Learn Technical Analysis for trading Stocks

Crash course how to become a consistent technical analysis trader in the stock market
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What is a Stock and How to Make Money
What is Leverage
Learn How To read market Structure
Learn How to Identify Trends
Learn Price Action trading Strategy and Indicator Based Trading Strategy
Learn about money management and capital protection


  • No experience needed


This is the Technical Analysis trading course for the stock market. The objective of this course is to teach you how you can become a consistent trader. Here you will learn:

  • What is a Stock?

    Understand what is a stock and the 2 methods you can use to profit with stocks.

  • Stock Price

    Understand how stock price works and the concept of market cap.

  • Long or Short

    Learn what is going long or short and the risks associated with shorting stocks.

  • What is Leverage

    Learn what is leverage and how you can use it and also what are the risks associated with leverage and how can destroy your account.

  • Different Analysis

    Understand the difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

  • How Much Time I Need

    Understand what types of trading exists and how much time you need to invest everyday to be a trader.

  • Read Market Structure and Trends

    Learn how to read market structure just with price action and also how to detect trends.

  • Strategy 1

    Learn how to use market structure (price action) to trade in a very simple but effective way.

  • Strategy 2

    Learn very simple strategy using a indicator that gives you trading opportunities with incredible risk to reward.

  • Protect Capital

    Last but not least, if you can't protect your capital and learn risk management you will never be a consistent trader.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners or intermediate traders that are not consistent yet


Programmer & Trader
Carlos Branco
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Programing lover I have been doing websites for last 10 years, also start to study financial markets 7 years ago, first forex and after that I end up start to study about stocks with pretty good results. Couple years ago I also decided to learn about machine learning and apply it to the stock market.

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