician
Card transposition illusion
The chosen card is the only turned over card
Spell the word magic and find the chosen card
Card pieces match together
The chosen card is the only marked card
Predict a chosen card
Predict the crossed out card
The famous street magic trick
Can you find the card in the middle?

Don't overdue it, about 4 times is fine. The best part: you can do it with a borrowed deck!

Simple card reading from a shuffled deck

Tell your spectator, that one of these cards is very special. And you have trust in your spectator that he can find the only special card. And he will really touch the only special one!

Spectator finds the only different card
Predict three times the chosen card
Know which card was chosen in a clever way

This is a ver strong effect. You can close a show with this one. For a patter you could use this: I had a vision of a person, this person looks like you. This person showed me a card, I brought it here in another color. Can you help me with this? Imagine that you are this person. Feel free to stop me at any point. This was the card from my vision, and this....WOW! You found the matching card, you must be the person of my vision.

Spectator finds the one card in the deck which is special

When you perform card tricks like this one, where you have to have a certain set-up do not show other card tricks before or after. It makes it obvious that you have to use several decks which is not good.

The chosen card matches the missing one in another deck
Predict a card with the help of an imaginary clock

Whatever you perform, as a magician you have to find always a reason why you use this or that. Otherwise your spectator quickly get suspicious. So in this trick why do you even use a silk? It's all about the presentation. Give a reason in your performance. You could say: Spectator always say that I secretly take a peek at the chosen card. To avoid this we use this silk to really cover the cards.

How to force a card the easy way with a silk

A good presentation idea is when you do this with two people. "I want to check how good you two can communicate in your mind". Let the first spectator cut the deck, then the second. You involve two spectators which makes it even more puzzling.

Another way to force a card with simple cuts
Cool mathematical card trick which does the work for you

This is another winner. Involve two spectators. And ask them wether they have a strong connection with each other. Say if yes, they can find the soul cards. And they will do it!

Spectators find the soulmate cards from a shuffled deck
Triple mind card selection
Touch the only special card
Rope Cards
+ Easy Coin Tricks
11 lectures 32:09
Predict the chosen letter written on several coins
Easy coin vanish using a paper
Bill through card penetration

This is a must have for any wallet. You will be always ready to show a little miracle.

Bill changes side while spectator is holding it

Why not pay also with these bills? This is a huge attention maker, perfect for street magic. You can also approach a group and ask if someone lost these white papers. They will say no. And what about this bills (do the change)? You will love the reactions!

How to turn paper to money
Coin through silk penetration

The perfect finish for "Lecture 46, Coin Penetration". In some magic tricky you do not end clean. That means that you have to hide something in your hands (a coin for instance). The best way is to get something out of your pocket which you need for the next trick and then let the object from the previous trick there. For Silk Vanish hand out the silk for examination and quickly go with your hand (and the secretly palmed coin) to your packet to take out a packet of cards for the next trick (and leave the coin there).

Coin vanish using a silk
Show heads on both sides of the coin
Three coins visibly penetrate a plastic bag
Make a coin travel
Magic envelope change any small object
+ Easy Mind Tricks
19 lectures 58:03

You could also attach the secret writer on a elastic cord and inside your sleeve. Turn your back (when they burn it) pull the writer out of your sleeve, prepare your arm and release it (shoots back inside your sleeve).

Appear a secret message on your arm
Your freely chosen finger has a blister
Fun symbol trick works automatically for you

Once you learn a principle like that you can adapt it to ANY kind of objects. You not have to use these 9 small cards. Use whatever is out there. Get nine objects from spectators (a watch, a ring, a coin etc.). This is impromptu magic - do the magic with what you can find.

Predict any object out of random objects
Predict the freely chosen symbol
Spectator finds the unlock digits from random numbers
Turn your spectator into a mind reader
How to stop your pulse
They cut to the number you predict

Don't feel bad to use a pre informed audience member. At the end what counts is, that you create a strong magic experience for your spectators. All the famous magicians use secret stooges to accomplish their effects.

