Learn Solidity in 30 mins

Quick and fast solidity primer for programmers
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Quickly create a development environment for solidity
Learn the basics of smart contract development in under half an hour
Learn advanced concepts of solidity in a few mins


  • You should be familiar with basics of programming


If you are looking to start blockchain development quickly and you have some understanding of programming languages, spend the next half an hour here and start writing smart contracts on the ethereum or tron blockchain platforms

1. Remix/Ganache Solidity Development Environment

2. Basic/Intermediate Solidity Concepts (Types / Controls / Events / Payables/ Inheritance / Exception)

3. Deploy on the kovan Network

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers who want to get up to speed with smart contract development quickly
  • Non development tech professionals who want to start coding smart contracts.

Course content

5 sections • 5 lectures • 41m total length
  • Introduction


Trainer and Developer for Multiple Software Tech Stacks
Kalpana Sharma
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Core java programming, multi-threaded code, collections programming, annotation driven code, code optimizations for performance, Aspect oriented programming, XML Processing,  shell scripting

Development frameworks.

Spring, spring boot (core, Webservices, Integration, batch, messaging, DAO, ORM, boot). Hibernate 3.x, NodeJS struts 1.x, SWT (standard widget toolkit), Genesys Telephony API,  apache (axis2 - Webservices, xerces, xalan, hadoop, HttpClient,), mulesoft,3.8,  Quartz, Drools Rules Engine, Bitcoin APIs, Ripple APIs, Ethereum DAPPs, Groovy scripting, Android SDK 28


Oracle, DB2, MySQL, mongo DB

User Interface 

JavaScript, XSL, JSP, JSON. Jquery, Prototype.js, CSS

Development Environments

Eclipse, RAD 7.5, Eclipse tools (plugins for SVN, CVS, Perforce, findBugs, checkStyle, hibernate tools etc.)

Testing Tools

TestNG, Junit, Mockito, PowerMock

App Servers

Jboss 5.0.1/6.0.4 , WebSphere 5.1,/6.0,/7.0, Jetty, Tomcat


AppleScripting, PHP development, Google Web Toolkit, Google App Engine.


Bockchain POC – Bank’s own cryptocurrency

Created an ERC 20 token on Bank’s Private ethereum chain for intra-bank settlement,

Web3J, Solidity and java.

Developed a demonstrated the POC

Blockchain POC


Setup a Micropayment State channel using Bank’s own demo cryptocurrency created above using microraiden

Python, Web3J and metamask chrome plugin

Developed a demonstrated the POC

Blockchain POC  - Remittance

Remittance system using Ripple APIs and Stellar APIs

Java REST client and Spring Boot

Developed a demonstrated the POC

Blockchain POC  - Random Number Generation

Demonstrated the use of Oracles on ethereum using random number generation and Oracle testnet contract

JavaScript, Node JS and Solidity

Developed a demonstrated the POC

Blockchain POC  - Disbursement APIs

Created APIs to distribute ERC 20 tokens to set of customers for settlement and commercial client disbursements

Spring Boot, Web3J

Blockchain POC  - Random Number Generation