Understanding Wordpress - Learn The Basics of Wordpress!

Learn how to operate Wordpress the right way and have confidence in building your own website
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How Wordpress works
Wordpress' dashboard tabs
How to install Wordpress on a live website
How to work with themes and plugins
How to work with Wordpress menus
How to add team members to your website


  • Basic computer and internet knowledge


Hi, I'm Maya and I will help you understand how WordPress works.

Do you keep hearing people say “go with WordPress” when you ask them about opening a blog?

Have you ever tried building a website with WordPress but the process confused you?

Do you feel intimidated by building your own website while you don’t have any experience in that field?

Well, you came to the right place!

This course will teach you all the basic things you need to know in order to operate Wordpress the right way and get confident in building a whole website with it.

The Sections are divided to 8 small lessons:

  1. In the first lesson we will learn some theory: what is WordPress, what is the difference between wordpress dot com and wordpress dot org and what are the basic terms you should know when starting to work with this platform

  2. In lesson number 2 we will learn how to install WP on our own website. This is a technical lesson, but you don't need any prior experience or website building knowledge to complete it successfully

  3. Welcome to WordPress! In the 3rd lesson we will get to know the dashboard and learn how to install themes and plugins

  4. It's time to write some content! In  lesson number 4 we will learn how to work with pages and posts in WordPress and how to operate the blog section

  5. In lesson number 5 we will learn how to add a menu to our website so our visitors will be able to easily navigate through our content

  6. In this short lesson we will learn about widgets and how to show them in different places on our website

  7. In this lesson we will learn how to add team members and how to give each of them specific permissions. We will also learn how to edit user profiles

  8. In the last lesson of the course we will go over some important setting options in the dashboard and i will give you information about the next steps you should take towards building a beautiful, functional website or blog

Please note that this course's goal is to teach total beginners some basic concepts in working with Wordpress. You will not learn how to build a full website, but you will understand how to take the knowledge further and start working on your project - whether it's a business website, a blog or a personal website.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners who want to build a website
  • People who want to open a blog
  • Anyone who wants to start an independent website


In love with online teaching, thrilled to spread knowledge!
Maya Bielik
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Hi, i'm Maya.

I've been building websites since i was 15. What started as a hobby, turned to be my profession 10 years later.

I mostly work with Wordpress, and besides creating websites for customers, i've started giving lectures about this system a few years ago as well.

When i found out about Udemy and the opportunity to teach online, i was thrilled - as i love teaching, and Udemy gives me the option to reach students beyond the boundaries of my country.

After years of building websites with Wordpress, i decided to dive into the mobile world and found it to be mysterious and totally different from what i knew up to that point.

Unfortunately i realized that since this niche is quite new, creating mobile apps was far more complicated and expensive than what i was used to with Wordpress. Most softwares and tools available today are very expensive or complicated to understand and require many hours of studying. A moment before giving up, I found a platform that does exactly what I wanted - lets me create an app in a similar way to building a WordPress website! The platform is easy to understand, easy to operate and most importantly - very enjoyable to work with!

I decided to create a course that teaches how to work with this platform, it's called "Create a Native App in 8 Days – Easy as Creating a Website!".

If you don't have the time to learn how to create a full native app, you can take the "WordPress to App – Turn Your Website Into an Android App" course which will teach you how to turn your current website into a native Android app which will act as a mirror to your website. This is a flash course, easy to complete. You'll be able to see your app in the store by tomorrow...!

Other than that, you can take my third course and learn how to create beautiful, professional video montages. This course is FREE.

My motto in the courses is KISS (Keep It Simple, Student!); in my everyday life, i try to find ways how NOT to spend hours over hours of learning how to code and program, by finding the "shortcuts" that people already created, like Wordpress. Then, i take what i learn and pass it over to my students, so you can create amazing things too.

I hope you will find the knowledge you were hoping to gain here, and show me examples of what you have created with the help of my courses - that's what would satisfy me the most!

See you on the screen,


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