Know wich card they touched
How to find out what a spectator has written
Find out the freely chosen symbol in a diabolic way
Proof to have a super mind memory
How to find out a randomly remembered word
Any word from any book and you know it
They say any number from 1 to 4 - you predict this number
You predict any of the 5 symbols correct

Of course you can draw any other 5 symbols.

Preview 03:24
Business Card Duplication
+ Easy Bar Tricks
13 lectures 19:14

The move with the knife is called the pivot-move and you can adapt the movement to any other object. For instance a lighter with a plain side and a side with a printed logo. Show the lighter from both sides empty with the pivot move and then magically let the logo appear.

The salt on knife trick

A fun gag you can do using this principle is: drink secretly some water and keep it in your mouth. Now pretend to take some water with the straw from the glass and bring it to your ear. Take a glass, release the thumb from the straw and at the same time let the water pour out of your mouth.

Make water flow upside down

Such tricks are perfect when you are invited to a party. Just go to the toilet and on the way back pass the kitchen and steal a bottle and prepare it. Go back to the crowd and ask for a drink. Before they react you can say: I am a magician, I can handle this my own.

Appear a bottle out of your jacket

Again: All the tricks you learn are adaptable. You do not have to use coins when they are not around. Use small papers, matches - whatever has two equal sides.

Travel caps from corner to corner
Freely chosen number ends with the only filled glass
Make a napkin vanish out of sealed glass
Turn your finger into a magic force

Try to forget your finger with the secretly loaded ashes. Look into your spectators eye when you position his hand a bit lower (and load the ashes). Do some jokes, build attention. All this let time pass and makes people forget that you even touched his hand.

Travel ashes into your spectators hand
Straw to straw penetration

Do this while people are eating and say, this is kind of a cheap spoon (do the bend) and without hesitating continue to eat with the repaired spoon. It's fun and gets good reactions!

Bend a spoon and hand it out unharmed

I normally do the secret preparation under the table while you are talking to the people.

How to animate a Straw with no visible movements
Falling down any paper or bill with no air
Straw spin on any bottle animated
+ Easy Bets & Magic Puzzles
20 lectures 19:24
Remove the bill without touching the bottle
Coin through paper hole
Lift up a shot-glass without touching it
Build a square and get rid of the hole
Arrange the two riders correctly

Do you want your logo built in the candle mystery? Let me know, I can arrange you finished printable PDF.

Vanish and reappear a candle
Build a T formation twice

You can perform this also like a trick. Do the unhook and hook part under a table and come quickly back. It is also nice to hand out several locked springs and tell the spectator: do as I do (go under the table, unhook it and come back). It's a nice give away when you teach them how to do it at the end.

Make a ring escape from a spring
Change two finger clipped objects in an instant
Proof that 11+ 2 is 3
Learn how to walk through a paper
The heads and tails coin puzzle
Simple row puzzle coin bet
Make a ship and a hole gone
Learn how to build an impossible card
How to connect two paper clips together with a bill
Simple glass liquid bet for your party
Say 100 words without the letter A
Can you release the scissor from the rope?
Houdini wrist challenge
+ Easy Kids Tricks
21 lectures 01:02:29
Cut & restored paper
Build a simple card box
Moving magic rocket
Produce sweets out of an empty tube

It's fun to perform it for kids and then explain it to them and teach them. They will be busy for quite a time practising it. Amazon got them in sets very cheap or find them in most big toy stores.

Magic fun with the stretchy men
How to animate a piece of plastic
Magic tricks with paper circles
How to cut a rabbit and a hat in an instant
Create a magic switch envelope
Fastest magic wallet changes sides

You can use these tricks with a fork, a pen or any other long thin object.

Three magic tricks with a magic wand
The cut a lady trick with paper
How to make a paper tree in 20 seconds

What makes this illusion so convincing is the noise of the object inside the box. Use any small coin or plate.

Any small object disappearing box
Turn any thin object with a bang into confetti
Three times magic tunnel
Any small object appearing magic box
Never ending magic card
Print your Crazy Giraffe and keep one in your wallet
Haunted House
+ Easy Math Magic
15 lectures 32:11
Proof to be a super fast mind calculator
Mind magic trick you can do with any calendar
Find out the chosen symbol

As many people already know this trick go one step further: Write on the back on every number card on the left upper corner the first number of every card. This way you can calculate the numbers as you are performing. This way it fools even people who know that trick.

Find out the only thought of number
Predict a number by giving many choices
Predict the sum of five digit numbers

I use now a solar calculator from Casio, works perfectly and lasts a lifetime. Look for a scientific calculator.

Predict a calculated word in a book
Mind trick happens just in the mind of your spectator
The famous number square made easy
Predict the sum of several peoples numbers
Prediction number trick
A cool math magic trick you can do with every calculator
Predict the number
Predict the number 9
Random numbers are chosen you predict the sum
+ Compilation Magic Tricks
5 lectures 56:01
Magic tricks with matches compilation

Use thin pure silk size 36 inch which you can find here below 5$:


Magic tricks with a silk compilation

The best rope to use is magicians rope, it is pure cotton and very soft and smooth in the handling.

Get it here:

BTC Parlor Rope 50 ft. (Extra White)

Magic tricks with a rope compilation
Magic tricks with a rubber band compilation
Magic tricks with bills compilation
+ Advanced Magic Tricks
14 lectures 37:53

When you remove the ring the second time (when you pretend) look with your eyes to your hand (misdirection). Believe yourself that the ring is in your hand. Then your audience will believe it as well.

Ring on spoon penetration

The cool thing about this trick is that you can use any other similar objects: paper clips, rice corns and so on. When you learn a move you can use the same move for many other objects as well.

How to vanish and travel coins

They work best for a small group in front of you. I usually take the cigarette from the person and say that smoking is not good and throw the cigarette to the floor (apparently). Before they get angry you reproduce it under their jacket. The coin trick is perfect when wait in a queue. Ask the person in front of you, if she can see this invisible coin (go directly with the prepared hand in front of their eyes) and produce it.

Produce a coin and make a cigarette vanish

The best rope to use is magicians rope, it is pure cotton and very soft and smooth in the handling.

Get it here:

BTC Parlor Rope 50 ft. (Extra White)

Turn three unequal ropes the same lenght

You can perform first the "Link & Unlink" Rubber band trick. Once they think the trick is over get ready with your fingers to perform the Jumping Peg.

Make a peg jump on rubber bands

The standard Bicycle deck is perfect for this:

Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - BLUE BACK by Richard Turner

Travel the signed card to the card box

Most of the card tricks here you can do with a borrowed deck. Always ask your spectators if someone has a deck of cards. It will be much more baffling to them (as most of the spectators think that you use a prepared deck of cards).

Change the entire order of the deck

When you make a false transfer with your hands look with your eyes to your hand. Believe yourself that the thing is in your hand. Then your audience will believe it as well.

Make a signed bill travel

Perform this after "Lecture 3, Business Card Magic" and you have a very magical business card magic tricks with three effects: printing, vanishing, reappearing!

Quick business card vanish

Whenever someone tells you: "Show me a trick" and you have no tools there is always someone who wears a ring. Go for it and perform this quick vanish and jump effect.

Make a finger ring vanish and jump

This is one of the best card tricks because it happens in the hands of the spectator. It's worth the effort to master the simple moves and you will be surprised about the reactions from this one!

Switch the aces in the spectators hand
Change the color of the freely selected card TWICE

Combine this trick with lectures:

- Ring to cord penetration (in Easy Magic Tricks Section)

- Rings and cord miracle with your spectator (in Easy Magic Tricks Section)

to have one great set!

Cord and Ring Penetration